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10 Great Math Learning Apps

Updated on August 8, 2017

This is a list of ten apps that are available for iPads or Android devices. The games are appropriate for toddlers, preschoolers or elementary age students. These games cover number recognition, counting, shapes, patterns, fractions, addition, subtraction, skip counting and time.

Addition 101

This is a great game for learning addition math facts. It has 10 levels with plus 1 facts, plus 2 facts, and so on to plus 9 facts. This is the only iPad game I have found so far that offers this feature. Each question has four multiple choice options. This game is good for preschool to early elementary school. (See Ways to Help Your Child Memorize Addition Math Facts for more tips)

Find & Match Numbers - 1 to 100

This games teaches number recognition from 1 to 100. This is a great game for preschoolers to learn their numbers. Each level consists of 20 numbers, so they can master one set of 20 numbers before going onto the next.

Rocket Math - Free

Rocket Math teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children do math to earn money, which they can use to build a rocket. It includes a handy notepad they can use to work out problems.

Addition UnderSea Adventure

This is a cute reveal a picture addition game. Each correct answer reveals part of the picture. I like this because it requires answering several problems. Kids stick with it because they want to see the picture. The app is available for addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

Available for addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division
Available for addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division

Caboose - Learn to Recognize and Complete Patterns

This is a cute and colorful app that is perfect for preschool and kindergarten age children. It only has simple ABAB type patterns, which are perfect for beginners. It's the best app I have found to teach patterns.

Telling Time - Photo Touch

This app teaches time in five minute increments. You can choose to limit what is tested. The game is initially set to only test hours and half hours. Just go to settings for other options.

A voice asks for a time, such as 4 o' clock. The child has to pick the correct clock from multiple options. The default setting is three clocks.

Number Math Free

I like this game because it covers several concepts:

  • Greater than and less than
  • Missing number - this consists of putting in the missing number and teaches numerical order
  • Skip Counting
  • Before After - this teaches numerical order
  • Rounding
  • Arrange in Order

This game does not teach concepts. It provides practice for what students are already learning. It isn't a game that most kids would play by themselves. It is something that parents can use to supplement schoolwork or that homeschoolers can use to reinforce concepts.

Learn Shapes Free

This game is for toddlers and preschoolers. It teaches the basic shapes including octagon. Four shapes are shown and a voice asks to pick out a particular shape.

Let's Do Math

This game covers more advanced addition and subtraction, such as adding and subtracting 3 to 4 numbers. It has multiple choice options and is timed. This is for children who already have very good addition and subtraction skills.

Pizza Fractions: Beginning with Simple Fractions

This is a free basic introduction to fractions that is appropriate for Kindergarten and early elementary students. It uses pizza slices to demonstrate different fractions. A pizza is shown with a certain number of missing slices. Kids have to choose the correct fraction from 3 multiple choice options. My only complaint is that there is no audio that tells children the name of the fraction, so your child will learn to identify fractions without learning what they are called.

Pizza Math is a great fractions teaching app
Pizza Math is a great fractions teaching app


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    • Learn Things Web profile image

      Learn Things Web 5 years ago from California

      Thanks pstraubie48. I'll watch out for your hub.

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida

      These are some great choices you have provided. My grandson is so interested in learning everything new. I cannot wait to give these a try.

      I have added this article to a hub I am publishing in a few days about math. It will be titled Money and Kids. I cannot give you the hyperlink as it is not published yet.

      Thanks for sharing this information with us.

    • profile image

      Tombo 5 years ago

      Easy ABC 123 is a great app for our 3 year old. There are so many conversations that start with all the word pictures, and we can play together. She just loves the ability to touch everything and see what happens. She's a little young for the math portion, but when she gets older, she can use that too. A++

    • profile image

      AtReks 6 years ago

      As of very recently Caboose - Learn to Recognize and Complete Patterns has been updated with tons of cool features: including option to choose different pattern types, different pattern content (colors, shapes, numbers, letters or any combination)... Check it out: