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10 Best Places to Hide Expensive Jewelry at Home

Updated on April 29, 2019
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Ansel loves to help others through what he has experienced. He believes every individual must pay it forward at some point in life.


For a burglar the easiest item to get away with is jewelry. Thieves target expensive jewelry because it is easy to carry and has value. Even if your house is equipped with sophisticated burglar alarms and other security devices, if burglars target your home, they will find a way to break into your home when you are away. If you keep expensive jewelry such as gold, diamonds, rubies or silver at home it makes perfect sense to hide your jewelry at home. The vaguest places at home are the best places to hide jewelry.


Your expensive necklaces, bangles, pendants, earrings, bracelets and brooches among other valuables need to be in places that only you know about. When you hide your jewelry in secret places at home, it makes it that much more difficult for a thief or burglar to find things. Make sure you do not hide all your jewelry at one place in your home. If a thief chances upon your hiding place, blame yourself, you’ve lost all your jewelry. You are better off hiding your expensive jewelry at different places in your house rather than dumping your expensive items at a secret hiding place.


You need to find the most unsuspecting places in your house to keep your valuables. What are the places at home that are least likely to be searched when a burglar breaks in? Well, it’s you that know your house best. However, consider the following places at home to hide your jewelry and other valuables when you are away on a vacation.

If you want share good hiding places for for valuables at home, feel free with your views and opinions in the comments section.

1. Old Pair of Boots or Sneakers

Not many thieves fancy an old pair of boots or sneakers. And so, an old pair of boots or sneakers is an excellent place to hide jewelry. Make sure you put your valuables in a polythene bag before you place it in old boots or sneakers, or else your jewelry will have a peculiar damp smell.


2. Padded Bra Or Padded Underwear

There is a very slim chance that a thief may steal your old padded bra or Padded underwear. By every stretch of imagination the padded bra or padded panty is indeed a super place to hide expensive jewelry such as rings, earrings, pendants and small bracelets. Cut open the seam of the padding on the bra and place your jewelry inside the padded area. Make sure you stitch the seam back to its original shape. You can do the same with padded underwear.


3. The Laundry Area

The Laundry area is a good place to hide valuables. The washing machine is a quiet little secret place to keep valuables such as gold, silver and diamonds. Wrap the valuables in a plastic bag and keep it along with some clothes in the washing machine. You can also keep jewelry in detergent bottles in the laundry area.


4. Potted Plants

Not everyone may have the luxury of having their own little garden. However, you can and you definitely should have potted plants at home. Why? Well, because potted plants add aesthetic value to décor in your home and they are a great secret place to hide jewelry. When you are going away from home for a long time it is a wise move to place your jewelry under the soil in a container.


5. Lighting Fixtures

A good place to hide small jewelry items is in light fixtures in the ceiling. Light ceiling fixtures can be easily removed and fixed back again. You can place your jewelry in the hollow portion of lighting fixtures or the ceiling; either place is away from eyes and the mind’s eye.


6. Old Jeans

There is always few old pair of jeans lying in the wardrobe. The coin pocket on jeans is an excellent place to hide expensive diamond rings and gold earrings. Simply place these valuables in the coin pocket of your jeans pockets and place the jeans along with other clothes in your cupboard.


7. Fat Old Dictionary

It’s unlikely that a thief is going to take part in a Spelling bee competition, and so a thief won’t be requiring a fat old Dictionary. You can definitely use the “Salvation lies within” trick from the movie Shawshank Redemption to good effect. The pages of the dictionary need to be cut precisely to from a hollow compartment. Put your expensive jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, in the hollow compartment formed by the pages cut. Stack the dictionary along with other books you have at home.


8. Remotes

Remotes are an awesome secret place to hide precious ornaments such as rings or earnings. You can place rings or earrings in a TV remote, AC remote or a music system remote. Remove the battery lid of the remote. Make sure you wrap the rings or earrings in a small soft cloth (you can use the small soft cloth used to clean spectacles or sunglasses) and then place them inside the battery enclosure of the remote and click the battery lid of the remote in place. If you place rings or earrings inside the battery compartment of the remote without wrapping them in a soft cloth, the remote is likely to make a rattling sound when held in the hand.


9. Cushions or Pillows

Cushions or pillows are a safe hiding place for valuables. Expensive pieces of jewelry can be placed in foam cushions or foam pillows. A small pocket can be stitched from inside the pillow cover to keep expensive pieces of jewelry. You can also make an incision in the foam and stuff in pieces of jewelry and then put the pillow cover on the foam.

10. Bathroom Wall Tiles

A secret compartment in a bathroom always comes in handy. The tiled walls of a bathroom are a perfect place to hide jewelry. You need to be good with tools if you want to loosen a tile in the bathroom and make it a secret hideout. When a tile is removed there is an enclosure where you can keep your jewelry. Remember to put back the tile back in place after you are done placing your jewelry in the enclosure.


Other Places in Your House you can hide Jewelry

  • Electrical circuit board
  • Under the flame panels of a gas burner
  • AC Vents
  • In the Refrigerator in a packet of leafy vegetables
  • Stuck under a dining table chair (in the center of the chair)

Which is the Best Place at Home to Hide Your Expensive Jewelry?

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© 2015 Ansel Pereira


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