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10 Essential Steps To Forming A Deep Spiritual Relationship-

Updated on February 5, 2015


10 Essential Steps To Forming A Deep Spiritual Relationship

A spiritual journey can be profound, ordinary, ugly or beautiful depending on how you approach it. It sometimes comes with an emotional drama, elusive aspirations, transcended bliss and anything that is in between. Apparently, psychology experts have said repeatedly that it is only when you are living in love that your relationship can flourish. Actually, when we put this into practice all our dreams can come true. Outlined below are 10 best methods that you can apply to build a lasting spiritual relationship

1. Commit to something higher; the more you make a decision to support each other in your journey to spiritual growth the easier and faster you will realize your own growth. You should understand that what you are looking for is not just your outward beauty or growth but inner spiritual growth. For instance, if your goal is financial security you might not achieve much, but if your goal is a radical evolution of spirit, mind and soul then you will get all the fulfillment that you need.

2. Emulate what you want your partner to be; you can start by making a list of all the qualities that you want in your partner and instead of expecting them to occur in him or her, you should develop them yourself. For instance, if you want your partner to be emotionally stable, you should be stable and be complete yourself and you will definitely see all that completion in your partner. Besides, you should have a spiritual up keep.(3/4 times a month).

3. Recognize change and apply it for growth; this is one of the best methods that has been realized to be effective in healing a bad past. Remember that there is no life without death, no start without an end and no beginning without an end. The more you embrace change, the more your relationship will transform as you evolve. As spiritual partners remember that your main work is to love and support each other continuously.

4. Cleanse past relationships; you should take some time and think about your past. If what comes to mind is anything apart from love, then you have a lot of work to do. Remember these images and feelings can cloud your memory and determine how you view your current relationships. Always learn to forgive no matter how your past relationship was. Instead of taking it as a bad experience assume that you learned a lot from it.

5. Meditate daily; if you want to see a wise, loving partner, then you should be one yourself. You should have a daily practice that involves meditation, deep contemplation, and prayer. From research, it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that mental and physical health benefits much from daily meditation. The more time you dedicate to these the more results you are likely to get. Though it might be hard at the start, with the training you are likely to achieve this.This can be done together with spiritual up keep.(3/4 times a month).

6. Ensure that you get physical daily; intimacy, touch, and physical connection are some of the most essential ingredients in spiritual relationships. Remember that for you to have a satisfying intimate relationship you must have a body that you feel good in. Always commit to having a healthy diet that works with your needs. Do something fun, have spiritual up keep.(3/4 times a month), turn yourself on and take a keen interest in what is happening to your other partner.

7. Face your baggage; ideally, there is no one without some form of baggage in their lives. That is, we all have some shadows that we do not want to see. A very critical step is to bring into open what you fear most. Remember, if you do not do this, your relationship is going to bring all that you do not want into the surface. Instead, you should resolve to work together so as to help each other with any psychological challenge that you might be experiencing.

8. Make clear your vision; having a good spiritual relationship involves supporting each other’s deepest desires. For you to stay together, your versions must align with each others. Your visions must not necessarily agree, but they must align to each other. For instance, in anything that does not you must struggle to find a common ground that accommodates the two of you. Do not stick to your vision without considering the vision of the other person.

9. Have a date with an angel outlast this very month; the way you treat your relationship will determine the results that you will get. Ask yourself if he or she is the most special person in your life and if so then, how do you treat him or her? Always remember the blissful feeling that you had when you first met and try to recreate them. Dress up well and take him or her out alternatively, you can still make him or her his or her favorite meal.

10. Pursue your dreams; since we are all meant to be the heroes of our lives, we should try as much as possible to pursue our dreams without any hindrance. No one can pursue your dream for you, not even your spiritual partner. The best thing that you can do for your spiritual relationship is to become the person that you wish to be and the person that you were meant to be.

In a nutshell, building a spiritual relationship is a journey that requires passion, commitment, and patience. Fortunately, if you practice spiritual up keep.(3/4 times a month) you will definitely have a long fulfilling life.


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