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10 Golden Secrets of Constant Toppers

Updated on April 1, 2016
Success is their middle name
Success is their middle name

Have you ever wondered how the same students constantly keep topping the term, without letting anyone else have a chance?

You might think that they work extremely hard. In some cases they do, but it’s not only hard-work. In fact, there are a set of closely guarded secrets that they follow. Read the post to learn their secrets:

P.S. I have gathered all the points by observing the really, really bright students in my class.

1. They regularly attend classes:

Constant toppers can always be seen in class. It does not mean that they are boring or phobic to fun, but simply that, they are serious about their shit.

2. They do their homework:

I have not done any homework for over a year now. I am not planning to start either. But these students are extremely regular with their homework, so much that we start thinking that they don’t have anything else to do at home.

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3. They make notes:

I have mentioned once in a similar post that making your own notes is the key to scoring better grades in exams. Our toppers always make their notes, even when they deny it outright and keep them under lock-and-key.

4. They have doubts when reading the chapter:

When a chapter is written in plain English, I always wonder how these students, so bright and intelligent, cannot seem to understand it. But when I started to listen to their doubts, I realized that they were nothing that was already mentioned in the chapter, but always something that was in relation to the chapter. So when you see a topper raising a question, always closely listen to the answer that the teacher provides.

5. They have a timetable:

The same way our timetable is to wake up, go to school, come home, sleep, eat and shower, similarly our toppers also have a timetable albeit a slightly different one. It is ingrained in their head that they have to sit down on their table for at least two hours a day.

6. They read reference books:

Yeah, we all simply read the text book, and done! Study time is over! But constant toppers usually always refer to extra books after completing the chapter. This ensures that they always have a bit of extra knowledge as compared to their peers.

7. They take assignments as seriously as an exam:

Most students don’t seem to give a flying f**k about assignments although these carry a lot of marks. Toppers, on the other hand, do their assignments with the same seriousness and dedication that they would when studying for an exam. Assignments are simply a way to earn extra marks, and toppers make sure that they get those extra marks.

8. They study for class revisions:

Nobody takes class revisions seriously. Except for constant toppers. Class revisions are equivalent to an exam for them. Getting the highest mark in a revision test is also important.

9. They talk to older students:

They seek guidance from older students who have passed that phase. But toppers only ask toppers. And toppers only give advice to toppers. It’s like an exclusive clique.

10. They have a thirst to be always at the top:

Parental pressure, some sort of strange disorder – whatever, constant toppers seem to have a thirst to be always at the top. That is also why majority of them are selfish and unhelpful. I am not saying that all of them are-in fact, some of them in my class are relatively sweeter and eager to help, but the majority of them-Nope! All they care is about is their marks.

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