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Hurricane Survival Tips and Party Music

Updated on September 5, 2017
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Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

Be Prepared For Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is from June until November. As the tropical weather system approaches many of us wonder what this year's season will bring.

There is no "tis the reason for this season" when it comes to tropical storms. Hurricanes are dangerous and have proven to be deadly. Their forces are not something to reckon with. The storms prance through cities and towns, causing millions of dollars worth of damage. The severe weather causes havoc and inconvenience to many people.

I've survived many hurricanes. The most memorable season was in 2004 when Florida was hit by four named storms within a few weeks. The Sunshine State made national news which isn't uncommon - Florida is the most infamous state for making headline news. This time however the news was different, Mother Nature, not feisty Floridians were in control of the headlines.

2004 was a frantic time for many. Charley was catastrophic. He was followed by Frances which was the size of Texas. Then Ivan, which was very powerful. Tropical Storm Jeanne was the finale and she was just mean, even though she didn't reach Hurricane force winds. These storms not only affected Florida, but they caused catastrophic damage in other states and countries such as the Caribbean.

Hurricane Drinks
Hurricane Drinks

History of the Hurricane Cocktail

This fruit punch based drink is a popular cocktail in New Orleans. It was made famous by Pat O'Brien's bar in the 1940s.

The drink was created during World War II. Back then liquor such as whiskey was in low supply and bar owners were forced to order large amounts of rum in order to get their quota of whiskey.

Pat O'Brien's has become a tourist mecca, and the Pat O'Brien's Hurricane glass is one of the most sought-after souvenirs in New Orleans.

1 ounce lemon or lime juice
4 ounces dark rum
4 ounces passion fruit syrup
Crushed ice
Orange and/or lime slice
1 maraschino cherry

In a cocktail shaker add lemon juice, passion fruit syrup and crushed ice. Shake for 1-2 minutes. Place in glass with a garnish or orange, lime or cherry. Add a straw. Enjoy!

Don't Get Blindsided By The Hurricane

There is absolutely nothing funny about hurricanes. Being in the path of danger causes stress and tension for thousands of people. We all know that music has a tendency to lighten our mood. Majestic tunes help ease tension.

Even though an intense wonder of nature is approaching and might be knocking on your door why not relax a bit in the meanwhile?

I've compiled a playlist of music videos for your entertainment. Unless you lose power which is such a nuisance, you could enjoy these videos while:

  • Preparing for the storm
  • Waiting for the storm
  • During the storm
  • After the storm
  • Or just when you are hanging out drinking some hurricanes and there is no storm

In the meanwhile I am offering some survival tips. You might already be aware of some of them. You might be a newcomer to a hurricane prone area. Either way it's always best to be safe than sorry.

Never underestimate the power of a monstrous storm. They are very unpredictable, just like feisty Floridians.

The only positive note is that hurricanes give us some warning to be prepared unlike a tornado or earthquake.

Jimmy Buffet - Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season

Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane

Pitbull ft. Marc Anthony - Rain Over Me

Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road

The Wanted (UK) - Lightning

Luke Bryan - Rain Is A Good Thing

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger (or hurricane)

Hurricane Season Survival Tips:

  • Don't panic! I understand that's easier said than done, but in the long run panicking serves no purpose. You need to be able to think straight and make the best decisions for yourself and your family.
  • If you are told to so! Don't think you are invincible!
  • Make extra ice before the storm arrives. I store ice cubes in large ziploc bags in the freezer. You could use them for drinks. Place cubes in smaller ziploc bags to use for bumps and bruises. The cubes will help keep your perishable foods colder longer.
  • One gallon of water per person for 3-7 days. Water never expires so always have extra bottles on hand.
  • Have non-perishable food and juices on hand. Pudding, applesauce, granola bars, pop-top fruit, peanut butter, jelly and bread are some options.
  • A non-electric can opener is of utmost importance because chances are you won't have power.
  • Baby wipes come in very handy for washing up. Store them in a cold area beforehand since cold wipes are very refreshing since chances are you will be hot with no air conditioning!
  • Battery operated radios or TVs will be very important!
  • Charge your laptops and phones while waiting for the storm.
  • A landline phone is crucial because cell service during and after a storm is poor. Texting is more reliable since they tax the network less than voice calls.
  • Fill your cars with fuel beforehand. Preferably days ahead. Lines for gas will be very long the day before a storm.
  • Never siphon gasoline with your mouth unless you want to damage your lungs, esophagus and stomach. Use a store bought siphon.
  • If you notice windows buckling quickly move away because the glass could burst from the pressure of the winds. I didn't know this as I watched the glass buckle, but luckily we were spared.
  • Have trees trimmed before a storm hits. Limbs and branches cause unnecessary damage!
  • Store any outdoor furniture and ornaments indoors. These objects become lethal weapons! Even a feeder band could pick up a grill and toss it around the neighborhood.
  • Don't take videos or photos during a storm. You never know what mystery object is flying through the air while you are outdoors.
  • Have extra blankets, pillows, flashlights, batteries, paper plates and utensils for everyone!
  • Have extra cash on hand. You don't know how long power will be out and banks might be closed for awhile.
  • Unscented bleach comes in handy for sanitizing items.
  • First-aid kit should include: bandages, scissors, adhesive tape and gauze pads. Antiseptic spray, hydrocortisone cream, bug repellent, aspirin, rubbing alcohol, ointments for burns and cuts.
  • Be sure and fill your prescription drugs days ahead of time.
  • Have toys, books and games available for kids.
  • A battery operated handheld fan would be very useful.
  • Generators are very useful, but could be dangerous if not used properly. Proceed with caution. More accidents happened with generators after a storm then from a hurricane itself.
  • Do NOT empty a pool. A storm could cause the pool to pop out. Lower the water level by one or two feet. Add extra chlorine to prevent impurities from contaminating the water. You never know what you might be able to use your pool water for after the storm.
  • If possible park your cars in the garage. If you have an electric door opener, be sure you know how to manually open the door in case you lose power.
  • Be prepared for after the storm and have your insurance numbers on hand.
  • Make sure your children have emergency ID's just in case you get separated for one reason or another. Never take chances when it comes to children.
  • This goes without saying, but you never sure all pets that usually stay outdoors are brought indoors.
  • Have a Hurricane Party before, during or after the storm. Drink some hurricane cocktails!
  • Have a charcoal or gas grill available...cook the perishable food you have and share with your neighbors!
  • Listen to the music videos I posted.
  • Always remember that there will be sunshine after the storm passes. You will prevail.

Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes

Display of Hurricane Supplies at Publix Supermarket

Hurricane supplies are available at your local grocery store.
Hurricane supplies are available at your local grocery store. | Source

Bonus Video! Frankie Ballard - Sunshine & Whiskey

© 2012 Linda Bilyeu


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