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10 Jobs for Community Service Hours for High School Students

Updated on April 29, 2012

High School

Nowadays, some schools demand students to do something extra to graduate from high school such as seving your community, internships, attending a trip, and others. In most cases, it is community service. Some people such as your usual Skyrim or World of Warcraft fan, might hate this. But it can have some benefits such as getting into a good college, getting a job, or just having the experience. Whatever you might want to do with your life, community service might help you. Here are 10 jobs you might be interested in.

Nursery Homes for the Elderly

Nursery homes is a good idea for filling up those community service hours. If you love helping the elderly or like the elderly people themselves, then this is the job for you. You can help them around the home, play games with them, help them with their daily activities, or just talk to them. While most people may find the stories of old people boring, they can be pretty interesting if you have the patience to listen to them. Although most old people are nice, some can be...well... difficult or just grumpy so this type of volunteer work might work well with people with the patience or fondness of old people. Choosing to work in a nursery home for elderly can fill up community service quickly if you work all day and can keep you busy so it could be the one for you.


Museum work is another great option for community service hours. You can tour a group of people around the museum if you have enough knowledge of the artifacts, help staff with daily maintenance, or just be those people who sell the tickets. Working in a museum can be very interesting because you can learn more about history and be provided with education about the world. You have a chance on really broadening your world view and plus, it would look good on your college application. I would recommend this line of work for people who are eager to learn, not get bored to easily, and just like old stuff.

Pet Shelters

Working in pet shelters is a job that is very popular nowadays, with people aware of animal cruelty. People apply to shelters so they can help animals in need. Some of the things you do in animal shelters is to feed the animals, walk the dogs, clean out the cages, comfort the animals, or even aiding the adoptions of some animals. This type of job would be recommended to people who are very soft and caring, energetic, and just loves animals. This may not be an easy job, but it can be very fun and rewarding and who knows, you might adopt an animal.

Food Banks

If you care about feeding the hungry, then this is the job for you. Working in food banks can help a lot of people. You can collect food such as canned food, dried food, or just fresh out of the oven. Collecting food is a simple type of business. You can just go door to door asking for cans people can donate or get your school to join in. It doesn't matter how much food you collected, it matters the effort you put in it. Food banks are recommended for people who are want to help the hungry, cares, and can be energetic if necessary. Food banks can leave with a sense of accomplishment knowing you fed someone.

Volunteering at a Library

Volunteering at a library can be fun. You can learn a lot just by being there. At the library, you will most likely have to sort out the books, put any library books back to where they belong, help people at the library or help people check out books. In your free time, you can start hitting the books. This type of job would be recommended for people who are bookworms, enjoy reading, knowledgeable of your local library or have a great memory.


Tutoring is the type of work you should take if you find yourself excelling at a subject such as ELA, math, science, or history. Using your knowledge and experience, you can help a kid become better at a subject that he/she lacks in. Although, tutoring requires patience to your students if they don't understand something or got something wrong (Nobody is perfect). If you do take this job, you can fill up your community service hours and it would look good on your college application. Tutoring would be recommended for people who excel in one or more subjects, have excellent patience with people, and has the time to go your students to teach them.

Picking Up Trash

Picking up the trash may not be the best job in the world but it will fill up those community service hours. Sure, there is a chance that you might look like those criminals in movies or tv shows, who pick up trash in high ways with a stick with a blade. But you actually help save the Earth with every piece of plastic, paper, or food you pick up. You reduce pollution by picking all the littering. If you take this type of work, it can make you feel good that you are saving the Earth. Picking up trash is recommended for people who can stand being around garbage, willing to move around a lot or cares about the Earth.

Soup Kitchens

Soup kitchens is common volunteer work in places like New York City. With the nation's unemployment rates raising, you are more likely to see more homeless people on the streets. Working in soup kitchens can make a difference with the people.You help feed them and in the meantime, you fill up your community service hours. Normally in soup kitchens, you just help hand the homeless the food. After a long day of work, you can feel good about yourself that you fed hungry people today. Working in soup kitchens are recommended for people who loves to help the unlucky, aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, and generally give off a caring aura.

Camp Counselor

Camp counselor can be pretty fun way of getting your community service hours. This type of job will normally be done in the summer when the kids go to summer camps. Working in a camp is usually an all-day type of thing, so you will fill up your service by the end of the summer. At summer camps, your main duty is to guide the kids, play with them, talk with them, and controlling them. Although, it can be pretty tiring to chase ten or twenty kids. Being a camp counselor is recommended for people who are energetic, can multitask, and loves kids.

Working in a Park

Working in a park can be an exciting way to fulfill those hours.In many cases, you help out with public projects such as planting trees, paint murals, or others. You can help out your community by beautifying it or making it more green. Otherwise, park work can be an exciting and invigorating way to help your community and complete those hours and besides, working in a park means that in your free time you can play soccer or basketball with your friends. This type of job is recommended for people who can get their hands dirty, have artistic skills, and has the free time to work on urban projects.

Overall, all of these ideas are good ways to complete those community service hours. You can make your community better and improve lives. Also you can have fun doing them. So be ready for the summer and check if your area has an openings.


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    • profile image

      Stephanie 4 months ago

      Would like to do community service hours in a pet shelter I love animals and would take good care of them be there for there every need

    • profile image

      kody lee harding 13 months ago

      I like to plant things sometimes. I would have to take a lot of brakes after a while, I have scoliosis in my back.

    • profile image

      On Giants' Shoulders 3 years ago

      Here's an idea for a fun and meaningful community service idea for high school students which can have a profound effect on underperforming elementary and middle school students: On Giant's Shoulders.

    • profile image

      Norma Bryant 4 years ago

      looking for community service for my niece