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Valuable Lessons That School Does Not Teach Our Students About Life

Updated on August 8, 2017

The focus and objective of the article

All throughout our lives beginning from the time that we are young, our parents and especially our teachers tell us about the importance of school and getting an education. They tell us all the time that going to school and getting an education will prepare us for life and allow us to live a life of success, happiness and prosperity. We are told that school is the answer if we want to live a rewarding life and not work so hard in order to get paid and live the lives that we desire. But there are several things that school does not teach us about life. In this article, school refers to the period beginning with kindergarten and ending in the senior year of high school. And the focus will be on some of the lessons or things that we are not taught about life as schoolchildren and high school aged people. Some of these points you may or may not agree with but the focus of the article is to provide a somewhat detailed analysis of some of the most important life lessons that we are not taught in school. What follows is based upon the experience of one person and some of you reading this may not agree. But the focus of it is to try and show what school in the United States does not teach us about life.

A photo of an apple on top of a few books

School should be more than just about reading books and doing homework. School should train our students to effectively analyze information and think critically.
School should be more than just about reading books and doing homework. School should train our students to effectively analyze information and think critically.

Lesson 1

  1. School does not teach us how to get whatever we want All throughout our schooling lives, we are told that if we put something to our minds that we can achieve them. However, the one big problem is that teachers do not tell us how we can achieve whatever we desire in our lives. As a result, we are left to try and figure out what we want on our own.

Lessons 1B through 4

  1. B. School does not prepare you for the future by telling you that a college degree no longer guarantees that you will have a stable job

We are told that going to college and earning a degree or two will be the most important thing that will prepare us for getting the job and career that we want. With the current economic problems in the United States, a college degree no longer will guarantee you a job. There is just simply too much competition for jobs and there are simply not enough jobs available for every person that wants to get a job. The fact that millions of jobs have been outsourced the last several years does not make the situation better. A college degree is very common these days. But you need much more than a degree or two to survive in the current labor market. You need to know the right people and you need to be lucky also.

2. School does not prepare you for job searching

The purpose of our schooling years is to get educated in preparation for the real world which makes a lot of sense. But our kids need to be prepared for the job search as well after finishing school or college. Otherwise, how is a person supposed to successfully land the job that they want?

3. School does not prepare you adequately so that you can market yourself effectively in order to be noticed by employers

This next lesson has a lot to do with the one above. Of course, who you know makes a big difference as well.

4. Although we may be told that life is not fair, school does not prepare you to deal with real world hardships that may come

Much of what we learn in life does not happen during our school years. That is why they say that you learn so much just by living life.

A student that feels bored


Lessons 5-9

School does not teach us how to live a life of high quality

5. In the United States, there is too much emphasis on material things, money and trying to have what your neighbor has. That does not mean that you will have a life of high quality. School only is designed to prepare us to earn a living which means that you have to earn money to support yourself and a future family. But school does not teach us how to live a life of high quality. It is the free market capitalism in the United States that has affected many people in the middle and lower classes.

6. Outside of the educational aspect, school does not prepare us for anything else

School, especially middle school and high school is structured so that there are 6 different periods with a different subject being taught each period. The students are then supposed to do classroom activities, do their homework assignments and prepare for tests and exams. But outside of the educational aspect and socializing with the students, school really doesn’t prepare you for many things.

7. School does not teach us how to be mindful and aware of the present moment

Being aware of the present moment and practicing mindfulness is one of the most important concepts that are not taught in any course book during these years. We have to end up reading about it by ourselves years later and then attempt to master the concept. You have got to be aware of the present moment and live in the moment to have a better life.

8. School operates like a business

Schools make money by making sure that each student passes the required courses, earns the diploma and then leaves the academic world and enters the work world. The schools want students to finish as soon as possible so that they save money. Why would they want to keep the students around for longer than they should? If a student fails a course and has to repeat it, that costs the school money.

9. And finally, school does not teach you how to make the most of what you have

School does not teach us how to appreciate what we have. This is another one of those lessons that we have to practice in order to master this concept. Gratitude isn’t taught but it is learned by the person themselves. Making the most of what you have adds to the quality of your life in so many ways. Why do the schools ignore this concept? Teaching the students to be grateful for what they have turns them into quality people that will set a good example especially since many parents in the US are not home during the day to give their kids the guidance and attention that they need to have.

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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