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10 Most Unfortunate Countries Of The World

Updated on June 20, 2016


We have always heard of people suffering from badluck, be it late Roy C. Sullivan who holds the Guiness world record for having struck by lightning 7 times(link)(although he survived them all so I guess not that unlucky) or that friend everyone has who was caught doing his “personal business” by his parents(maybe even more than once), but you rarely hear about entire countries suffering from the same (the badluck, not the caught by parents thingy). And so here I have compiled a list that will tell us about some of the most unfortunate countries till date.

10. Japan

A magnet for both natural and man-made disasters, this technologically advanced nation has enough bad luck to make this list. Japan has always tended to attract countless disasters such as the Kyushu Typhoon(1828) that resulted in about 19000 deaths, the Sanriku earthquake(1896) that killed around 21000 civilians, the 1923 kanto earthquake that killed more than 100,000 people(link) and of course the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings in 1945 which was the cause of death for more than 200,000 civilians.(link) during the years there have been a lot more calamities in this nation such as the recent 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that killed just above 15000 citizens and the Fukushima nuclear meltdown(2011) which resulted in 100,000 people having to evacuate from their homes due to the radiation(link). So we have to give it to the Japanese for being so strong willed that they still hold the position of this technologically advanced nation and for having such a good infrastructure even after going through all this.

A streetview of modern day Tokyo
A streetview of modern day Tokyo | Source


An aerial view of Kiribati
An aerial view of Kiribati | Source

9. Kiribati

This nation is a is a group islands located in the Pacific ocean, It is not exactly economically flourishing and had gained its independence in the year 1979, but the reason that this country made to this list is not because of any of that, the thing that makes this country unlucky is that according to scientific predictions, most of the islands will be lost under sea in about 50 years and it will not be habitable for its 100,000+ population, which will be forced to migrate to other nations(link). All thanks to us for causing the climate change and rise in sea level due to global warming. The rising sea level has already forced the civilians on the shore to move away and this has become a national crisis for them, and the president is plans for mass relocation of civilians. This rise in sea level is not only a problem in Kiribati but a lot other nations are suffering from the same. The countries which are most at-risk include China, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and many others.(link)


Carrefour, Haiti
Carrefour, Haiti | Source

8 Haiti

Haiti, a nation in North America, has had a history of unfortunate events. The nation was the product of a successful slave revolution but didn’t last long because of the high loans they had in 1825 to take for payment required to get themselves recognized as a sovereign nation (link). It took the nation more than 120 years to pay off that debt, during that time the country faced was ruled by a bunch of cruel dictators and later in 1957 was led by one of the most corrupt leaders, “Papa Doc” whose family had power over Haiti for the next 28 years and exploited it. And all the while it was being struck by severe devastating earthquakes. The economy and government body of Haiti has continued to be unstable and to this day the nation remains one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere.


US army soldiers patrol in an Afghani village.
US army soldiers patrol in an Afghani village. | Source

7. Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been in war right since the early 19th century Anglo-Russian power struggle known as "The Great Game" and then lost most of its power and territory to Britain during the second Anglo-Afghan war(1878-80)(link). The British were finally defeated and flushed out in the 3rd Anglo-Afghan war during 1919-21, but peace was still far from reach for the afghans, there were countless civil conflicts and struggle for power and rule within the nation until 1973 when the king's cousin, Daoud, proclaimed the country as a republic and himself as the president. The country flourished well during the short span Daoud was it's president, but he was overthrown and killed in a communist coup know as "The Sawr Revolution". And thus continued Afghanistan's misery, the government was torn apart in internal conflicts and to top that, both the US and USSR(cold war rivals at that time) intervened with their ideals and policies. The Soviets killed and replaced Afganistan's leader with Babrak Kamal. Now the presence of foreign troops led to more local revolts and the soviets reacted on this by cutting off the supplies to the resistance but the resistance grew stronger since the US and it's allies were supplying them with resources, and finally the "Mujahidin"(resistance army) were able to completely flush out the Russians from their nation. But then came in the Talibans and the Al-Quaeda which was blamed for the 9/11 crisis in 2001 and whic led to operation "Enduring Freedom" which ended up in 12000 bombs dropped by the US in Afghan lands over a span of a few weeks. And even after that the nation has faced countless conflicts.


Russian president Vladmir Putin(short guy) shaking hands with Alexander Lukashenko(big guy)
Russian president Vladmir Putin(short guy) shaking hands with Alexander Lukashenko(big guy) | Source

6. Belarus

The landlocked east-european country of Belarus has been ruled by "president" Alexander Lukashenko since 1994(link), and it has suffered a lot. The young nation's came into existence in the early 20th century as one of the founding members of the USSR, although it was formerly know as Belorussia until it became independent in 1991(link). It took major damage in WWII, during which Germany destroyed over 200 cities in its territory along with 85% of its industry and there were more than 2 million casualties(link). Later, in the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, 70% of the nuclear radiation from it entered belarussian territory and to this day parts of the country continue to be affected by the radiation(link). And later since the new president came into power in 1994, Belarus is now the last European country under dictatorship(link). It is also the only country with state-controlled economy in all of Europe which has always been a huge obstacle for economic growth for them. And finally, Belarus also has one of the worst human rights record in the world(link) and has a negative population growth.


DR congo on the map(dark bue)
DR congo on the map(dark bue) | Source

5. Democratic Republic of Congo

Not to be confused with The Republic of the Congo lying on the northwest of this nation, The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country in central Africa. This African nation has managed to get on this list due to it's constant civil wars ever since the end of 20th century. And according to the UN, as on 2011, DR Congo has the lowest human development index(link). Going back to the civil wars,(link) The First Congo war lasted from 1996 to 1997 and was followed by the Second Congo War that went from 1998 till 2003, also known as The Great African War, The two wars resulted in the death of as many as 5.4 million people(link). The Great African War's involved 8 African nations struggling for power over DR Congo which caused severe damage to the country. Congo still faces civil conflict and was also deemed as the "Rape capital of the world"(link).

4. India

Once a highly prosperous nation with an abundance of resources as well as a demographic advantage, this nation had a promising start, but fate had something else in mind, since the nation was first controlled by the moghuls and then the British, keeping it under constant foreign rule for over 1200 years, India got it's Independence as late as 1947(link), and by that time it was stripped off most of its wealth by the invaders, and was now divided into three countries, ie. India, Pakistan and bangladesh(link). India now stood with an extraordinarily huge population with extremely low literacy and mortality rates and was in constant conflict with it's bordering nations of Pakistan and China. And besides that, the poor education and morale has led India into being one of the nations with the highest corruption, crimes and discrimination over race, religion, gender, etc. Although as time passes India has definitely risen over that and is correcting itself to be a better place, but the impact from that unfortunate past still hangs over it.

A busy street from chennai, India
A busy street from chennai, India | Source


A group of child soldiers in Liberia
A group of child soldiers in Liberia | Source

3. Liberia

This nation is also known to face a lot of unfortunate events that led to it's downfall to being one of the worst countries to live in. Let's start from 1990, when the Liberian president, Samuel Doe, was brutally murdered in public by local rebellion(link), who were later overthrown by the infamous warlord, Joshua Milton Blahyi, aka "General butt naked" who was known to be one of the most feared warlords of the time and had committed over 20,000 war crimes(link) . The country remained under constant local conflict and rebellion and crimes rates were off the charts. The children were forced to become soldiers and stuff like drug abuse and cannibalism was made to be a common practice, in fact there are many disturbing media on the internet showing this in practice. Liberia has faced a lot, but it is finally taking a turn for the better and has been pretty peaceful in the recent years.

2. North Korea

As some of you must've seen in the recent comedy film "The Interview"(link), North Korea doesn't really seem to have a good standing on the grounds of treatment of it's citizens as well as it's international reputation. Even though the country doesn't have any geographical disadvantages, North Korea was unfortunate enough to end up with one of the worst government out there. The perverse dictator, Kim Jong Un, aka the "Supreme Leader"(link) is infamous for abusing human rights and exploiting his nation's citizens. Many a times we see mentions where people state that North Korea is the worst country to live in. While other nations may suffer from poverty and lack of resources, North Korea also lacks one very essential part of humanity, Freedom. The government uses all means to brainwash people into thinking the western countries are evil and their leader is some sort of a god. The citizens aren't even given access to the internet as we know it, totally cutting them off from the society beyond their borders. some of the other retarded facts about North Korea include:(link) The economy and diplomacy being cut off from the world even in great needs such as famines, Almost 200,000 north Koreans live in harsh prison camps because of laws such as punishments which extend to generations in the criminal's family, There's laws regarding people's haircuts, only military and govt. officials can use motor vehicles, strict restrictions on essential resources, and the list goes on and on. So we definitely don't wanna move there. Oh and in recent news, Kim called the president of South Korea "A crazy old b**ch".(link)

North Koreans bowing in front of statues of Kim Il-sung (left) and Kim Jong-il
North Koreans bowing in front of statues of Kim Il-sung (left) and Kim Jong-il | Source

1. Poland

Also one of the most popularly known to be unlucky countries, mostly in terms of war, Poland has had a long history of bad luck. It all began in 1655 when Poland was invaded by Sweden in the Second Northern War(sometimes called as first) (link) and the casualties led to a huge drop of Polish population, after which the series of invasions continued on. In the 18th century, Russia, Prussia and Austria fought over Poland and ended up dividing it into 3 partitions (in 1772, 1793 and 1795)(link) after which Poland, as a nation, was non-existent for the next 123 years during which the Polish people faced foreign culture forced upon themselves by their new leaders which led to stuff like mass emigration to other countries. And also Poles were forced to fight each other in The Russian, Austrian and Prussian armies during WWI. Later the Russo-Polish War took place from 1919 to 1920(link) which resulted in the soviet-polish border that lasted for a while during which Pilsudski became its dictator. This was until September 1st, 1939 when Hitler decided to start the WWII by conquering poor Poland within weeks (link) and it was under the Nazi regime for years until 1945, when it was handed over to the soviet union(link) where it remained in misery until their 1989 revolution(link).
Poland has been peaceful ever since and let’s hope it stays that way. Although misfortune seems to cling pretty close to its neck, like how recently in 2010 a polish plane crashed in Russia killing 96 people, including the Polish president Lech Kaczynski and his wife! (Link)

A nightview of Warsaw, Poland
A nightview of Warsaw, Poland | Source

And with that this list comes to an end. Even though these countries have gone(and some still going) through a lot, some of them are coping up well now, especially countries like Japan which has become an international tech giant and is also one my favorite countries to visit. Anyways be sure to follow my page for lots of upcoming cool stuff. And give your feedback, be it good or bad, in the comments, also go ahead and mention any country that you feel should've been on this list, since this list was made arbitrarily by me. Seeya till next time!

© 2016 RandomStuffArjun


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