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10 Reasons to Learn Spanish

Updated on March 6, 2012

The Spanish language is the second most spoken language in the world. There are many reasons why you should take the time to learn it. It is helpful to know Spanish for many reasons, if, you are visiting a Spanish speaking country, on vacation, moving overseas, or even for better performance in your career. Knowing this beautiful language will allow you the tools needed to succeed in any environment.

1. In the U.S the Spanish that is being spoken is one that is only going to increase. So having a better understand of the language can help you in as simple as a place as an airport, restaurant, or other location that makes announcements, provide information or speak the Spanish language.

2. To help others is always a wonderful thing to do. But, what if that person did not understand English how would you communicate a danger, forgetfulness, or any other need to be able to communicate with them.

3. When you learn a new language the possibilities are ever present within the human brain. The concepts related to learning a new language also increase other areas of the brain such as memory, thought process, and even expressions.

4. Learning anew languages forces you to also learn about the culture that speaks it. IT can clinically change your perspective just by using a phrase. Phrases in English start with “I” “have” where in Spanish most of the pronouns used are “I” “feel” if you feel something opposed to telling yourself you have it then it will be easier to control. Like anxiety or fear.

5. Learning a new language has been proven to increase the performance of people’s memories. These improvements are coming from using a second language.

6. By learning Spanish or other languages you help the body focus on a different perspective. Studies have even shown a growth reduction in the ageing process.

7. Learning Spanish can help you in a career where there is bilingual language needed. They increase your pay based on your language skillset.

8. I love soccer and what better to watch soccer than n T.V but how are you going to know what the announcer is saying until you learn Spanish?

9. So, you can enjoy your vacationing in Mexico and not have to ask someone in a restaurant that speaks both languages to order for you.

10. It increase the confidence you have in interacting in a multitude of social situations that may require you to speak Spanish. Ever want to find out if that Spanish girl next door likes you?

Many learn a new language for a variety of reasons. But, always do it for your education and experience.


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