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10 Signs You May Be Human

Updated on July 24, 2014

At the age of 17 an unfamiliar doctor that had met me once for three minutes, took my temperature and asked how my day was. I was diagnosed with 'depression'.

My day had been crap. I was in high school, aka 'Hell' for any of those who have had the pleasure of attending. My father was an active alcoholic and addict, my mother a full blown co-dependent and I was the typical self centered, brain on fire teenager that we ALL are at one time or another (some in their 40's some in the tweens) Sure my emotions were 'depressed'. I had no idea what they were. I was barely beginning my journey of discovering life, albeit my emotions. I took no prescription drugs at that point but I did begin my journey of self diagnosis and self cure....the commonality of all my problems= self.

Later I would find out that I was different to varying degrees, but I was an alcoholic/addict, like my father. Who knows if it was onset at birth, my first drink, or the first excuse I ever made. Regardless the presence of drugs and alcohol in my mind and body definitely had a physical, chemical and spiritual reaction. I was in and out of expensive programs, trouble and different diagnosis and medication. Then someone told me I was an alcoholic (which embraces all other human problems) AND there was a solution! It was free. It was not required. The only requirement was that I wanted change. Ironically, all side effects were dependent on my willingness to change. Today, these side effects include, freedom, stability, health, great relationships, peace of mind, security, humility, gratitude, joy and endless others.

Lack of control was my dilemma and obsession with self was my problem. From high school on, I never gave myself a chance to feel and identify any emotions or truths. Now that I have identified them I give them an appropriate length of time to be felt and then let them go. Only with the absence of ALL drugs (including alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, RX's) was I able to even begin a recovery program. I removed thoughts and actions which served my self from my teenage and early twenties and I replaced them with thoughts and actions for others and a higher purpose. Most of this Country is on prescription drugs or addicted to themselves, their weight management, their looks their new RX, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, gossip, technology or their relation to each other. (There are other addictions not mentioned here, but these are the top ones I've seen)

So, before you go pop a pill or have a drink or even see a Doctor, take a deep breath and see if this makes logical sense to you. If it truly doesn't, go see that Doctor and take a pill for your problem. I have a Bachelor in Health Administration and half way through my Masters degree. I have studied health and healing for over a decade and this is what worked for me. That does not mean that my way will work for you. But there is a God and his/her name does not begin with "Dr." and that God is much greater than anyone, including Dr., you or me. Luckily, that God has a solution and this is what I've found...

You may be Human If:

1.) Put your hand over your chest and make sure it is beating. If not, discontinue reading and immediately go find a car with a zombie apocalypse sticker on it-they are out there and they've been waiting for you. If so, you have a heart and it is still working! Congratulations! First and foremost, take care of your HEART! That means to processed food! That means no stress! That means no smoking! AND you have to exercise! This means that actual heartbreak is serious and I need to use intellect over emotion and have a God in my life that is more important than any man, woman or cat. Because me getting heart disease in the future is more important than anything in the past. If you cannot do this, then you cannot take care of yourself and a Doctor will prescribe you more crap with unknown side effects but they don't really care because you don't really care about your body and they know this.

2.) You have a BRAIN. How does your HEAD feel? Do you get headaches? What is your sodium, chocolate and caffeine intake? Five to seven days after I quit drinking coffee and soda I had worse withdrawals than any drug. I've never had headaches until those migraines. Also watch what you are reading and how close and for how long. Computers, especially facebook, were not intended as fulltime jobs. Disconnect. Rub your face and head. Do yourself a favor and buy a head massager from Amazon. Put your hands over your closed eyes and gently press. Short of a craneotomy we can't see inside our brains and we wouldn't understand it if we could. Alot of the solutions go back to how we treat ourselves.

3.) SHAPE. I'm not in the best shape I could be. Whatever excuses I am using, I eat too much and I move too little. I'm an American and the best forces with me are fad diets and inexplicably made diet foods and drinks. I'm also human so these best forces will change my natural flora and desires to expect and (you guessed it!) become addicted to these poisons. This is especially when I pray. There is no human power that is going to keep me from an entire box of Oreos or Lindor truffles. There is no human power that is going to keep me from downing a bottle of wine. And there is no human power that gets my butt up and tells it to run for no reason. No human power except mine with the help of a Higher Power.

4.) Presentation (Perspective) vs. Reality. Just like the day I was at the Doctors in my teenage years, if I go to a Doctor because I don't 'feel' good-there is a good chance, that they will validate that and prescribe me something. Because I have just presented a problem that I am unable or unwilling to resolve and I am presenting that to a Western Doctor who is taught to prescribe medicine (because healthcare in America is a business-not a cure center-read that again-and again). The reality is, I NEED TO LET A LOT OF THINGS GO BECAUSE THEY WILL ALL PASS ANYWAY.

5.) I like to control things, people and situations. ACCEPTANCE IS THE ANSWER TO ALL MY PROBLEMS TODAY

6.) I like myself. And that is fine. I need to like myself. But thinking about myself all the time or even half the time is not OK. "Selfies" are not ok. Self obsession will kill my life. By the time I am 60 (because I probably wont make it to 90 being self obsessed, unless God has a hysterical sense of humor) covered in tattoos with nicotine laden lungs and selfie lines all over my face, I will realized that I spent a majority of this life traveling only into my own business, sight seeing my face, fixing only me, feeding me, working me, me, me, me, me, me. And at that point, I may not have a single loved one to see me off to where I came from.

6.) I make MISTAKES. The only person that cannot amend a mistake is the one that denies one is even there. If one person says you are a problem, they may be the problem. If two people say you are a problem, MAYBE those two people are a problem. But if three people say you are a problem, you can be sure you are a problem. If I cannot exert a grounded humility (humble) it is the natural law that I will be humiliated.

7.) I KNOW everything. We all think this at some point or another. We are absolutely worthless on the level of self knowledge. Repeat. Feeling, being, and doing are much more helpful than knowing.

8.) Life is like a tight rope. We are the little itty bitty anythings that are just walking along. BALANCE is so important. All of these things and so much more are equally important. I am wrong about all of this as equally as I am right, and so are we all.

9.) Hindsight is 20/20. I just don't know what I don't know. Unfortunately what I do know (or think I know) is also subject to change. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

10.) Love and tolerance is the answer.

If I take a plant and for 20 years douse it with alcohol, nicotine, prescription pills, soda pop, fat and sugar, smoke, tar, preserved foods, negative words, harmful anything and then I just stop- that plant is going to hurt like Hell. The plant will not magically unfold immediately into the beautiful flowering plant it was intended to be. That plant may or may not need a crutch to make it another day after all the abuse. But if that plant uses that crutch for too long, or at all, it may become dependent now on that crutch.

We all experience pain, heartbreak and situations that we do not understand or seemingly deserve. But that is when we take ourselves out of the picture and see how unimportant we are in the grand scheme of things. One day I was walking along talking to a girlfriend about how bad my day was, and a ton of justifiable anger. She said to me "Who have you helped today?"

I am that plant. I am not using a crutch. I have tried enough crutches. I am healing at Gods speed, naturally, one day at a time. It hurts sometimes but so did the coal that was transformed into a diamond. I am human. I deserve to feel, deal and heal. I deserve to know what it means to truly be FREE.


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    • Takemeaway profile image


      4 years ago from Nador

      Very interesting article.Thanks for sharing .Voted up !

    • noorin profile image


      4 years ago from Canada

      Hello Jessie, welcome to hubpgages ! You have a captivating style of writing and I totally agree, when we numb our emotions, we numb both the good and the bad, we loose connection with the world and with ourselves. You made a couple of brave decisions, ones that require a lot of work but they seem to have paid off :)

      Rated the article up and will be following you.


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