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10 Sophisticated High-tech Weapons That Enhance the Modern-day Spy Arsenal

Updated on November 13, 2016

The 21st Century spy world has gotten more sophisticated and its technology more advanced. Weapons and spy tools have gotten smaller and even more deadly within the last couple decades. You will not believe your eyes to see what spy tools and weapons that these secretive spy agencies can use against their enemies or possibly you, too.

Every sophisticated spy understands the importance of staying ahead of the technological curve, because in the spy game getting captured could mean unknown torture and most certain death. Stocking the spy arsenal with the most advanced high-tech tools and gadgets in necessary to complete the mission that has been assigned.

Draganfly X6 UAV

Sometimes a spy will encounter a situation where there isn't any secure location to setup surveillance without taking a big risk of getting his or her cover blown. The Draganfly X6 UAV is a lightweight carbon fiber radio controlled helicopter that can be equipped with an HD camera, night vision or a thermal imaging camera, so that recording the target's every move can be done secretively. The X6 can top fly speeds up to 30 MPH and achieve 90-degree turns and it is traceable using its built-in GPS.

Gen Corporation's One-Man Helicopter

No spy can be without the most advanced high-tech transportation available, so the world's smallest one-man helicopter will give them the eye-in-the-sky view that they need to travel kind of stealthy high above the crowded streets.

Dragonfly Spies

Some spy missions involve monitoring a large outdoor crowd of bystanders or in this day and age, protestors. Not wanting to alert the target(s) that they are being watched requires a gadget that will blend into the surrounding environment. The Dragon Probe does just that and more. Equipped with a tiny mounted camera and a listening device, this dragonfly can maneuver in and out of some very tight places with unparallel aerodynamics. No one will even notice that they are being watched.

Raytheon Killer Bee

When a spy is commissioned to penetrate deep behind enemy lines to collect counterintelligence or to locate enemy insurgents, so that they can be targeted and eliminated as a threat. It is good to know that the military can deploy a Raytheon Killer Bee armed to the teeth with laser guided bombs will have you covered. By the time the enemy realizes that the Killer Bee is within range, then it will have been too late

Corner Shot

Spies need firepower that can deliver a punch. A spy can never have too many tools in his or her arsenal and Corner Shot helps spies to defend themselves even if their target has hidden themselves around a corner in the other room. Corner Shot is the ultimate high-tech weapon support system for the modern-day spy. The spy can mount a pistol to its folding rifle-like stock and laterally swing the swinging hinge around corners or over walls to lay fire onto the enemy. Using a tiny front mounted camera and watching the action in the viewer, the spy will see the enemy before the enemy see them.

US Supertruck

On those most daring missions, the US Supertruck can be employed to strike the enemy hard and fast. Armed like many small armies, the US Supertruck is equipped with a grenade launcher laser gun, night vision, bulletproof glass, Kevlar body armour, smoke and oil from exhaust, high voltage door handles and dazzling headlights. The enemy won't know what hit them, until their dead bodies start piling up on the ground.

GSP 1700 Satellite Phone

Communication is a definite necessity while on a mission where modern-day cell phones cannot pickup a strong signal. Good satellites phone can pickup satellite signal high up into space when the mission takes the spy deep into the jungles of the Amazon or the deserts of the Middle East. Keeping in close contact with central command establishes support whenever it is needed.

Cell Phone .22 Caliber Gun

When a spy finds themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place with their target closing in on their position, they can use their .22 caliber cell phone gun to take their enemy out before they are eliminated first. Concealed within the casing of the commonly used cell phone is a four shot .22-caliber gun. Pressing 5 & 8 on the keypad fires a round off, but aiming and hitting the target that is being targeted will take some practice.

Pen Scanner

While the majority of missions that a spy is commissioned to undertake are dangerous and potentially life-threatening, there are times when a spy needs to retrieve documents or photos in a stealthy sort of way. With the Pen Scanner, a spy can scan a file or photo and store the digital content on the 8MB internal memory chip and transfer the images via USB onto a laptop or other computer.

Micro PVPro Projector

Counterintelligence is critical to completing any assignment successfully, so having the most up-to-date information at your fingertips will keep the spy ahead of the curve while out in the field. The Micro PVPro Projector the spy can use their cell phone, laptop, personal media player or digital camera to download incoming intelligence from central command headquarters and project the images in real-time on any flat surface. This gives the spy the ability to study the mission plans with much improved clarity and the projector is small enough to tote it along in an inside coat pocket.


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