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10 Informative Websites That Maybe Useful To Your Kids

Updated on October 21, 2013
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The web is a fantastic source of information for students of all ages but getting websites that are relevant to your child's needs can be a tedious hit-and-miss task. Such educational sites are harder to find because they are generally less appealing than socially trendy sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pininterest and You Tube.

But, if you are patient enough, you may stumble on a site like Explore Learning and The Student Room. Here are a 20 sites that may benefit your child:

1. Khan Academy

A non-profit Founded in 2006 by Salman Khan - a Havard Business School and MIT graduate - that is striving to provide free quality education for all children. The website provides tutorial videos for pre-college students with lessons on such subjects as:

  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • American Civics
  • Medicine
  • Astronomy

The videos can be found on the Khan Academy website and are also hosted on YouTube. The Academy has been able to provide different language options for its lessons i.e. including simple English, French, German, Chinese, Swahili, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Urdu, Turkish among others.

Khan Academy also provides automated assessment exercises that are based on a student's level of skill.

2. ExploreLearning

This is a US based company that targets grade 3-12 kids with online simulations of mathematics and science. The companies website hosts these simulations which are also known as Gizmos.

The company also provides a game based online system known as Reflex which helps students with different levels of abilities to memorize basic math concepts.

3. Grade Saver

The website was established in 1999 by two Harvard University graduates. The site provides students with study guides and literature essays of famous classical books.

The site also provides a guide on how to write effective college application essays. They provide samples of the best college applications which are provided by members.

The site provides students with a platform to field questions that are answered by their peers and educators.

Lastly, the site purchases essays from members for a fee ranging from $25 - $50.

4. The Student Room

A UK based website that acts as a forum for students to exchange ideas on different subjects and topics. Forums are established that provide discussions of a variety of issues ranging from classical literature to the impact of austerity measures to the European economy.

Although it mainly caters for UK students, foreigners can establish forums that fit their preferred niche or topic.

The Student Room room is a fantastic site for students to find information on the best colleges, the degree courses they provide, and guidelines on how to apply. The members are mostly college student but the information provided is relevant to even high school students.

5. wikiHow

wikiHow is one the more established websites that provides quality how to manuals. These manuals may come in video or article format. From simple food recipes to complex construction manuals, wikiHow is one of the best sites for a student to expand his horizons.

The best thing about this site is the fact that all this how to information is contributed by the members. Thus a creative student can use the site to share his skills wit his peers.

6. You Tube

YouTube is renowned for turning ordinary people into instant celebrities but can also be a good source for information for students.

The site, like wikiHow, also offers a platform for helpful how to videos. Companies like Khan Academy have used it to provide their message. Innovative individuals also use it to provide how to videos on such topics as how to construct an architectural model and how to clean your laptop.

Students can also make money by posting useful videos or establishing popular channels on the site.


One of the best sites for students to improve their grasp of English - whether It's American or UK English. Writing, creative of formal, can be tricky if one doesn't have:

  • A large enough vocabulary library
  • A perfect grasp of grammar
  • The ability to correctly apply punctuation marks offers you the above, and also a link to two other useful sites:


The site also provides a translator with a wide range of languages including Spanish, Chinese, French, Swahili and Italian.

8. Lissa Explains it all

Created by an 11yr old in the late 90s, the site helps kids learn to make their own websites by providing tutorials.

The web has become a good platform for people to socialize and exchange ideas. Thus, even children can voice their opinions on current issues like child labor and poverty.

The site gives kids to tools to make their interactive websites. It also provides a forum for members to exchange ideas and solutions.


9. Fact Monster

This is a useful site for students, teachers and parents. Owned by Infoplease, the website constitutes:

  • A Dictionary
  • An Encyclopedia
  • Student Flashcards on subjects such as math and the sciences
  • Interactive Games and Quizzes
  • A World Atlas

10. Wikipedia

The much maligned website should never be used as a standalone point of reference but is still the number one source of general of information on the web. The fact that members are allowed to make revisions has provided a kind of double-edged scenario.

On one hand, the site provides knowledgeable people a platform to share important ideas, skills and information. However, some have taken advantage and use the site to mis-inform and slander.

Thus, one should be careful when sourcing information from this website.


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