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10 Steps for IELTS Preparation

Updated on August 15, 2013

Tips for Success

Understand what is IELTS (International English Language Testing System):

Testing Systems measures the candidates reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to communicate at their study, work or life in English speaking countries. It’s preferable to opt own preparation instead running around the coaching institutions.

PHD and Doctorate
PHD and Doctorate

Understand the Types of IELTS

Academic Version: for candidates who visiting English speaking countries for their higher studies like Ph. D or Doctorates.

General Training Version: For the candidates who are visiting English speaking countries for to gain work experience, immigrations or non – academic purposes.

Understand the Composition of test that should undergo in IELTS:

  • Listening

  • Speaking

  • Reading and

  • Writing

Love to share this Video

I would love to share this video of EnglishRyan who has given good suggestions on preparing for IELTS which is for free :-)

How to Prepare your own IELTS:

Listening: The purpose the test Understanding Local Language (of visiting country)

Before Test - Listen the news or landmark speeches from the different countries in different modulations and listen the Standard English speeches or new frequently to understand the pronunciation the people and their interpretation of wording usage.

In the Test: Listen carefully each section. If you haven’t understood few words don’t panic or change the facial expressions. Explain your opinion or facts that how you understood the passages and framed the answer.

Reading: Since this test is access your reading capability of Passages, inferences, implied meanings, writer’s opinion and development of argument.

Before Test: Read the English newspapers, especially English papers having Classic style of English like The Hindu Daily. Observe the pronunciation in different countries and different meaning in each pronunciation. That will helps to gain knowledge on local language of different countries and equip you face the test easily.

In the Test: Mostly the passages are obstructs from Famous Books, magazines and newspapers.

If you prepare the by reading Classic English Books or newspapers that will helps is reading the passage easily. If you face any new wording that you can’t pronounce don’t jump or read just like that. Take a pause and try to pronounce as you can and correct yourself, if require. By end of the session explain the difficult of wording and their meaning based on time availability.


Academic Version:

Task One – Ask to describe a graph or picture.

Task Two – ask to write an essay on point, problem or argument.

General Training Version:

Task One – Ask to write a letter to an Authority

Task Two – ask to write an essay on point, problem or argument.

Before Test: examine different companies periodical results and their graphical presentation.

Observe different surveys and their presentation in different pictures and other modes of presentations.

Describes things that you see in day to day life. Observe letter writing in different countries like font, style, color and its meaning, shape the letter, wording places and gap between each formal communications.

For essays, read out editorial columns in leading newspapers and practice with best Authors books.

In The Test: Don’t write unnecessary explanation because which reflects as bad communicator in English. Write as precise as possible, use lucid wording that will good impression as you can communicate local people in well manner. Don’t jump conclusion. Describe step by step each situation or procedure.

Speaking: this Test will access your experience with different topics, analysis of the topic and clarity of your opinion on given topic and confidence level on your speaking.

Before Test: Prepare yourself to talk fluently and confidently on any topic. Access yourself by selecting random topics from internet and prepare your opinion.

In The Test: Confident yourself and speak with clarity and conclude in well manner.

Benefits of Taking IELTS:

  • Since IELTS is an English Testing System which gives you better weight-age in universities and companies.
  • Based the score you obtained in IELTS you can go for migration different countries mostly as you preferred one.
  • IELTS is an international English testing system that will put you on special platform.
  • If you were undergone in General Training Version you can bargain higher package in your employment.

Who can appear for IELTS:

People who wish to visit English Speaking countries.

IELTS is accepted by Australian, British, Canadian,New Zealand and South African institutions most of the institutions in The USA and various professional organizations.

Best Way to get high band Score:

As mentioned above practice on own frequently with time limits for each test.

Best sources for IELTS to learn online:

Avoid Surprises
Avoid Surprises

General Tips for Preparation:

  1. Should understand the entire process of testing system by interacting with expert or senior candidates.
  2. Get advice from expert for good books for self-testing.
  3. Talk English as much as possible correct yourself.
  4. Pronounce different words loudly or read newspaper loudly that will correct your pronunciation.
  5. Describe the things that you like more. Ex. Describe a movie that you like and access yourself.
  6. Attend seminar or workshop where you can discuss on different topic and express opinion.
  7. Visit some officers or authorities offices and observe the modes of communication and styles.

Avoid surprises in tests:

  • Don’t be panic during the test in any circumstances.

  • Don’t do unnecessary thing in the test.

  • Talk precisely with clarity, avoid loss talking.

  • Pronounce the wording correctly as you know, don’t do experiments.

Minimum score for Qualification:

There is no minimum score for qualification. Because the band score ranges from B0 to B9. And each institution has their own threshold for admission. Based on band score you will get employment or seat in different countries.

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