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Dadisms, Our Fathers Words of Wisdom

Updated on March 4, 2020
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Tim has a B.S. Degree in Psychology from Albright College. He is also a father of four so has had much experience using many dadisms himself


Things my dad said

Growing up my father like all fathers liked to use certain witticisms over and over again. Over the years some of the most overused of these sayings of course have become known as DADisms,

While my dad didn't use as many DADisms as a lot dads he still had certain ones he would utter ever now and them. I hate to admit it but I even use some Dadisms of my own to this day and my children are fully grown..

Listed below are some of my favorite dadisms.

I walked five miles...

#1 I walked five miles to school everyday, both ways, uphill.

While my dad didn't use this exact DADism on me it has been associated with many a father down through the ages. What does this dadism mean? Simply this, young people today have it a lot easier then back in the day when I was a kid and need to understand just how good they have it.

Oh by the way, my mom and dad didn't have a bus and had to walk to school which was a couple miles from home. .


They don't make them...

#2 They don't make them like that anymore.

My dad used this one on me a lot of times mostly in reference to the quality of good from his day compared to back in his day when stuff was made to last. The morale to this DASism...well they don't really make stuff to last anymore so I guess there is no morale to this one.

Don't make me stop...

#3 Don't make me stop this car.

My dad never really used this one on me because being the last child I my siblings had all moved out but many fathers including me have adopted it as one of their own. When my children used to argue in the back seat of the car I would use this DADism accompanied by the customary arm hanging over the seat trying to reach for the misbehaving child.

Of course I never really stopped the car it would have made the trip longer.


A penny saved...

#4 A penny saved is a penny earned.

I've always wondered if Ben Franklin knew what he was doing when he uttered this phrase so long ago. I doing so he created one of the most overused DADisms of the last couple hundred years. I think every father at one time or another has used the phrase or a variation of the phrase at least once.

My dad never used the exact phrase but he often told me about the importance of saving what money you had and watching out for the perils of credit. Did I listen? The answer is not when it mattered. Now that I am older and wiser I see the wisdom rooted in this DADism. Now every chance I get try to impart the wisdom to my children.

Did I ever tell you..

#5 Did I ever tell you about the time...

I think every dad has used this line right before they lay on their children on of the many overused stories of what life was like back when they were young. All the stories of hardship, misdeeds done with friends, rock concerts attended, loves found and lost that is until you met their mother. The list of tales of yore are endless and lets face really boring to your children.

However if you're like me the joy this DADism in not the old stories nor imparting advice on to your children so they don't make the same mistakes you did. No the joy of these stories is watching your're children squirm as they sit and listen to a story they've heard a thousand times.

More and more DADisms

These are only a few many DADisms out there, The list is almost endless because every father not only uses their favorite DADism or variations of their favorites they invent their own. In the comments below list your favorite DADism.


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