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10 Tips for studying for the S.A.T. (English)

Updated on March 22, 2011

So you're about to go to college! Congratulations! But before that, you will need to take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), the standardized test for college admission.

The SAT may seem intimidating at first, trust me, I know because I once took it, too. However, with the right preparation and set of mind, the SAT will be a walk in the park. I've some helpful tips for students who are planning to take the SATs.


Don't wait for the last week or the last minute to study for the SAT! Plan ahead. By the time you are a Junior or early Senior in high school, start eyeing SAT review books and research for registration dates and testing areas. Preparing early for the test will help you gain more knowledge and confidence.


Yes. Believe me, you will find SAT vocabulary words in newspapers and scholarly magazines. The more you read these kinds of articles, the more your vocabulary bank will expand. The english part of the SAT tests your vocabulary skills.


Whenever you're reading a novel, a book, or an article and come across a word that is unfamiliar to you. Don't fret. Jot it down on a notebook and search for its meaning/s. Remember, the SAT usually uses vocabulary words with multiple meanings and multiple usages. So it's best to study for ALL the definitions given in the dictionary for the words that are unfamiliar to you.


One of the best ways to remember a vocabulary word is to use it again and again. For example the word, "lackadaisical" is a word that is not so common in everyday language. What is lackadaisical? Lackadaisical (adj) means, lacking in energy. So try to use this word in your everyday conversation. And if someone asks you, "what does that mean?" and if you can explain what it means to them, then that means the word is already in your vocabulary bank and you're one step closer to success in the SAT. :) Learn new words everyday and use them as much as you can!


Like I said earlier, the SAT will test you on your vocabulary skills in all the English sections of the test. Reading comprehension, Sentence Completion, Improving Sentences and Improving Paragraphs. Why, if you can't understand a word, then how can you understand what you're reading, right? So aim to learn 10-20 words each day or more, if you can. Have a word list ready and study them each day until the day before your test.


You and a couple of your friends can organize a study group so you can ask each other questions and help each other out.


Asking for additional outside help will be useful for you to gain more knowledge and build your vocabulary bank. Usually the tutor or the review center will also give you additional information about the SAT and how to tackle difficult questions.


Get yourself SAT books so you can study at home. SAT books have tons of useful information about the test, including how and where to register. They also include sample tests and explanations for each type of question for each section of the test.


Take practice tests in the review books, or online. Read the directions carefully because it will be the exact same directions in the real SAT. Familiarize yourself with each question type and develop your own style in answering them. The more practice test you take, the more prepared you will be.


Don't panic! The SAT will be a breeze as long as you study hard and are well-prepared. Relax when you're studying so your brain can absorb the information easily. Don't stress out if your first practice test result is lower than you expected it to be. It's alright, review again and take a second practice test. :) practice makes perfect!

Taking the SAT isn't as daunting as it looks. Below is a short list of 10 words for you to start preparing to increase your vocabulary bank. Search for their meanings and try to use them in everyday conversation.


1. Lackadaisical

2. Tintinnabulation

3. Gregarious

4. Conspicuous

5. Avarice

6. Sagacious

7. Erudite

8. Mendicant

9. Choleric

10. Boisterous

Lastly, try to make studying for the SAT fun. Come up with creative sentences using the words you've learned! Good luck! I know you can do it! :)


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    • profile image

      Castiel Lynn 

      5 years ago

      Thanks...bro....I am gonna try that way....

    • pandy2323 profile image


      5 years ago from Cali

      Nice! And remember: to do well on the SAT, you don't exactly need to know everything- you just need to know HOW to take the test! And that's why practice is essential. Good luck to all of the students out there! And remember not to get TOO lackadaistical! lol. lame joke. :)


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