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10 Tricks The Female Body Uses to Pick Partners

Updated on August 20, 2014

10. Smell

While height and a handsome face may get a man a bit further with that one dream girl, don’t be so sure to count on it. It turns out a man’s biggest enemy is the scent he gives off.

When it comes to choosing the perfect mate it all comes down to odor and odor preference. Major Histocompatibility Complexes (MHC) are a group of molecules that enable the immune system to differentiate between safe and harmful foreign substances in the body. Pheromones together with MHC therefore combine to produce a distinct odor, which then appeals to females.

Women are able to smell subconsciously the MHC hence able to pick out the perfect mate. The more diverse a man’s MHC molecules are, the more attracted a female to that particular man since they are more compatible. This is a basic instinct that plagues the human race as females often go for the guys with the most diverse MHC molecules in order to get the most healthy and diverse offspring. Talk about natural selection at its best!

9. Penis Size

While the issue of penis size has always drawn mixed reactions from both males and females the fact remains that women are the driving force behind this sensitive issue.

A new study suggests that women found tall guys with larger penises to be most attractive. The study involved using 105 Australian with an average age of 26 and found that men with wide shoulders, smaller hips and larger penises were considered as most attractive. It was also noted that the women also spent more time gazing at figures with larger penises than smaller ones.

Another study suggests that women may have played a huge role in the evolution of the penis. Early humans did not wear clothes and therefore females could look and judge their genitalia thus leading to a large population of men with larger genitalia. Scientists believe that the choice of bigger genitalia is clue for something specific that as yet is yet to be figured out.

Critics, however, argue that such studies are sexist and are only driven by a body obsessed culture and the pornographic industry.

8. Money

As much we would like to think that the human species is a far more superior creature deep down we are still animals and our basic instincts still linger on in the most conspicuous ways.

A recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that the way a peacock flashes its feathers to reveal the bright colors to attract females is similar to the way some men act. By flashing around their cash and spending more they are able to lure women, however, the study also revealed that men who usually do this are only looking for short-term relationships.

Don’t be so quick to judge the whole issue boils down to an evolutionary trade off. Female ancestors would often be attracted to strong healthy males that could protect and provide for them and knowing this, men of lesser qualities found a way of still providing without looking the preferred way. The phenomenon has trickled down into future generations where women trade off their preferred partners and beauty for financial stability for them and their offspring.

7. Color Red

Humans have come to associate red with the color of love, danger or blood. But the color is more than just another splatter of paint as it plays a huge role for both males and females in how they pick partners. Time to stock up on a few red clothes fellas!

While the color red has always been known to have a subconscious effect on men and how they treat and feel about a woman wearing red a new study shows that women are just as affected by the color. A multicultural study conducted in China, England, Germany and the United States found that men wearing red or surrounded by the color were considered sexually attractive.

Women consider men in red to be of a higher status and more likely to climb the social ladder. And while the color enhanced perception of status and romance it did not make the man more like-able or kind. The perception is believed to stem from ancient societies where red was held in high regard as the color of prosperity, potency and great importance.

6. Ovulation

Ovulation can best be described as that time of the month when a female is in heat. This might sound a bit crude, even degrading but it’s true if these studies are to be believed. Women change their personalities completely and become more lively and sexier in the hopes of netting a guy, even if not intended it’s how females’ biological clocks are designed.

New research indicates that women are likely to have more sex when they are ovulating. For those in relationships or trying to conceive it’s a blessing since you get to get to spend more time doing the whoopee. However for single ladies it’s a bad day to meet someone because this is the time bad boys are your choice of poison.

A study from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) revealed that during this time women somehow seem to go for the bad guys thinking that the guy will change and become a good partner or a good father when they clearly know these relationships are often short and disastrous. Good guys cannot catch a break!

5. Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are perhaps one of the most important medications for any woman and taking them gives one peace of mind and comfort knowing they won’t get pregnant until they are ready. But beware of the pill since it does cause significant hormonal changes in the body. The pill affects how women pick their preferred partners and sexual desires.

A study found that MHC, the group of molecules which influences odor and helps females in choosing males, is affected when women are taking birth control pills. While the norm is that women will often choose males with different MHC from their own in an effort to avoid inbreeding and produce offspring with strong immunity systems, women on the pill chose males with who are genetically similar.

Another study also showed that females on the pill chose partners with less masculine faces and tended to go for feminine men. Another study also found that women who met their partners while on the pill were less satisfied with their sexual lives.

4. Killer Dance Moves

While women are known for their immense dance skills and the ability to use these skills to net their target of choice, it turns out that women are just as susceptible to a man’s movements. Men it’s time to learn some killer dance moves.

A study found that subtle and varied movements of the head, neck and upper body were found to be most attractive while moving the arms and hands aimlessly was seen to be the most unattractive. Repetitive dance moves were also found to be boring and scored lower when it came to attractiveness.

Scientists have found that a man’s dance moves may give off certain clues as to the health of an individual and help females assess a particular male as a potential mate. The theory is that for males to be able to carry out these movements males must have a good physical quality. Also biochemical tests on the participants’ blood found that good dancers were actually very healthy.

3. Sexual Imprinting

Am sure you have heard someone say “she married her father” and many women will attest to the fact they chose partners who look like or act like their father, a phenomenon referred to as sexual imprinting. Sexual imprinting is the notion where humans in general pick partners who look or act like their parents.

Well science has proven it! A recent study shows that women choose husbands who look like their fathers. The phenomenon has been witnessed even in adopted children, which suggests that sexual imprinting is not genetic but is rather led by experience. And it’s not just the women either; men have been shown to pick women who look like their mothers.

Regardless of the relationship between women and their fathers the results of the study were the same. Scientists suggest that growing up around a certain type of person will make you more attracted to these same personalities when it comes to dating because it feels comfortable and familiar. However it should be noted that humans have a lot of mechanisms such as pheromones and smell to prevent us from picking immediate family members.

2. Kissing

For many of us a kiss is a special moment or favorite past time but it turns out than a kiss is vital activity that allows the exchange of genetic information.

In a recent study by Sheril Kirshenbaum, she explains that a kiss is more than just a kiss as it facilitates in the exchange of information which helps humans pick out their perfect mate. She argues that when people kiss the connection involves real chemistry where the connection, is tested down to the genetic level. However if an individual is not the perfect mate the body just gives an off signal and essentially urges an individual to stop kissing if the body perceives the other individual is incompatible.

The lips are the most erogenous zone of the face and they are packed with nerve endings which send a signal to our brain on whether to stop or continue. A passionate kiss will often releases dopamine, a very addictive chemical which can create intensified feelings and desire. A Majority of women will often end a relationship if the kiss does not feel right.

1. Facial Hair

While most women continue to debate on the suitability and attractiveness of facial hair scientists have now proven that having a beard is the best way to go if you’re looking for a dame.

A recent study by Australian scientists which involved showing photos of men with clean shaven faces, light stubble and heavy beards to both male and women participants gave out very interesting results. Female participants were most amenable to men with heavy stubbles while clean shaven faces were considered to be less attractive while results from the male participants differed slightly with the heavy stubble being considered to be more attractive followed by clean shaven men and lastly men with a light stubble.

Scientists theorize that the female participants, as well as the males, thought men with the heavy stubble were much healthier and possessed greater parenting abilities as they would protect and invest in offspring better. It is believed that facial hair makes men seem more mature, masculine, dominant and aggressive.


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