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4 True Urban Legends

Updated on March 23, 2015

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The Body In The Wall

This urban legend states that while renovating a home, a construction worker knocks down a wall only to find a bare bones skeleton staring back at him. Well, while renovating the 2nd floor of the Abe National Bank in Louisiana in 2011, workers discovered the bones of Joseph Schneider within the chimney, who had been missing for 27 years. It is believed that he became stuck in the chimney while attempting to break into the same bank back in 1985. The police were also already looking for him after he broke into a car. I guess you could say that he has some skeletons in his closet... or at least in his chimney.

The Old Woman Buried Alive

This urban legend is about an old woman who is buried after being declared dead, after which the body is exhumed only for the family to find scratch marks within the coffin, and other signs of attempted escape. Well, as it turns out, premature burials were fairly common during the 19th century, and there are over 200 documented cases during that time. Well before you're like "WELL DAMN, HOW CAN THAT BE", you should remember that this was during a time when the medical profession wasn't exactly a science. I say that we should just be thankful they have ways today to tell whether or not grandma is in a deep sleep, or ready to become a root inspector.

The Quietly Dead Guy

As the story of this urban legend goes a guy is passed out on a bus, and everyone leaves him alone assuming that he is sleeping while the bus makes its rounds, only for the driver to check his body at the end of his shift and find that he has been dead the whole time.

Well, believe it or not, the real story is a lot worse. In 2011 Robert Young & Mark Rubinson went to their friend Jeffrey Jared's house only to find him passed out, so they decided to load him into the car and all go partying for the night.

The only problem was that he was dead in the backseat the entire time. They claim they believed he was passed out drunk, however that does not explain why they used his money and credit cards.

You should never commit a crime, but if you do, you should never base the entire plan off of the movie "Weekend at Bernie's", propping your friend up as if he is alive is not exactly an airtight plan.

Brain Bugs

This incredibly creepy urban legend is about a person who goes to bed and wakes up with a pain in their ear, only for this pain to get incredibly worse, only to find out this pain is caused by bugs nested deep within your skull. Well, you guessed it, it happened.

In 2013 a 27 year old woman named Rachel Harris returned home after a vacation to Peru, after which she started experiencing scratching noises insider her own head. She started experiencing pain and decided to go to the doctor after a fly flew out of her ear.

The diagnosis? A family of 8 flesh eating maggots had nested deep inside of her ear canal. I don't know this happened, but I am honestly so freaked out by this that if I ever go to Peru I am going to wear earmuffs all of the time.


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