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10 Uncommon Fetishes - These Are Crazy

Updated on May 27, 2015

What's the strangest thing you'd admit to being attracted to? We've all got our turn-ons and some are definitely less common than others. Different strokes for different folks, as they say. Let's find out how different some of these strokes are.

10. Balloon Fetish

If you like balloons a little too much, you might be a looner. Looners are people with a balloon fetish. Yes, these are people who find balloons very… stimulating. This is a relatively unknown fetish but perhaps not as odd as it first sounds. After all, there is quite a bit of tension in the moments when you are trying to pop a balloon. This could possibly be seen as exciting, and for looners it definitely is. There are two very distinctly separate types of looners: those who pop and those who don’t. For those who don’t want to pop the balloon, the experience can be stressful or even upsetting to them if it occurs, because many times there is an emotional attachment to that particular balloon. The same way some men may idealize and fantasize about the perfect ladies’ rear end, balloon fetishists fantasize about their perfect balloon.

9. Belly Expansion

Sometimes known as stuffers, those who enjoy belly expansion enjoy watching the belly grow and swell when air, water, gases or other things are introduced into the stomach. This is part of the broader category of body inflation in general. Other inflation enthusiasts might enjoy breast expansion or other body parts as well as - or instead of - the belly. Those who enjoy belly expansion may drink large amounts of liquid over a period of time or introduce air into the body through various means in an attempt to inflate the belly, or they may enjoy watching a partner do so. This fetish is sometimes related to so-called “fat fetishism,” where someone is aroused by the appearance of weight gain (real or simulated). This is another mostly unknown fetish, but there are several YouTube channels devoted to it, and a lot of hentai and anime devoted to it as well.

8. Mannequin Fetish

Do you like mannequins or dolls? Do you really, really like them? You might have agalmatophilia, the sexual attraction to figurative objects like mannequins, dolls and statues. This can include mundane acts such as fantasizing about having sexual contact with the mannequins or dolls and ranges all the way up to performing sex acts with them. Mannequin and doll enthusiasts vary, from those who simply regard the dolls as objects to help them with the practice of masturbation to those who feel they are in a relationship with their dolls. The latter give the dolls or mannequins names and personalities. They behave as if they are in a relationship with the doll and generally treat the doll as if it is a partner rather than an object. This fetish is a little more well-known in mainstream culture, thanks to a few documentaries on television. The “real doll” business is booming as well, with companies creating very life-like dolls and selling them for thousands of dollars.

7. Furry Fetish

Referred to by enthusiasts as “yiff” or autoplushophilia, this refers to becoming sexually aroused by people wearing anthropomorphized animal costumes, sometimes called “furries.” It can be a playful fetish but it can also involve people who really are uncomfortable in their skin and yearn to be something else. Many who now embrace their furriness can recall wishing that they were animals as far back as they can remember. They also usually remember an attraction to furries for that long as well, though it often manifests first as an interest in stuffed animals, or “plushes.” This may continue in addition to the attraction to furries, but for many it tapers off. A few express an interest in having relations with actual animals, though this seems uncommon. This is an unknown fetish by most standards and while not exactly rare, it’s not as common as some of the other fetishes on this list.

6. Squashing Fetish

Also called crushing or smashing, this one is probably the best-known of these little-known fetishes because of Tyra Banks and Dr. Drew. Both Ms. Banks and Dr. Drew did television shows about the practice of squashing, where a smaller or submissive person is crushed by the – usually much larger – other person. The practice of squashing combines domination themes with so-called “fat fetishism,” creating a fantasy scenario in which a willing submissive person might desire a very large partner (up to 600lbs) to sit on him and squash him for sexual gratification. Often this will involve fantasies of being unable to breathe and unable to escape as well. Like all power exchange activities and fetishes, the excitement stems from the helplessness of the submissive partner and the control of the dominant partner. This fetish often goes hand in hand with those who become sexually excited by the weight gain of a partner (feederism).

5. Smoking Fetish

While certainly not the most health-conscious or well-known entry on the list, judging by the amount of websites dedicated to it on the internet, the smoking fetish (or capnolagnia as it is formally known) may be a lot more common than people might think. It generally involves becoming sexually aroused at the sight of an attractive partner smoking a cigarette or cigar. The level of excitement may vary with the type of tobacco product their partner is using and how they are smoking it; many people with a smoking fetish say they become especially excited when their partner uses the old-fashioned cigarette holders or smokes very large cigars. Some appreciate a certain style or attitude while smoking more than another. The excitement seems to come mostly from viewing the cigarette as a phallic object but also from the sort of “bad girl/bad boy” image that often goes along with smoking.

4. Mechanophilia

This fetish is exactly what it sounds like: sexual attraction to machines. The machines most often desired are vehicles of some type, such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, helicopters, planes and even bicycles but mechanophilia can refer to any sexual attraction to a machine, including robots (often called technosexuality), lawnmowers, even washing machines and small appliances. There is a difference between this fetish and most of the others on this list, though. Most of the other fetishes deal with objectification and partialism, but the mechanophile actually has a relationship with the machine of their choice. They court the machine, they kiss the machine. People have even gotten married to machines they love. It is unclear what the true attraction is here; perhaps it’s something that cannot really be explained. We’ve all seen a really boss car go by and thought “Sexy!” Mecanophiles simply take this a (giant) step further.

3. Medical Fetish

This is arguably the most popular fetish on the list. Everyone is familiar with the sexy nurse fantasy, but medical fetishism encompasses a very broad range of things. Some are excited by humiliation and experimentation during a medical roleplay fantasy, whereas others are excited by the caring and nurturing type of roleplay. Some people like to create a hardcore power exchange situation during a medical scene and others are content just to “play doctor.” Sexual intercourse is common but it does not always occur. The fantasy is the roleplay. Physical examinations are common in medical fetishism, especially intimate types of exams. Temperature-taking (using the other kind of thermometer) is common as well. Roleplaying scenes can be as playful as a sexy nurse with a stethoscope or they can be much more serious, involving the use of actual medical equipment such as needles, speculums, restraints and examination tables. Klismaphilia is often associated with medical fetishism.

2. Maschalagnia

Raise your hand if you’re sure you like underarms! You do? Then you might have maschalagnia, a sexual attraction to armpits. Surprisingly, many people have it. Tastes vary, with some preferring an unshaven underarm (called hircusophilism) and others desiring it to be smooth. The excitement is derived not only from the appearance of the underarm, though; the odor of the armpit is very important as well. (This makes sense, as the olfactory senses are directly routed to the brain. The same is often true with foot fetishes, and is not surprising as both the foot and the armpit secrete pheromones.) Some with maschalagnia may ask partners to refrain from using deodorant for a period of time, or not to bathe. They enjoy kissing, smelling, tasting and yes, even having sex with their partner’s underarm. This is called axillism. In the end, while it may certainly be different, it’s always interesting when people have a sexual attraction to a part of the body not generally considered sexual.

1. Oculolinctus

Yes, the eyeball licking fetish. We all heard about it in 2013: Eyeball-licking fetish spreading pinkeye in Japan. That may or not have been a hoax but oculolinctus is the real thing (and you can indeed spread pinkeye doing it). This fetish is related to oculophilia, a sexual fetish involving the eyes themselves. Oculolinctus is rare but thanks to the purported hoax in Japan, more people know about eyeball-licking than they previously did. It’s been around a long time, though. There was even a story in Playboy about it a few years ago. The eyeballs are very sensitive things and most people would consider them off-limits for others to touch in any way. It would involve a huge amount of trust to allow someone that type of latitude with something so sensitive and fragile – and so important. Therefore, the licking of a partner’s eyeball could be considered a very, very intimate act; an ultimate display of trust. The eye is very sensitive to pressure and touch, so the act of licking the eye could conceivably be pleasurable as well.

Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments!


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