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10 Wackiest Hypnosis Videos on YouTube

Updated on November 26, 2015

I watch hypnosis videos for a boost in energy, creativity, and for motivation. I am not a daily user, but I like to turn to hypnosis to help me work my way out of work slumps.

While searching through the dregs of hypnosis videos, I have managed to find some truly weird gems. Because there were so many, I had to weed them down into ten bizarre hypnosis videos.

1. Be a Mute

Just can't seem to shut up? No worries there with the hypnosis for Mute Your Voice put out by UltraHypnosis. This short eight minute hypnosis video says it will stop your from being able to, or wanting to, talk for up to one hour. You can also un-mute yourself by having someone say, "un-mute" to you.

If you have never tried hypnosis before, this could be an interesting way to find out if the power of suggestion works on you.

Mute Your Voice Hypnosis

2. Hands Free Orgasm

Yes, you read that right. While I haven't had time to try this hypnosis out, the comments left for this hypnosis video are worth the price of curiosity. Some people report that it works best when you are tired. Other say it made them feel uncomfortable and they didn't finish listening to the hypnosis. Of course, there were also those for whom this did nothing.

It seems like something best done when you are bored, all alone, and just want to see if it works.

Hands Free Orgasm Hypnosis

Virgil Finlay [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.
Virgil Finlay [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. | Source

3. Ace Your School Tests

Can you really ace all your school tests just by listening to a hypnosis video? To some extent, it might help you gain the confidence you need to pass the test, but if you don't know the material already you are still going to do pretty lousy. In other words, you still have to study and pay attention in class. But, then again, your subconscious may already know the answers from when you were half paying attention in class and hypnosis might help you remember what you heard.

While there are no absolutes in the world, it never hurts to give yourself a positive psychological boost before taking a test.

Ace All Your Tests Hypnosis

4. Become Psychic

Wouldn't it be neat if you could become psychic just through hypnosis? While I do know that listening to motivation hypnosis sessions have helped me during work slumps, I am often divided between whether it is the mere power of self-suggestion that gets me going (I get a sudden burst of energy immediately before I start listening to the hypnosis) or if there is something deeper going on. Regardless, if you are interested in the possibility of becoming psychic, listening to this hypnosis certainly won't hurt and, at worst, you will find the session very relaxing.

Psychic Development Hypnosis

5. Have Erotic Dreams

Some people just have too much time on their hands and it is gutter thoughts all day and night. On the other hand, what is the harm in seeing if you actually can have an erotic dream? If you are writing an erotic book, I can actually see a hypnosis like this help a person come up with a few interesting scenes to write about later on.

This hypnosis video is meant to be played while you are in bed and ready to fall asleep. It would probably be best if you are alone in bed, but if your partner is a heavy sleeper and is used to your weird habits, then no worries.

Hypnosis for Erotic Dreams

By Sextus, Carl [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons.
By Sextus, Carl [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons. | Source

6. Breast Enlargement

Sometimes I just like to read the comments and for this hypnosis video, the comments are comedic therapy. When I saw this hypnosis video, I was immediately reminded of all the cheesy ads back in the 1970s and 1980s for breast enlargement using magical creams, doing certain exercises, or, if you can believe it, through hypnosis.

No need to go diving into the cheesy old supermarket tabloids anymore. You can just hop on over to YouTube and find a breast altering hypnosis video that you don't have to order through the mail.

Breast Enlargement Hypnosis

By Gessmann, Gustav Wilhelm, 1860-1924 [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons.
By Gessmann, Gustav Wilhelm, 1860-1924 [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons. | Source

7. Are You Hungry Like a Wolf?

Now we are just being silly. I mean, wolf transformation? Who'da thunk it? Silver Hypnosis did and offers an eight minute hypnosis that will transform you, mentally, into a wolf. In the comments, people are claiming that their teeth feel sharper or that they feel stronger.

There is certainly nothing wrong with channeling your own inner wolf. Just don't expect to be transformed into a hairy four-legger just by listening to a quick hypnosis session.

Wolf Transformation Hypnosis

8. Act Like a Monkey

Grab a bunch of bananas and get ready to play a practical joke on yourself. Set up a camcorder while you are at it, just in case the hypnosis works. This 20 minute hypnosis video is supposed to make you feel and act like a monkey for a full ten minutes. Could be great as a party trick, but best if done alone and if you are feeling really, really bored.

Monkey Hypnosis

9. Laugh Your Head Off

Kill off ten minutes of your time watching this hypnosis video that claims it can make you laugh. Then waste another hour laughing.

Actually, this is a fun hypnosis that may make you laugh or get a few stupid chuckles in, so what is the harm in that? At the very least, you will get in a nice bit of relaxation before flipping to the next video to help kill the boredom.

Can't Stop Laughing

10. Beard and Mustache Growth

How would you like to hypnotize your way to a thick mustache and beard? Not for the ladies, this hypnosis claims that it can help you grow some good old fashioned facial hair.

Not sure if it works? Neither am I. I turned off the sound when checking this video out because facial hair is the last trouble I need in my life.

Beard and Mustache Growth Hypnosis


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      Larry Rankin 17 months ago from Oklahoma

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