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10 Ways To Improve Study Skills!

Updated on May 12, 2014

1. Make Things Interesting

The way things look and the way you perceive them means everything. If your notes were as plain, black, and boring as a textbook then you might as well just read the textbook. If there is no contrast in your notes you would drift off and wouldn't know what to look at first. But if your notes had BIG TITLES on where it is needed. For ex. Important facts, notes...etc. then your eyes will drift on to that other then lose focus!

2. Organization With Scheduling

I'm sure you've heard this before so many times. But I think if you're on this page then you probably never really took the advice. Having a schedule is such an important factor when it comes to studying. Mainly because if you say to yourself "Oh ill study in an hour or so." then you most likely won't end up doing any studying in an hour or so. You will procrastinate and instead end up wasting time other then using it effectively.

3. Breaks

Another way to study effectively is not studying. Taking 20-30 minute breaks between 1-2 hours of work will actually help you relax a bit. If you worked for 5 hours you will slowly overwork yourself, feel sleepy, and overall won't be studying effectively. But instead if you take 20 minute breaks in between when you work you will refresh yourself and work well. Don't forget to do something you enjoy when you take breaks. Also feel free to eat snacks! Yumm!

4. Study Areas

Where do you study? Have you ever wondered if that actually mattered? For the longest time my mind never really crossed over the thought that where I am studying would matter that much. But its actually the complete opposite. Where you study really differs from person to person. But overall if you're looking for a good place to study then make sure your study area follows most of this criteria.

- Not to soft, not to hard

- Some enjoy quiet, while others enjoy loud noises ( You choice )

- LOL. Oh no. Not "Lots Of Love" or "Laugh Out Loud" but "Lots Of Light" make sure where you study is filled with light so you can see what your doing and also to keep the room very "happy" instead of dark and depressing.

- Not much traffic. (People coming in the room)

- Room temperature

- Keep music at a minimum. Just loud enough to enjoy but not so loud that you can't hear yourself think.

5. Snacks

Eat healthy. Chips and chocolate will cause heavy breathing and will slow you down. Study effectively don't eat junk food. Make sure what you eat isn't messy. Sure a few crackers taste amazing. But at what cost!? If there are crumbs on your textbook and notes then were those crackers really worth it? (YES) Water is awesome. Coke and pepsi and other juices or pops might cause a mess or make you extra excited then will also cause you to become very tired. Water is actually outstanding for you. Health wise really. It has no sugar. Who would of guessed!?!?

6. Strict Notes

Note what is noteworthy. Don't rewrite everything you see in your textbook or on your teachers powerpoints. Only write down what is important. Make sure the most important facts stand out.

7. Do What's Hard First

Think of it this way. If you do everything that is easy then yay you progressed quickly. But now the hard part begins and everything will slowly get harder as you go. But if you do what is difficult first. Then everything else will go by easily and you will finish it no time. Note that doing what is important will get a lot more done . But doing what is more enjoyable and less important will actually get less done and make you want to give up because the important boring thing is next.


Imagine you're studying for an algebra test. If you were doing the steps incorrectly over and over and just messing up one on tiny part and never looked it over or checked to see what you were doing was correct. Then you pretty much just practiced and learned how to do that section incorrectly. Which is a complete waste of time! Instead do the questions and check your answers and look over your steps.

9. Turn Off Your Devices

Your phone , console, and computer. These three things are very big distractions. Unless you're using them to do work, you should keep them in other rooms. Just get ride of them. Don't have them in your study area. Tell your friends and family that you are studying and you won't pick up from two different time periods. If you keep your phone in your pocket you are holding the temptation of going on facebook or looking at just one video. Which we all know is not just one video and when it is it's a 24 hour live stream.

10. Get Rid Of Procrastination!

Procrastination gets everyone. When you procrastinate it doesn't just happen once. It keeps happening again and again until you reach your deadline or you end up never doing it. Don't say oh ill do it in an hour or whatever and don't say ill do it now out of no where. saying ill do it now randomly won't work for a long period of time. Schedule what you do. when the time comes do the work. Follow the schedule don't procrastinate. I'll finish this hub later.


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      Migodden 3 years ago from Canada Ontario

      Thanks for the feedback!

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      Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey

      Good advice and a nice layout.

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      A very helpful and encouraging Hub with excellent graphics.