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10 number and SIM 'disease doctor' of Vietnam

Updated on March 29, 2016

Predestined to be the intermediary for a meeting on cooperation in communications, I arranged for 2, are his friends met at a coffee shop, exchange of work before they can go to collaboration official. 3 people talking happy and everything is going on as planned until the end of the meeting, he wanted to contact you to other users to facilitate future contacts surface.

But the long-range telephone number printed on business cards ngoang diluted with 016x beginning seemed to make him my friend unexpectedly. Do not react immediately, but on the way he had more than once asked about the quality and true value of the company inside and behold, whether large and reputable business as they introduce words or not, when that contact number of a "boss" inside it was nothing special, even something like a "spammy" abound in the streets selling the other.

Such clear conversation and the cooperation will go nowhere, but in the beginning I thought vaguely, affordable phone number is now not only to touch, but it also is a measure of human value, or beyond is the value of a business? Sim 10 for the really important contacts or simply a disease of the Vietnamese artist?

Sim phones today really is a money-services industry. These stores sim available everywhere, yet no errors corner Hanoi or HCMC. HCM. Popular Eastern culture elements lucky nature, combined with the movement, followed the majority sentiment makes people desire to own the phone number tam hoa, quarter-quarter, whole quarter (3, 4 and 5, the number of iterations) or fortune play (with No. 6 or 8), though prices are not cheap.

Not only that, the expansion of the repository by using the application range from 11 in 2007 also made the market more diversified. Sim 11 the number sold a rampant and prices "cheap as to" make people gradually have to think this is the kind of garbage sim, sim side, no value. And indeed, two types of 10 numbers and 11 numbers sim with prices vary considerably.

At one point, the number of subscribers tam hoa 11, such as 0168.xxxx.888 cost only a few hundred thousand to 1 million, but if that is the number of subscribers 10 098.xxxx.888 the value of not less than 5 million though their contract package is the same, the same preferences.

Considering that in some ways, it seems like the other 098.xxxx.888 sim buyers actually got them the ability, but most people who buy this kind of expensive sim was quite fun, even even think I was lucky to be the first buyers of like that.

The rationale for this is not difficult. According to Vinh, the owner of a phone repair shop cum sim cards sold in Hanoi, the sim has cost nearly the same, according to the general price list of vendors (Viettel, MobiFone, VinaPhone, ...). The big dealers will also buy a few thousand to tens of thousands of once, then they filter out the criteria under which the buyer is often regarded as some progress, the number of iterations, burden, resource development, ... for pricing. So there are cases where the price of a phone number can be up to billions.

As for the psychological popular sim 10 more, Mr. Rong said: In his shop, most customers are asked when to buy 10 of the first sim when sim 10 of overvalued or not, they have a satisfactory new switch to select 11 numbers sim. Sim 10 numbers easier to remember, easier with better numbers and show more class. The first number of "shares" as 0902, 0912, 0989 is even more appreciated, both sellers and buyers prefer first sim with this number. Top of the neck often cause people to think he was using the phone from a dozen years ago, proved to be rich and have status.

Although the head of "stock" but he said, for the first sim with this number is not difficult. Ie just spend a little more money, anybody can become a "senior phone users for decades."

The above explanation is not unfounded. Sim 10 certain number of terms still brings higher confidence. Though he has nowhere flashy, but 11 of the sim used sometimes mistaken as "multi-level". The topic on the Internet that sell used goods of the type sim 11 suspected anything, even to the "blacklist", while 10 of the sim automatically be considered as prestigious, even if they do not prove anything.

Speaking sim easier to remember 10 numbers is also true. But at the same time also for many people this is the phone number by written or oral. Phone number in E-mail, Facebook, Name card, or can be stored in the phone book to call anytime. One for each phone number 1 once, and then never touch it again to the figures.

Back to the story at the top of the article, when I asked about a phone number, "he sim you 11 some" honest my mind is, that toll has been with him for more than 6 years, since students also get the network sim gifts. With monthly promotions at the same time long-term use, the more sim helped him in learning and work. He did not idealistic but also always consider it a "good luck charm" for themselves whether there is a fortune or quarter-quarter, whole quarter at all, and now, everyone is familiar with this number makes it difficult to replace the other. However after many inquiries, suggestions, especially policy transfer sim 11 numbers to 10 the number of MIC coming, he said he would buy a sim 10 numbers to proactive and confident in the delivery translation later.

New World said, we have 10 some popular sim like. 10 or 11 of the nature without sin, what is our psychology has 11 numbers sim default if not three flowers, quartet precious fortune ... there would definitely be spammy. This is partly due to the lax management of the authority that anyone can buy sim this format, cheap and can be disposed of at any time, but please remember, 10 of the current sim and "junk" no less. So we do not rush to judge people or certain enterprises through their phone number, and do not wish to spend money to buy some nice, 10 number to create value for themselves.


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