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10 Reasons Not To Raise an Elephant In Your Apartment

Updated on December 16, 2011

10 reasons not to raise an elephant in your apartment

10 reasons not to raise an elephant in your apartment
10 reasons not to raise an elephant in your apartment

Some people might have the idea of living with elephants so here are 10 reasons not to raise an elephant in your apartment... and i’m not talking to people who live in a house with a garden. That would be a whole different article to this one. So without further ado and I hope to convince you that you shouldn’t raise an elephant in the city :

1. You would need to spend all of your money on the food. Did you know that elephants eat 300 to 350 pounds (136-159 kg) of food a day ? You would either have to get a subscription to your favorite fruits and vegetable producer (at least, you’ll be his or her favorite customer if you buy that amount of food each day). But even that producer will run out of food quickly and you will have to get a group of producers to help you.

2. It will not pass the doorway. In case you haven’t noticed, the elephant is much wider than your 2-feet-wide door. You could try to make it go through the window but it won’t fit at all. The elephant is too big ! The only solution is to write to the building landlord or to the association managing the building that you need to demolish the entrance, change the elevator and rebuild the hallway altogether in order to be able to get your elephant in and out of the apartment.

3. The smell ! What about that strong smell of poop ? I guess that living with that odor will make you use to it so you will not smell it anymore after a certain amount of time. But please be considerate of your neighbors. At least, provide them some of these air purifiers that pretend to leave a fresh smell in the air.

4. Invest in good toilets or deal with a shop that will get the elephant’s fecies to recycle into useful products such as recycled paper made with elephant poop (true story and the paper does not smell at all).

5. Teach your elephant to respect quiet hours. Nothing is as bad as a neighbor who is disturbed by another neighbor when they expect silence. Well at least nobody will really bother you with your pachyderm at hand in the living room.

6. What about your vacation ? How will you travel with such a big animal ? You cannot even abandon it without people noticing it. Plus you would be famous for being that person owning an elephant in the city. So you would still be responsible for it.

7. Elephants usually live in herd if they are female. Male are solitary. So your best bet would be to get a male one. But you would still have to be careful during the rut period when they can become really violent.

8. Just one misstep could be fatal. Don’t stand/sit/stay behind an elephant or you could be crushed without a warning. If you die, who will take take of your beloved animal ?

9. Elephants live in hot areas. You will have to overheat your apartment. Now, with these times of global warming that affects nature and animals, would you really risk the ecosystem just for an elephant ?

10. Your friends won’t come visit as often as before. They might be scared and will mostly try to avoid to talk about the elephant in the room.

Don’t forget that owning an animal is a big responsibility that you have to think through. If you think that those 10 reasons can be dealt easily, owning an elephant could be for you. And let’s face it, they are so cute, who could resist them ?!


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    • Gedsy profile image

      Gedsy 6 years ago

      Haha, I love how when we were kids, anything was possible and simple. That's a feeling I try to remember and use.

      Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      lol This is pretty funny! I wanted a horse when I was a kid and when my parents asked where we would keep it, I said: "In grandma's balcony!"

      Grandma laughed but she didn't fall for it ...

      Very creative write. Cheers!