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10 reasons to learn Italian

Updated on June 11, 2012

best reasons to start learning Italian

  1. More than 80 million people in Italy and many other countries in Europe speak Italian. It is also the main language spoken in the Vatican City.

  2. There are a lot of benefits of learning Italian from a business perspective. Many companies in Italy prefer to hire people who can speak English as well as Italian. Also, if you plan to invest in Italy, learning Italian is definitely a plus since you can deal directly with Italian businessmen without requiring a translator.

  3. Knowing how to speak another language is always an advantage when applying for jobs. So learn Italian and make sure you have the advantage.

  4. If you work in the field of research or a specialization, whether it’s for business, academic or social, knowledge of Italian becomes crucial since not all translations in English are accurate or translations may not even be available.

  5. Italy is a beautiful country and so is its language. Make sure to find time to learn the language before you travel to the country, since this knowledge becomes advantageous when you need to find your way around or when you need to interact with the locals.

  6. Appreciate Italian culture more by speaking the language. You will be able to appreciate Italian sculptures, paintings, architecture, music and even film better.

  7. If poetic language is your thing, then you will definitely enjoy learning Italian. The way the words flow and are pronounced make this language as fascinating as it is easy to learn.

  8. Everyone appreciates Italian cuisine. Order with confidence on your next visit at an authentic Italian restaurant and show off your prowess with your impeccable pronunciation.

  9. Enjoy bonding time with your little one as you learn Italian. Speak out the words for your baby to hear. A recent study mentioned that babies who are exposed to different tongues especially during their early months remember the sounds of the languages they’ve been exposed to.

  10. If you love exploring different languages and dialects, then you should learn Italian. Once you have mastered the standard Italian language, challenge yourself to learning even more about the different Italian dialects.



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    • profile image

      EuroCentres Firenze 4 years ago

      and we are very proud to offer courses of Italian as second language. You can visit our site at:

      Don't hesitate to contact us for further information!

    • Glass-Jewelry profile image

      Marco Piazzalunga 5 years ago from Presezzo, Italy

      Another important reason to learn my language, is that Italian is the language that has a more direct derivation from the Latin, through the Italian vernacular of 1200-1300. This means that it allows us to better understand the origins and development of the Western world since the ancient Romans.

      Thank you for sharing some aspects of Italy!

    • polyglots profile image

      polyglots 5 years ago from London

      Thank you for the comment!

    • girlonfire profile image

      girlonfire 5 years ago

      Italian is sexy. Enough said. ;)