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10 Reasons Why Your Child Should Not Go To School

Updated on September 14, 2014

Watch Out!

Do you have an angry child or a child who doesn't fit in? Or maybe you just have a 'normal' child. Here are ten reasons why most kids don't like school and ten items that most adults ignore. Adults are more apt to say, "I went to school and I turned out just fine." You might be just fine, but is your student? Hopefully, your child doesn't want to beat you with a stick in the near future (something they will probably learn at school). My not so fine list follows.

I have another lens that deals with why your child should be at school. Check it out if you're so inclined.

Number 10


Example 1. Teacher: "Susan will you read page 138?" Susan:". Teacher: "Constitution". Peer, speaking softly: "You're stupid"

Example 2. "That shirt is hideous, you should be ashamed to go outside in that."

These are fairly mild and I don't need to go on, although the list of insults, bullying, and trampling of self-esteem goes on ad infinitum. You get the point.

Number 9

Obesity - studies have shown that if your closest friends are overweight, you are overweight. Pack the students all together, feed them all the same highly processed food for breakfast and lunch, and watch them grow. One in three children are tipping the scales in a manner that will affect their entire lives and no one at school is teaching them any differently. If your child is lucky, they might get 20 minutes of recess a day (if they are doubly lucky it might be outside recess) and P.E. once a week.

Not good when it comes from peers.
Not good when it comes from peers.

Number 8

Drugs - as much as we might want to say, "That doesn't happen at my kid's school!" - it does. Right now your child knows that if they wanted to find an illegal drug, they just have to talk to Bobbie or Susan or Dante. Your best students understand, your worst students understand, your teachers understand. It's there and it isn't going away. Simple supply/demand. Just look at how well our national 'War on Drugs' is working.

These drugs are good for kids!
These drugs are good for kids!

Number 7

Drugs - schools certainly don't want their students to use drugs. Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, oxycontin, K2, and the list goes on, are all available. We celebrate 'Drug Free' week at school. We talk about the evils of drugs and what they do to your brain and body and how terrible they are for every part of your life. So why is it that any young kid who doesn't fit the mold (sit down, be quiet, do what you are told) is referred to the counselor for testing, who then refers the student to a doctor, who then prescribes some pretty heavy duty mind altering drugs to make the student sit in their chair nicely? You would be surprised how many students are on some form of behavior modification medication. Labels get slapped on any kid who doesn't conform and (for their own convenience) the teacher will want the student on medication in order to keep the kid subdued.

Number 6

Socialization - the first question from everyone's lips when a parent says, "My kids are homeschooled." is, "How are they socialized?" In their minds, the people who ask this question are thinking, 'Poor kids, they'll never be normal, they will be socially awkward and unable to work with anyone.' In truth, have you ever thought about the type of socialization that schools provide? Schools provide the type of socialization that prisons provide. We teach how to walk hallways in a single file line with no talking. We teach how to sit quietly for long periods of time. We teach exactly how to fit into a mold, listen to an authority figure without question, and be like everyone else. To be fair, there is socialization at school. But do you really want that eight-year old who knows lots of great explicatives socializing your eight-year old? Guess what, that kid is the one who is taking care of your child's socialization needs. The kicker, ask yourself how many of our nations inmates were socialized in our schools?

Frank McCourt wrote Angela's Ashes, Oprah loved it, and he became quite famous. - Did you know he was a teacher before he was an author?

Number 5

State and federal mandated objectives. There are not enough hours and days to incorporate all of the topics set forth by the various governmental agencies. The subject matter is shoved at the students day after day in endless monotony. Worse, how relevant are the subjects? Does a fifth grader really need to know what a dangling participle is? Does anyone outside of a college course for English majors need to know that? I'll answer my own question. NO!

Here's another fantastic example: third graders must have an understanding of Roman numerals. We test them on this skill set. I'm guessing this is because we are all going to revert back to using the Roman counting system sometime in the near future?

Elementary students are responsible for: Math, Reading, Science, Writing, Grammar, Social Studies, Art, Penmanship, Music, P.E., and Computers. That's 11 and I probably left out a couple. These are just the main subjects; think about the subtopics within each category. Is there anyone in your personal life who is good at everything? Probably not. We are all good at certain specific activities, yet we require school children to be good in all subjects all the time. This is completely out of whack with our normal existences. Furthermore, how much time do you think the teachers spend preparing for each subject during their 'plan' period?

Number 4

Artificial environment - where else are human beings grouped together in such a manner that their entire day is absolutely controlled by an authority figure who dictates what they do all day long (hopefully it isn't like that at your place of employment). Answer - our prison system comes to mind.

Number 3

Testing - students are no longer learning subject matter; they are learning how to eliminate choice b and d. That way they have a fifty/fifty shot at guessing correctly on the state and federally mandated tests. We call it 'good test taking skills', who cares if they know the actual subject matter.

Number 2

Learning - I shouldn't make this a blanket statement, but I will anyway. True learning has gone by the wayside. The typical cycle is cram, regurgitate, and forget. The students have material splattered at them at an incredible pace in order to meet all the aforementioned objectives. They are required to have memorized test-taking skills and keep enough basic knowledge to perform at a proficient level on the tests. After that, they are free to forget everything. They've been conditioned to perform when needed; not learn for a true understanding or enjoyment.

The textbooks supply just enough information to summarize a topic. How can you possibly hope to grasp a novel like Where the Red Fern Grows in an eight page summarized version? The abridgements are just as good as the real thing, right? We are shortchanging the students on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. Is it any wonder that our students are so unprepared when they 'graduate'?

Number 1

And the number one reason you shouldn't send your kid to school...

This list doesn't even come close to accounting for all of the maladies that go on inside the public shrine that we call school. I just picked a few that were rolling around in my head. Most of all, it is just sad and depressing to watch what goes on inside our sacred halls. We are mentally and physically beating our kids up with nothing to show for it. There has to be a better way.

Epilogue - Bonus Question:

Show up, demand better, help out at school, take your kid(s) out of school. Most (but not all) teachers work very hard, but one drawback is that many have never been out of the school system. They started at age 5 in elementary, went to junior high, high school, college, then at age 22 stepped right back into the school as a teacher. It is all they know.

They are put into a system that has failure built in. The world around us has moved on, but the school systems operate in the same manner as they did in 1952. How many companies operate on the same platform as they did half a century ago and are still around? I've answered enough questions; you can take the last one, and if you've read this far...Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to express my frustration and voice my thoughts.

Cast your vote. - After voting, you can comment down below if you so choose.

Am I completely off my rocker with this list?

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Comments: Please feel free to write and express your opinion, I do. - I don't take offense...well maybe just a little...but that's ok.

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    • profile image

      Alma 2 months ago

      School is a place to go for the majority of our childhood and teenage years the very formative years that shape who we are as a person. We are having to be around other people more than our own families most of the time, people we don't know but are forced to be around. Our innocence is lost so quickly from just being exposed to others showing traits of lower characteristics, it rubs off on us and affects us for life. I remember a girl bringing a porn magazine to school she stole from her father when I was 10. I was pressurized to go through it with them as they were giggling about it as otherwise I was seen as a loser. I was shocked and felt like I wanted to go but couldn't leave as otherwise I was 'leaving them'. In all honesty school

      is such a big waste of our lives because so many hours are spent teaching material that can be taught in half the time if you were not in such a big group. What else could we be experiencing or enjoying and knowing about ourselves doing things we enjoy and want to learn as well as the necessary criteria? I felt annoyed at school when they were asking me in a math exam what an equilateral triangle was, they taught that every single year for six years and some students still didn't know what is was, they repeat information over and over just wasting our precious time, it's not taught in an effective way that actually sticks in our heads to be used for life. A parent who is willing to homeschool gets excited about their children's achievements however small and wants the best for them and will expose them to other children and clubs. There are also many homeschooling groups where mothers share the responsibility together and teach their kids in a group setting where the mother trust the adults and the children their children will be around. The second biggest killer in America for young adults is SUICIDE, why is it the second biggest killer!!!! Maybe that's a reason to think about homeschooling for a start, the world around our kids isn't getting any better but just worse so we can if possible show them that we want them to have a good example to be a good person and to be truly righteous and kind as their inner personalities are and as you are as a parent. Keeping them away dome the

    • profile image

      xxquelaxx_xx 4 months ago

      This really helped but what's another reason why a child shoudn't go to school

    • profile image

      peanut butter 7 months ago

      wow a whole lot of info

    • profile image

      hi 8 months ago

      you are so right!!!

    • profile image

      Caden 10 months ago

      you loose quality time with parents

    • profile image

      Ann anomas 17 months ago

      I especially get what you mean with the prison because they do make us be in strait and quiet lines we have to be quiet for long times one thing is I think you maybe should have added was that all the stress about doing well getting in a good collage

    • profile image

      Unknown 19 months ago

      To be sure, I do not agree with most of these statements. For one, not all schools have drugs I guess, which is kind of stated. But those kids who are in school who may be exposed to drugs, may grow up and someday your child may meet them anyway. So I think that if your child is the kind of child to be influenced by drugs, it doesn't matter if he goes to school or not, he may still be influenced.

      Furthermore, socialization, I guess you know. Not all kids are bad and those kids who learn to use expletives, usually use it at home as well. Furthermore, its not as if you can protect your kids from outside influence forever.

    • profile image

      Unown 2 years ago

      There right I'm in school and then in Roth grade they have a guy talk about middle school and scare us then when we get back to the classroom they talked about the important of school and I know I've learned more from my mom and dad then school literally I've learned more in days then years

    • profile image

      jamie j 2 years ago

      this article completely makes sense!

    • csashane profile image

      Shane 2 years ago from Korea

      The school system is not going to change itself. You are 100% right. We must keep our kids out of the schools. Create our own alternatives.

    • profile image

      greeneyedblondie 2 years ago

      My mom always said that school is where all the kids learn how to be mean by the other kids. It's where they learn how to swear and be rude to people. I don't think she's wrong.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      @shoefiend: Hell yeah

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      yeah. School sucks, f*ck going to school for 12+ years just for a sh*tty piece a paper that "defines" your intelligence. F*ck bullying and drugs, man. F*ck the system bro!!!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I know I'm only 11years old but u r right about this it is almost too true

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I am in school right now doing a project about why school is important and look ing at this I completely see your point when I was younger I thought school was dumb and when are we going to need to use this stuff in life. I still think these questions but now I just go through school as it is part of my everyday life.

      One thing I will say though is that it lets students socialize with others either during lunch or a break during class. I agree school is a little excessive but education is still somewhat mandatory and necessary .

    • DeannaDiaz profile image

      DeannaDiaz 5 years ago

      I home school 3 kids! Right on!

    • profile image

      shoefiend 5 years ago

      wow humiliation is a big factor now no more bully's or jokes

    • MyTimeAlone profile image

      MyTimeAlone 6 years ago

      @WNJ631 LM: Little kids are the best scientist we have. School robs them of them of their natural gifts. We hand them worksheets and remove the intrinsic curiosity.

    • WNJ631 LM profile image

      WNJ631 LM 6 years ago

      It's unfortunate that a huge portion of this article applies to how I learned throughout gradeschool and college... however, with parents actually taking an active role in their kids learning, it can be dulled- I was actually excited about learning for the first 4-5 years in school! ...Before I realized that everything can be procrastinated and crammed for : \

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 6 years ago from Arkansas USA

      You're a very brave teacher to publish this. Reminds me why we homeschooled our kids (who are now very well educated, well adjusted, successful adults).

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 6 years ago from USA

      This is a different way to look at things. I'd like to see the flip side research.

    • profile image

      CatJGB 6 years ago

      Interesting topic, I currently have a chip on my shoulder about my 6 yr old's school. Any more info on this topic, I'd love to read more!