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10 simple ways to chase the flies away from home

Updated on April 7, 2016

1. Prevent food sources and breeding of flies by holding home hygiene: cleaning Always clean; clean up the crumbs of food debris in the kitchen; wash dishes immediately after use; close the cover of the trash; store the food in the refrigerator or tightly nested table ...

2. Dogs Cats dog cat type preferred: some catch flies, you can feed to catch flies and eat flies.

3. Make up the room to chase flies if it missed on the room: Please turn off the power, pull the curtains make the room dark, only a small outlet to flies in the direction that light go out.

4. Use a fly swatter: available or you can DIY with a hardcover and a bamboo rod hard.

5. Use sticky traps flies: available in many supermarkets, markets.

6. Planting trees, flower, dried leaves to chase flies. Fruit flies are very afraid of the smell of peppermint, Lavender: can put the plants outside the House or in the kitchen to prevent fruit flies on. Or you can also do a bowl of flowers including many types such as clove, eucalyptus, clover to prevent fruit flies. In addition the flies don't like tomato plants. Put pots of tomatoes outside or in the kitchen.

7. Use the vacuum cleaner: If you use the vacuum cleaner to suck the flies in the House, should-in the early morning or in the evening, at the most sluggish flies.

8. Diy trap flies with Apple Cider vinegar: You get a clean jar, pour the Apple Cider vinegar on the bottle halfway. Cover tightly but remember to carve a small hole on the CAP, how do the flies can get in. If there is no lid available, you can DIY paper glass lid and rubber. Put the bottle in the places where many flies, flies like the smell of Apple Cider vinegar in the bottle and not out.

9. You can also trap the flies by the water bag, or Cup of water containing the coin, placed in the spots appear many flies: for example, when a meal, can put the cup of water containing the coins on the table, like to fly home, not hanging the water pockets the coin in the mouth. Remember to water in. Due to the texture of the eye is quite special when you look through the water, flies to see the coins, it will fear that dare not come near.

10. Use spray flies: there are several types of sprays used to fight and kill flies available in the supermarket ... you can buy about use.


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