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10 destructive Stereotypes and gender rules

Updated on October 11, 2015

Men should not speak or express about their sadness

Since when did this rule of men having stone hearts come into existence? I don't know they have been around quiet some long time.

What are we supposed to do when we feel pain and sick? Don't we have our right to express ourselves?

If we cry out loud perhaps other people will know the amount of pain we have and they might listen to our hearts more!

People cannot get the signals if we laugh outside and cry inside. Please let us grow up and be real from today.

Such unwanted stereotypes have blocked our brains so much that we become emotionless monsters having no sympathy or opinions of our own.

Should we hide our feelings?

Sadness can be expressed
Sadness can be expressed | Source

Women should cook and do the laundry

Come on! should only one group of the world do all the cooking and washing?

What if women went for jobs and are busy? Should we keep the clothes dirty and the buy fast food?

All these kind of gender stereotypes are like dirty cobwebs hanging all around us every time causing us visions to blur. No clarity will come out of these stereotypes.

There will be no development or progress if we maintain these stereotypes. We are not prisoners of time that we need to follow rules like blind robots.

Male stereotypes in media

Children are not capable of anything

Really? Are children just a capsule waiting to grow into another robot?

Wake up world, we can do much better. Children can have fresh ideas that we could benefit from.

Sometime they have better thinking and logic too! Do we really have to treat them like decorated tarts running around us for our attention?

Here is another large group of the society whom we have controlled and made them frozen. Let them speak and let them also work on their favorite projects with our help.

Hidden skills in children

Children have skills
Children have skills | Source

Disabled people need our sympathy

oh my god! This is the biggest myth that we must bust.

Do we always have to treat differently-abled people with tears and more tears? It sickens our mind to cry for nothing.

Differently abled people come in so many types, they might be sick, or have lost a limb or even they might be blind. So what?

Why all this drama over such a talented group of people?

We need to bring them forward and get their valuable opinions and work. They have such great energy that could build a new world.

So much energy going down the drain and we keep sitting happily on the couch. Let us wake them up now!

Men must have masculine voice

Seriously this one is the most widespread poison destroying men. Should all men sound like Sean Connery all the time?

We should bring recordings of Sean Connery tapes to the work place, so that some sad souls will be happy, Really? Oh my world, this is pure madness!

Media always projects masculine voice as the only type that should exist. Why?

Should the rest surgically alter their voices?

Watch and learn from the brain opening siren from Bill Pozzobon talking at TEDx.

We have our originality our identity which is more great than anything.

Male stereotypes that destroy all of us

Women must sound like Marylin Monroe

This is one more stereotype that has to go down. Why should women sound like this stereotype always?

What about other kinds of sounds? Why so much pressure on women?

Are voices more important than the person and their skills?

Who are these people?

Female and Male hero stereotypes
Female and Male hero stereotypes | Source

All humans must date, marry and die

This is another pressure that mounts on us every time we finish our birthday.

It is time put them away in the garbage forever.

Why should humans have only one way to live? What about their goals, dreams and skills?

Is it so important to live with ten people all our lives? Can't we live alone and happy?

We could do more work and enjoy more in our free time. Think, think and think never lose logic for stereotypes.

Assertive only works

Really? I mean if everyone talks and behaves the same way it will look like a zombie land of same people.

Passive and other kinds of communication can work if we only trust them for once. We have lived our entire lives believing only things we were asked to believe.


We must bring in more logic and sense in our lives. Aggressive is bad but that does not mean we all must sound like sales people trying to have win-win every time.

Let us throw away those books now!

Stereotypes causing cardio-vascular diseases

Old couple enjoying life
Old couple enjoying life | Source

Older people must sit at home

We spread false rumors about age. Perhaps older people are more skilled than others. they have skills that has stood the test of time.

However we prefer they keep a low profile. Why?

They are another huge potential not only for the world but for themselves. Older people are more experienced and can give us the greatest intelligence we never had before.

Look at older singers like Madonna kicking the butt and rocking their lives.

Fear of other races

Since there so many new rules regarding races, people fear other races.

Differences are nothing we all are skilled and talented people however we are fighting over nothing.

Wake up and see the skills people have. Let us unite and have a huge party everyday that we forget stereotypes that have taken away love and happiness away.

Why stereotype races?


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