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9 useful online applications to draw graphs and charts for school, college and office projects

Updated on May 24, 2016

I was to help my son complete a weekly project. He wanted some help to provide a pictorial representation of some database. I started my hunt for a good online hassle-free application which would ease out my work of representing the data in a statistical form. To my irritation many of the applications that I encountered did not provide an easy access to their main page where I could readily start drawing my chart. It was then that I decided to write this article. The article is meant for those who face similar problems with their charts and graphs.

Why these applications about charts and graphs are so useful

These online applications are so useful because:

1. They are hassle free

2. They are always available to you and are not trial versions. Even if one/some of them are trial version/s you are allowed to take a print-out, so your purpose is served.

3. There is no need to sign up or create any access code or password.

4. They are free and do not cost you a single penny.

5. There is no need to provide your email address or any personal particulars. You click the link and start working right away.

6. They are very easy to operate and no tutorial is required to learn them. You create your own charts and graphs by trial and error.

7. You can print your creations easily and use them for your projects

8. No water marks except for some of them are visible on the finished project pictures.

9. There is no need not to download, they can be directly used online.

Let’s check them one by one:



This is the simplest of all the applications described in this article. It provides you only a method to draw a bar chart. You can write the parameter for the x-axis and use switches to either increase the length of the bars or to reset them to start over again. The instructions are also provided at the bottom of the chart. You can write a suitable heading and choose to print by right clicking.



This is a wonderful website that allows you to create your graphs very easily. You can create bar charts, line diagrams, area curves, pie diagram and XY type charts. You are free to choose back ground color, grid color etc. If you are to draw a bar chart you may choose the shape of the bars as rectangle, cylinder, triangle, rhombus etc. Similarly other type of charts also provide choice options. The simplicity of the application allows you to create your chart within minutes by entering the data, writing labels, previewing and then saving or printing. You also get an option of e-mailing the chart to somebody.



Simplicity is the key with this website. You may create whatever sort of graph or chart you want with very little effort. Here too, you get the option to select chart type from pie, venn, line chart etc. It provides vertical as well as horizontal bar charts. Radar chart and scatter plot are also among options and you can choose between 2-D or 3-D pie diagrams.



This is a very good application for drawing charts and graphs as well as your flow charts. A lot of flexibility is provide to tweak your figures to the ultimate satisfaction of the user. Along with common applications there is also provision for radar charts, gauge charts and and maps.



This is one of the best websites to create your flow charts, schematic diagrams or any other types of graphs with a lot of options to manually tweak and fine tune your final diagram. There are options to drag and drop flow chart figures, balloons, stars, arrows and other shapes and figures into your diagram. You can alter their sizes according to your requirement and also write your comments, notes or indicators inside them. The speciality of the site is that it provides great flexibility and allows you to create perfectly what you want.



This is a simple and systematic application dedicated for creating statistical representations. From the left menu you can choose what kind of representation do you want and then go on to fill data and form your chart. Meanwhile you can choose your font, orientation of labels etc.

One nice option after your chart is displayed is that you can immediately view the same chart in another form. For example you have created a bar chart and you can view it at once as a pie diagram by choosing ‘view as a pie chart‘.



This is an application for creating flow charts. Though not very comfortable to use the application provides value for those interested in creating professional looking flow-charts.Instructions to draw the flow chart are all given and even without signing up you can draw your chart and copy and paste at some other location for a final print-out.

8. Mathwarehouse charts


An excellent application for interactive graph/ chart making, this application asks about your intention and data at every step and ultimately creates the chart to your satisfaction.

9.Rechneronline function-graphs


This is a website that facilitates function graphs. You write your functions (up to 3 functions) and as soon as you click "DRAW" your function graph is ready. I tested it with a logarithmic plot and it provided the correct result.


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