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10 Ways to Know You Suffer From Biology Obsessionitis

Updated on June 24, 2014

I Have it. Do You?

I realized after the last few years of being pre-med that I have a serious passion for biology. My friends in graduate school, medical school, or finishing their undergraduate share the exact same problem. People roll their eyes at our conversations because they don't get why we are so excited. I've realized it's because we suffer from biology obsessionitis. The inflammation of a biology obsession which means we just can't get enough and need to know more. Do you also suffer from this extreme fascination? Maybe you know someone who might have it? Take a look at some ways to know if you do.

#1 You Find It Perfectly Normal to Receive Pictures of Bacteria

This is an actual photo taken by my lab partner. Inside the dish is a media where E.coli is growing. We were supposed to be seeing white colonies to show our success. Instead, we had blue. No matter the color, she still took a picture sent it to me and then posted it on facebook.

#2 You Have a Favorite (and cool) Pair of Safety Glasses

Having safety glasses is a must. Now, having cool safety glasses is even better. The ones which look more like sunglasses are definitely the way to go. The ones with the black elastic band and huge eyes, not so cool. The picture is an example of these. Many of us own them but refuse to have circulation cut off to our heads and a nasty safety glass crease present on our face for the rest of the day.

#3 You Get Excited to Present on Topics Which Give People a Headache

Example? My Undergraduate Research Symposium Presentation

Several years ago, I was nervous and excited to present at a symposium. My family came and sat through fifteen minutes of "Visualizing Gene Expression Patterns in Zebrafish." I got a lot of strange looks and some completely blank eyes. Out of all the people there, it was probably only the several professors who found it interesting. I didn't care. I was to excited to share what I had learned to be bothered by people's boredom.

#4 You Get Angry When Movies Aren't Biology Accurate - Example? Avatar

Avatar's whole story relies on the fact that the main character is able to become an Avatar because he shares the exact same DNA as his twin brother. This is why he is able to "bond" with the body originally made for his twin. HOWEVER, even twins do not share the exact same DNA and genetic makeup. They are very similar but are never the exact same. So from a genetic point of view....he could not possibly use his brother's avatar as he does NOT have the exact same DNA.

#5 You Get Excited Over the Pub Med App

When I found out Pub Med had a phone app, I instantly added it. My friend was telling me about the genome app when I mentioned it. She was disappointed in me for not telling her sooner. After all, having access to a huge amount of scientific journals on just about everything? Yep, it's like Christmas all over again.

#6 Your Friends Send You Funny Biology PIctures Weekly

My friends do actually do this. They even post it on my facebook wall if they aren't showing me in person. When you spend a lot of time with biology, you go a little crazy.

#7 You Want to Go Out...So You Bring Your Biology With You

A few years ago, my friend and I really wanted some rum buckets. However, we also wanted to go through our biochemistry. In order to solve the dilemma...we took our biochemistry with us to the bar. Both of us were completely unfazed by the drunk people gaping at us. So what if we combined the two? If it works...then it works.

#8 You Get Excited Over New Lab Materials

Biology is a very expensive field. When you look at science catalogs of products, nothing is ever cheap. This is why we all would get so excited about something new. One time it was because we got ta very nice, very expensive set of extremely accurate pipettes. Another time was getting to decide on new antibodies to use. Even looking at possible new products, like the improved PCR, would make us excited despite knowing it would never be ours.

#9 You Compare Immunocytoflourescent Pictures of Your Cells for Fun

One important part of cell biology is taking lots and lots of pictures of your cells. So of course you must share them with everyone else. For example, this is a cardiomyocyte (heart cell) picture taken by me. I think it's one of my most beautiful works and even have it as a caller I.D. for a friend of mine. I believe cells can be beautiful and all those simple textbook drawings have nothing on what they really look like.

#10 You Can't Stop Sharing Your Success With Everyone (and Anyone) - Even if people don't understand why...

The first time I created a transgenic fish, I was completely floored and excited. My boyfriend was taking me out to our usual dinner and I lit up and told the waitress we were celebrating. "That's wonderful. What are you celebrating tonight?" I went into some very short version of the success which left her looking confused and a little alarmed. When she stepped away, my boyfriend calmly informed me she probably assumed I would say I had gotten engaged not that I was celebrating my transgenic fish.

Enhance Your Biology Knowledge - Feed Your Obsession By Learning Something New!

Have More Symptoms? Know Someone With an Obsession? - Share the Good, Bad, and Just Plain Strange!

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