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10 Simple ways to reduce gas consumption

Updated on December 21, 2016

10 simple things you can do today to save gas...

If you are interested in saving our environment, help reduce pollution, reduce CO2 emissions, I have the answers.

You don't need to spend a lot of money buying a hybrid or give up your current car.

A few simple ideas can save 10-15% of gas consumption and save money as well. Instead of worrying about global warming, you can do something about it.

-Dec. 2008

My list of ideas

  1. Get a GPS for your car. It will reduce frustration and you will never get lost again and waste gas driving around.
  2. Shop around for the lowest price gas in your neighborhood. A 10 cents saving per gallon is typical in most towns.
  3. Always gas up in early morning or late evening when the temperature is cooler. The volume of gasoline is smaller in cooler temperature.
  4. Make sure your tire pressure is properly inflated.
  5. Replace your air cleaner when you replace your engine oil.

    Recommend oil change every 5000 mile.

  6. Be gentile accelerating and braking. A few extra seconds will not affect your total trip by much. Don't drive too fast on the highway. 55-60 will provide the best fuel efficiency.
  7. Combine local errants so you only need to make one trip a day.
  8. Car pool with your neighbor when you can and also help your neighbor with picking up stuff at the local store. Saving a trip by your neighbor help reduces fuel usage by all.
  9. Wash your car and wax it on a regular basis. A clean car will improve aerodynamics.
  10. Remove extra weight from your trunk. Extra pounds can reduce your MPG.


These simple steps may not seem like much but they will reduce your total gas usage. A typical driver will travel approx. 15,000 miles a year. At 20 MPG, that translate into 750 gallons of gas. At the current $3.25 per gallon, that is a total of $2400. A saving of just 10% will save you $240.

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