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Secret's & Tips Of How To Chat Safely In Online Chat Rooms

Updated on September 9, 2015
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10 Top Tips; Plus, Important and helpful Information when using on-line chat rooms & social networking sites.

Using chat rooms and social network sites can be a very fun and entertaining past time. You can meet many nice and genuine people from all corners of the world, but you need to have your wits about you and be on your guard. Here's a list of 10 Top Tips and some valuable Information. to keep you steps ahead of the potential bad and un-genuine people.

1. Never arrange to meet a stranger in person you have been in contact with on line no matter how long you've been chatting to them unless, accompanied by an adult or a gang of friends!. If the person disagrees with this arrangement or wants to meet you alone stay well clear. Or if you have to meet, make sure it's in a safe place which where YOU feel safe. If it is a public place, notify the person who works their of your meeting to keep an eye on you.

2. When you sign into a chat room always use a nickname and use different nicknames with each chat client you use as an extra precaution because some day, your friendly chatter with someone could turn into a virtual stalker.

3. When you're in a chat room you may get offers to chat in a "private chat room" or someone may want to send you a "private instant message". (IM) which only you two can see. Always be on your guard. If they don't want to type messages in the main chat room window then they may have something that they don't want other chatters to see what they're saying.

4. Never give your personal information while chatting on-line. This includes your real name, home phone or cell/mobile phone number, Email address, passwords, or even what school you go to! If they ask, let them know you want to get to know them better before giving personal details. They should respect your decision to be cautious about your privacy. If you have to give them some form of contact details, make sure it's an email you use which has no real personal information about you. If you don't have another email address, create a free one now with either Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook.

5. Be careful when someone you're communicating with to wants to send you a file via email. This is best to avoid as they could be sending you a file / application that could view your web-cam without your permission or hack into your machine and obtain your personal details or just crash your PC with a virus. Also, if you're used to sending and receiving images, don't assume the picture that is sent to you is, of the person that sent it and be prepared to receive indecent images.

6. Most chat rooms have a feature in the (Preferences / Settings) section to customise your preferences. Make sure you select to save all your chat history. Make sure you activate this at the settings within the program. In fact, while you're there, go through all the tabs individually and 'check', and 'un-check' the boxes to suit your needs.

7. If someone is sending you strange, rude, or obscene messages you can block and report them to the chat room moderators. Most chat rooms have a simple and quick-click way to report this abuse.

8. If you feel uncomfortable chatting to someone or they're sending you weird messages or requests you have the option to block them but beware, these people can easily obtain another I.D (user name) and will try to continue there conversations with you in another name and persona. Tell-tale signs could be similar text phrases or spelling.

9 Almost every chat-room has it's own way to express your feelings. Here's a few examples of acronyms and abbreviations.

  • :) Happy Face.
  • :( Sad Face.
  • ;) Winking.
  • :-) Happy with nose.
  • :-D Big smile.
  • :) little smile.
  • :-O Shocked.
  • :-P Stick Tongue out.
  • ;) Winking.

There are many abbreviations to make typing easier which are.... ttyl, talk to you later. brb, be right back. lol, laugh out loud. gtg, got to go, jk, just kidding. There are so many more, but don't worry if you don't know them all at first and don't be afraid to ask. In time, you will soon pick them up.

10 Remember, when someone describes them self as a funny person, remember, there's funny as in humorous! and there is funny as in very weird! Always be on your guard.

Anyone anywhere can become a victim.
Anyone anywhere can become a victim.

Caught in the Web: Webcam risks

Internet danger video

Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online

Important & helpful information when using webcams

When using your webcam, don't EVER assume the person or people you have been messaging/chatting to are who they say they are! Anyone on the Internet can say anything they want and tell you anything you probably want to hear so if you've been chatting to someone via web cam, they may NOT be the person you are actually chatting to! The tricks people use is to point their own camera at their monitor which is pointed to someone else's in that, or another chat room. Or, it's a recorded video of someone else. They are very clever so if in doubt, ask them to do something on camera to confirm they are genuine, such as pick something up or hold a certain amount of fingers up.

It's amazing how many tricksters are out there, including heterosexual guys pretending to be lesbians in order to fool the lesbian woman into exposing themselves. Gay men pretending to be female to fool the heterosexual guys to do the same, and vice versa.

When your having a webcam chat with a stranger, be careful what you do! You're actions may be being recorded with 'screen capture software'. The video or photo can then be uploaded without your knowledge to the many websites that specially cater for that kind of material.They don't even have to have any software installed on their PC to record you. They could use their mobile phone. so don't EVER let anyone take pictures or record you. Simple advice is, don't do anything on camera that you're not comfortable with.

More acronyms and abbreviations parents should know.

  • KPC = keep parents clueless.
  • LMIRL = lets meet ion real life.
  • MODS = Members of the opposite sex.
  • PAW = parents are watching.
  • POS & MOS = parents over shoulder & mum over shoulder.
  • RU/18 = are you over 18.
  • WYRN = what's your real name.
  • ZERG = to gang up on someone.
  • 420 = to smoke cannabis or get high.

Chat Safe -.ALWAYS:)


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