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11 Striking Points for Self Protection

Updated on December 29, 2009

 In the times that we live in each and every day, it is becoming more and more apparent that a person must learn to defend themselves.  We hear on the news how the elderly are being mugged for their social security checks and individuals of all ages getting beat down in broad daylight for a measly $5.00.  Not everyone can afford to goto a big time martial arts school nor withstand the abuse until they've learned enough to actually defend themselves.  All it takes is one attack to claim your life.  That is why I've developed this hub to inform all my readers of the 11 vulnerable areas on the human body that when struck will allow you to get to safety.  Prepare yourselves and remember, striking these points can cause some serious damage.


#1  EYES:  If a man can't see, he can't fight.  The eyes are very sensitive. The smallest grain of dirt gets into them and you can't see.  Sometimes panic sets in causing one to be disoriented.  So you can imagine having something like a womans nails or a fist full of keys rammed into them feels.  Poke, punch, jab, or gouge the eyes if at all possible.

#2  NOSE:  This one is a two fold striking point.  Not only does take out the eyes but it also causes the sinus' to act up.  When this happens, we begin to sniff, impelling blood down our throat rendering a slight gag reflex.  Not a bad place to hit if I do say so myself.

#3  MOUTH:  This is actually a prelude to another strike.  Does no real damage but it sure stuns a person long enough to get a more effective strike in.

#4  CHIN:  Anyone who know anything about boxing knows that if you hit a man on the point of the chin that he's going down every time.  Hit a man there and he's gonna take a few seconds or so to regain his marbles.  Possibly enough time for you to get to safety.

#5  THROAT:  A man can't breathe, he can't fight.  It's an instant reaction that if you get hit in the throat, it closes off for a few seconds to protect itself.  The human treachea is so soft that it can be crushed between your index finger and thumb.  Serious business huh?  Hence, this strike will buy you plenty of time to find safety.

#6  SOLAR PLEX:  Also known as "the bread basket".  This is a guarnteed show stopper!  This area is located just below the breast bone and the beginning of your stomach. Dead center of the body.  You hit this spot and not only will it knock the air out of your attacker but 97% of the time he will loose conscienciousness.  The mother of all striking points.

#7  GROIN:  What I call "the sweet spot".  I don't believe I have to elaborate on this one.  We've all seen the effects of striking this spot.

#8  KNEES:   A man can't stand, he can't fight.  Smash his knee and he'll crumble to the ground.  Simply kick back into his knee and it will break with minimal force.  Another guarnteed strike that will ensure you get to safety.

#9  INSTEP:  This is the area of the foot where it connects to the leg.  This is especially effective for women wearing high hills.  This strike is also a prelude to another strike.  Once the instep is stompped, terrible pain is caused and any hold you are in is released giving you opportunity for a more effective strike.

#10 EARS:  Cup your hands and clap the ears and I promise your attacker won't want to persue his intensions.  This strike will bring tears to your attackers eyes in a heart beat.

#11  TEMPLES:  Located on the sides of ones head.  To find these areas, place your hands on each side of your head.  Now clinch and release your teeth.  Feel the area that pokes your hands?  That is your temples.  Hit hard enough, it can cause unconscienciouness.  Any other hit only causes pain.  This is one of those spots that are only hit when you can't get to anything else.  Minimal effect. Prelude to another strike.

These are the 11 most vulnerable strking areas of the human body.  They can be struck from almost any position with almost any part of your body.  And remember, don't limit yourself to just punching.  Use your feet, knees, elbows, fingers, and even your head as a weapon.  Your main objective is to STAY ALIVE! 

If any of you have any questions please feel free to email me at  I'll do my best to answer in a timely fashion.



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