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Tips on How to Be Social Media Friendly without Losing Values

Updated on August 14, 2017
Endy Noble profile image

Endy writes on politics, political myths and social issues. He has BSc degre from Kogi State University. Life goal: To become a Strategist

Social Media

The society at every stage of evolutionary development faces dire challenges. These challenges are brought upon it by technological evolution. This technological evolution tends to bring humanity under converging social society—one that is social media based. This includes man, woman, young, elderly, boys, girls, hermaphrodites and trans-genders. This also places on every generation a need to adapt to its own sunlight and moons (changes).

Our generation’s sunlight is the social media—facebook, twitter, whats-app, linkedin, timbbal, palm-chat, pinterest, instagram, google mails, yahoo mails, 2go and all the world moving gagas.

Adapting to these world changing media, our generation’s sunlight, however, has not been particularly easy. This is because we’re human and tends to carry with us our old cultural, traditional and social habits as well as beliefs into the present. We’re unconsciously forming new mindsets while consciously holding on to old habits. This is quite dilemmatic!

While we can’t remain unchanged, overcoming cultural, traditional and social habits has not been succulent. Yet, we can’t totally avoid the changes that slowly but tenaciously creeps into our lives and daily affairs. We want to be social but we are scared of breaking out of cultural norms and traditions.

Why is being on social media such a dilemma? The answer is simply because social media are nothing and they are everything; depending our definition of them. So to understand and utilize social media ethically and appropriately. Here are a few tips to grasp.

  1. 1. Social media is like the streets of the world—you’ve got to answer your greetings

When you walk on the street, anybody can greet you. Similarly, when you are on social media, anybody can speak or talk to you. If someone greets or talks to you and you do not respond. You’re the one who had a bad character. So answering your greetings is a social responsibility on world’s streets and on social media platforms.

  1. 2. Social media is nothing—yet it’s everything—you’ve got to be social, good mannered and polite.

What is social media? Well, that’s the problem. Social media has no definition that soothes all of us. We all come online with our different definitions, perspective, beliefs and habits. You see, it’s nothing for some and something for others. How you behave, however, is constantly under judgment. You can get something for it or nothing for it. Being social, polite and good mannered have their rewards even on social media.

  1. 3. Every social media user needs, and should have a personal definition of social media viz-a-viz purpose

Coping on a platform without limits or boundaries requires setting personal boundaries. If you don’t have personal definition or purpose on social media. You are in for nothing and/or for everything. A very dangerous way to be socialized. Personal definitions keep you out of unwanted schemes. This is very important. Find a purpose for your existence on social media. Don’t just be social media for everything. Be there for something specific, unique and spectacular. As you should follow your life’s purpose, so also follow it on social media.

  1. 4. Be fair to yourself—you can’t be everybody’s definition of social media. Swallow this hard pill and give yourself some boundary

While it’s nice to be social and civil. You must know that human sociality and civility has no measureable values. It’s therefore your responsibility to define for yourself what is social and civil to you. Then abide by it and be fair to yourself. Social media will push you to all limits possible. But you have to maintain your own limits and elasticity. Be fair to yourself. That’s an important social and civil rule.

  1. 5. Never assume until you’ve confirm the true motives with facts and evidences

You know social media is a place for everyone—the mischief-makers, speculators, thinkers as well as those who there to chit-chat every girl, woman and infants female online or every guy on spackling suit. The educated and uneducated are also there. Some crude and refined people are also there. So it is pertinent to approach everybody and anybody with a free and open mind. Don’t assume who they are or what they are up to until you’ve evidence to do so.

  1. 6. Don’t take anything personally—social media is bigger than you. Don’t attempt to reduce it to your size. In fact, that won’t be possible

Lots of articles, ideologies, behavior and pictures upload daily. They come in diverse with the human nature diversity. Don’t expect to see only that which you want to see—that which you don’t want to see is what some other people are looking for. That which breaks or oppresses your spirit inspires some other people. So you’ve to be focused on your goals and promote your interest and personal definitions of social media. It’s the way to go. Social media is an expression of life. You can’t limit what goes on in the world. You can only limit what goes on in your life.

  1. 7. Be free to do cleaning when you want—delete, edit, sanction, unfriend and blocking. It’s your right until you relinquish that right to fear or mutual respect

Well, I wish to say, while I owe my friends, fans and followers an inalienable friendship and loyalty. I consider it a mutual partnership which I can quit anytime. I believe everybody have this unquestionable right too. You want to block me? That’s fine. Go ahead and do it right away. I respect that because I understand it’s your right.

  1. 8. Be free to interact with people without assuming them or their minds

Girls are guiltier here. Some girls will send request to you only to cramp-up when accepted and the person says, “Hi”? That is nut you know! Greetings won’t get you pregnant. It won’t get you in a relationship. You’ve to agree to terms and accept with anybody of your choice to get into one. The fact is, when you accept or send a request. It’s social for people to know you. If they require from you any information you’re not ready or willing to give. Say so, as a matter of personal principle—don’t black out. Don’t leave your account for them. It’s your account. You own it.

When you chicken out. Chickening out tells something about your personality. Yes! It says, “You can face reality”. That makes you an unreliable person. Personally, I like lions and dogs—roar and back when I cross the zone or boundary. It makes me love and respect you more. I believe it’s same for others.

  1. 9. Don’t take people’s rights away from them—it’s going to hurt how you relate with them

You see, we all value our rights. We love freedom. We want to do what we want. Yes, that’s right. We don’t want them take from us.

If you are not comfortable with people’s posts, uploads and activities—remember tip number 7. You can cleaning them out. You can unfriend, un-follow, delete and even block them. Don’t try to control them. Persuasions? That’s fine! But never attempt control. Don’t by-forced them into accepting your terms, rules and ideologies. They are not born to play your cards. They are born to play theirs, and you’re to play yours! Leave it at that level—we’ve different paths to our destinies.

  1. 10. Be encouraging—you might be doing someone a holy duty unknown

Encouragement and approval are the two things people needed most on social media. It’s the reason the post pictures of themselves and loved ones. It’s the reason they post their jokes and writings. Only a few persons post for reasons other than these. For instance, those who post to express themselves and be heard.

There are people who admires deep and inspiring write-ups. Some nice pictures, insightful graphics and what other things that are shared. They wish they can write like that or they were as beautiful as the other sister or handsome brother. They’re struggling to come up, but they can’t at the moment. Their posts are trash and error filled. You wonder whether they went through primary school. Well, you can still like their posts. You can encourage them. You can correct and mentor them.

You’ve 500likes one minute after you post your pictures. They don’t have one after 7days. Like their pictures. That’s why you are their friend. Do you think you’re a celebrity? People celebrated you. People supported you. People encouraged you. You can reciprocate that to those less opportune. Help them up their esteem. That will make you a better friend. Yes! That’s the rule!

  1. 11. Be culturally and ethically objective—don’t be amoral in the name of social media. Yes! Social media are platforms for the expression and manifestation of who you’re—that’s the exact thing.

Most people misconstrue social media to be a place for amoral people or a place to do amoral things. That is exactly not true. If you are a businessman. Social media offers you opportunity to do your business thing. If you are a porn-ster. Of course, you do your porn thing. If you do immoral stuffs on social media. It’s not social media. It’s you! Don’t beg for escape route or blame social media for your nudity or inappropriate behaviors.

If you post the nude picture of yourself. It only means one thing—you’re or have a nude soul. “As a man thinketh so is he”. Watch it! Be sure you are expressing or manifesting yourself that you what other people to see and know. At the same time, that also represent a culture and ethics. Yes! Your exact culture and ethics! Must should then be deserving of your compliments.

  1. 12. Finally, understand we’re on different missions—try to respect other peoples’ mission while promoting yours.

You know, God is not a mediocre neither is He myopic. He is an unlimited God who enjoys varieties. Each of us contributes to that variety and in making life enjoyable for Him. So judge less. Bully less. Hate less and love more. It’s in loving other people that we love ourselves the most. If God wanted another you—if God wanted all of us to be the same—trust me, He would have made us all Chinese!


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