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12 Year Old Genius Tutors Graduate Students

Updated on June 6, 2011

Have you ever put the two words "down-syndrome" and "genius" in the same sentence? In some very rare cases, down-syndrome can actually improve your learning capabilities. One of the most fascinating examples of this right now lies in the brain of a young 12 year old child with an interest in physics and mathematics. Although Jacob Barnett's focus could have moved in different directions, his love for physics inspired him, not only read elementary books on mechanics, but also learn and study quantum mechanics.

Before we can know what the study of quantum mechanics is, we must first understand wave-particle duality. Although the phrase seems difficult, the definition is really not. It basically states that all matter exhibits wave properties and particle properties. This is basically the main concept of quantum mechanics, but the actual study of quantum mechanics goes a little farther. It is the study of the mathematical understandings of both the wave and particle properties of matter and energy. This form of physics and mathematics is a graduate level study of matter and energy. If you are unable to comprehend quantum physics, think about what this little boy can do.

Learning Calculus

When Jake Barnett decided he was interested in physics and mathematics, he sat down and tried to learn the basics. In a matter of 2 weeks, Jake was able to teach himself geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. In merely 2 weeks, Jake was able to fully understand 4 topics that generally take a normal high school and college student about 4 semesters of daily classes. Jake's IQ is an outstanding 170 which is actually higher than that of Albert Einstein.

Here is a video of Jake explaining Calculus on the window of his house as if it were nothing.

A Normal Kid

Although you may suspect that Jake is more of a useful tool, he is actually more like you and me. He currently has a girl friend and is very interested in playing video games such as Halo: Reach. He has a loving family and a dog that seems nice. The only actual difference between him and everyone else is his ability to learn and his interests in certain fields.

Jake is currently being offered a paid research position at Purdue University and is also currently in the process of attempting to disprove Einstein's theory on the Big Bang. We will see where he ends up in the next 10 to 15 years and hope that he has valuable inputs in the scientific world.


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    • smanty profile image

      smanty 6 years ago

      Hi Jess, Thanks for the comment. I had actually suspected it to be a fake as well, but I was finally convinced in two ways. First of all, you can click the youtube video and check out the other videos that he has made. Some of the physics that he goes over is very high level, and as an undergrad physics student, I was not able to follow a lot of it.

      The second way I was really convinced was when I saw this article in the news -

      I hope this helps you see that it is genuine.

    • profile image

      Jess 6 years ago

      It smell like a fake

    • topquark profile image

      topquark 6 years ago from UK

      I'm studying the mathematical properties of field theories that appear in models of particle physics. I hope you get your research position, superconductors are interesting things.

    • smanty profile image

      smanty 6 years ago

      Hi topquark, I like your name :) Thanks for the comment! If you don't mind me asking, what research you are involved in?

      I am a physics student right now and am extremely interested in the field. I am currently trying to get a research possition with a professor who is working with superconductors. I find them fascinating.

    • topquark profile image

      topquark 6 years ago from UK

      Wow. I work in physics research and being offered a position at such a young age is truly, truly amazing... I'm jealous!

    • smanty profile image

      smanty 6 years ago

      Thank You for your comment! It really is amazing what his capabilities are. He is not only a genius, but he is also interested in learning physics at such a young age. I really cannot wait to see where he ends up in the future.

    • NathanielZhu profile image

      Nathaniel Zhu 6 years ago from Virginia Beach

      Holy crap!

      Man I wished I was this smart.

      It's really impossible to compete with the few people lucky enough to have this sort of down's syndrome (and autism in many cases). The brain makes up in shortcomings though increased intelligence.