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12 Year Old Girl is Smarter Than Einstein

Updated on January 6, 2015

Bangalore based twelve year old girl Neha Ramu has achieved a unique laurel by scoring an IQ greater than luminary scientists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Neha obtained 162 point in the IQ test while IQ of Einstein, Hawking, and Bill Gates are 160 point only. Young achiever Neha Ramu is the daughter of Bangalore based doctors settled in United Kingdom. She had her primary school education in Bangalore and in 2007 she joined in Tiffin Girls School Kingston. Neha had scored record marks in Middle School entrance examination by scoring cent percentage. It paved the way towards participation in MENSA Intelligence Test and bringing prestige to her home country. Although neither Albert Einstein nor Stephen Hawking had never ever taken MENSA test, their IQ is estimated to be 160.

An Exceptional Achievement

Score of 162 in MENSA test makes Neha Ramu a member of elite club of most intelligent folks in the world. According to British MENSA officials, Neha’s score is incredibly remarkable and outstanding. Overzealous and surprised over Neha’s achievement, her mother Jayashree limits response in one sentence, “I am so proud of her now”. Neha admits that although Mensa Test was a little bit tough, she tried her best. Harry Potter and swimming are the passions of this versatile genius girl who would like to follow the footprints of her parents in professional life. Neha plans to study in Harvard and it is definitely not a hard nut to crack for this bright schoolgirl. It is said that Neha had appeared in SAT Exam and came out in flying colours there too.

Invincible Journey of Academic Excellence

Neha is not a typical bookworm and she spends more time playing video games than studying. Neha tells that her friends were surprised when they heard the television news that she was studying all the time. It was only when Neha scored record marks in middle school entrance examination, even her parents realized their daughter’s intellectual potential. “We might have a little party or something sometime soon to celebrate. I have not told my friends yet, but I have told some of my family members and they are all very happy for me”, says a delighted Neha. In the previous summer holidays, Neha Ramu attended a three week summer camp in America to learn more about human brain and nervous system.

Gifted Little Genius

It is expected that SAT score of Neha will make her entry to Ivy League Universities very easy. IQ test is designed to test a range of intellectual capabilities to determine the brain-power level of individuals. An average individual in United Kingdom achieves a score of 100 in IQ test normally. Neha’s scoring of 162 makes her one of the top one percentage intelligent people in the country. By achieving a unique slot in Mensa Test, Neha has created history and surprised the whole world. Neha continues her unconquerable journey of intellectual excellence and test performance through the corridors of the academic world.


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