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13 Full Moons of 2020

Updated on January 11, 2020
Mich Camcam profile image

Once in a blue moon. 13 full moons in a year. Blue being the color of the year. Everything is blue!

People who thrive at night tend to gravitate towards the moon. I call myself a moonchild for the reason that aside from being born under the astrological sign of Cancer which is governed by the moon, I also intend to appreciate the pull of the celestial body towards my life.

In some cultures, they used the moon phases as a guide for planting, harvesting, as well as hunting. Some even associated it in their rituals and traditions. For this year, you'll know the names designated for full moons occurring this year and the reason why.


Wolf Moon (January 10th)

If you're one of those whose spirit animal is a wolf, then you must take note of January's full moon. Wolves and moons have always been associated with each other, you might have heard of it when it comes to urban fantasy or from folklores. But why was it called wolf moon?

It is said that Native Americans and Medieval Europeans called the first full moon of the year wolf moon because wolves tend to howl more during this time as a result of less food supply. This year, amidst the full moon, the penumbral lunar eclipse was also experienced by the Eastern hemisphere.


Super Snow Moon (February 9th)

In those places which experience winter, February is the snowiest month of the year which suggests the full moon's name itself. Tribes tend to have difficulties hunting so some also called this hunger moon.

This is also going to be the first supermoon of 2020 in which the moon will be much closer to Earth and may unusually appear as slightly brighter and larger.


Super Worm Moon (March 9th)

After the snow melts in March, earth creatures such as worms begin to stir and resurface, which ideally the reason for others to call it worm moon. Other tribes also called it crow moon since crows cawed as a signal of the end of winter.

Another supermoon will also occur during this month just like February.


Super Pink Moon (April 8th)

Unfortunately, the moon during this month isn't pink. Native Americans named it after a pink flower called wild ground phlox, which blooms abundantly widespread as one of the earliest spring flowers.

Also, the third of four supermoons of the year will occur this month.


Super Flower Moon (May 7th)

May is the month when the flowers are in full bloom, hence the name derived. Other cultures also called it corn planting moon or milk moon.

This is also going to be the last supermoon of 2020, which occurred each month since February.


Strawberry Moon (June 5th)

June is the season to signal the ripening of fruits and coincidentally the harvest of strawberries which gives its name. This is well known in every Algonquin tribe, but in European cultures, they call it rose moon.

Another penumbral lunar eclipse will also occur during this time that will be visible throughout most of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Indian Ocean.


Buck Moon (July 5th)

The name was derived by Native Americans from a buck (a male deer), being this is the season when it will grow its new full antlers. It is also called a thunder moon after the summer thunderstorms.

Just like the previous month, another penumbral lunar eclipse will also occur that will be visible throughout most of North America, South America, the eastern Pacific Ocean, the western Atlantic Ocean, and extreme western Africa.


Sturgeon Moon (August 3rd)

Native American tribes call this the sturgeon moon because large sturgeon fish are easier to catch during this season. Others also called it green corn moon or grain moon.


Full Corn Moon (September 2nd)

This name is designated mostly for a full moon occurring in the first week of September to account for the start of crop and corn harvest. If it is the nearest full moon to the autumnal equinox for the northern hemisphere (vernal equinox for the southern hemisphere) then it will be called the harvest moon.


Hunter's Moon (October 1st)

The Native tribes called it the hunter's moon as a result of the season being the perfect time to hunt before winter arrives.

Usually, the name harvest moon was designated for September full moon. But this year, the October full moon is closer to September Equinox which will occur on September 22. In which the sun shines directly on the equator and thus, will have almost equal hours of day and night throughout the world.


Blue Moon (October 31st)

Just like the Pink Moon, this is not a literal blue moon. Blue moon is a rare phenomenon in which there are two full moons in a month, which account for the saying "once in a blue moon." Therefore, being called as such since it is the second full moon of October.


Beaver Moon (November 30th)

Native American tribes named this after beavers because it is believed that this is the time when these small mammals start to prepare for the winter season. This way, others also called it the frosty moon.

This full moon will also accompany another penumbral lunar eclipse that will be visible throughout North America, the Pacific Ocean, and northeastern Asia.


Cold Moon (December 12th)

Just like the name itself, the name cold moon came from the idea of the cold winds of winter beginning to settle at this time, thus also having longer and darker nights.

For us, nocturnals, the study of astronomy is a fascinating field for it caters to our love for the night. Moonchild, are you ready to face the new beginnings brought by this new decade?

© 2020 Mich Camcam


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