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13 Fun & Interesting Facts About Lions

Updated on May 12, 2012

1.Lions are very social animal. They will often be found sitting with their families if they are not out hunting. These large groups of lions are called “prides”

2.Male lions are the only ones that have large manes. The purpose of these mains is still in debate. However, most of the wildlife experts thing that it is a sign of dominance and fear with the larger the mane.

3.Living in the large family organizations it helps the lions and their offspring to survive during a time of famine. These “prides” share what they have, with the rest of the family to keep them healthy and strong. The cubs in the pride are the most important, and it also helps them stay safe and protected

4.Many lion cubs are born with spots on them. As the lion cubs grow up the spots tend to, disappear

5.In the lion family, or “pride” the females generally do all the hunting to feed the family. Where the males are the protectors of the family. They protect the family from outsiders or other predators that may want to harm their cubs.

6. Lions have a variety of things in its diet. It will eat a lot of large and even small animals that it catches including gazelles, wild beast, buffalos, and elephants in certain parts of Africa. When those animals are in short supply it will look for monkeys, mice, and other smaller animals to supplement its diet.

7. Lions prefer to be alone with their pride in their territory. So, they will frequently attack and kill other predators it find like cheetahs, hyenas, and leopards

8. There have been many studies done in relation to lions and whether or not they will participate in hunting for the family. Recent studies have shown, that the females do the hunting. However, when it comes to larger prey, the male will participate in the hunt when needed.

9. Many do not think that lions are scavengers. In fact, they will often steal the meals form hyenas. They end up taking the kills back to the pride.

10. Due to the portal of Hollywood and urban legend lions do not like people. At times if threatened they have been known to protect their territory or Pride. However, they generally do not attack people. There have been rare documented cases of lions eating people are very rare.

11. A Lion family or pride is comprised of interrelated females and one to four adult male lions. The younger male lions are kicked out of the pride when they show signs of maturity.

12. These young males that are kicked out of the family when they are maturing are known as nomads. They wonder around and survive on their own or with partners until they are able to take over a pride family from another lion or create one on their own.

13. The lion is known as king of the jungle because of the bravery and fighting skills they have become known.


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