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18th Century Georgian Period Home Interiors (21 Features)

Updated on July 14, 2017

Coming on the heels of the Colonial era, the Georgian period which covered the years from 1714 to 1830 saw the American people showing their love for the beautiful things of life and expressing it through their way of life and the way they lived.

The rich, well-travelled, and affluent 18th century American loved and adopted the European style of interiors. Even the wealthier farmers and small landowners joined the trend of introducing classical forms and styles typically found in Europe into their home designs.

Georgian homes and interiors were known for their elegance and lightness of touch, with the most enduring styles being the Neo-classical which was based on Greek and Roman styles and forms.

Though the local craftsmen and furniture makers were not as experienced as their European counterparts and therefore had their own limitations, yet in many instances, they produced designs of extraordinary merit.

Granted, their works were copies of European styles, yet they seemed to make great imitations as was evident in the styles of their architraves, pilasters, trims, cornices, and paneled walls.

21 Features of Georgian Home Interiors

  1. Roman style columns (Corinthian, Ionic and Doric)
  2. High ceilings
  3. Sash windows
  4. Alcoves
  5. Niches
  6. Carved sculptures of Roman gods and goddesses
  7. Vases and urns
  8. Swags, ribbons, and garland motifs
  9. Shield and urn motifs
  10. Classical figures
  11. Pastel (subtle) colour scheme – often soft greys, pea greens and whites
  12. Stone work
  13. Wallpaper with simple Oriental designs
  14. Marble
  15. Wrought iron works
  16. White plasterworks
  17. Animal figures – satyrs, dolphins, griffins and sphinxes used as bases or handles
  18. Intricate mouldings - but not grandiose
  19. Elegant furniture with soft fabrics
  20. Mural decorations
  21. Wall panelling

The Georgian Farmhouse Interior

The smaller Georgian farmhouse interior, unlike the more affluent homes, was generally devoid of wood paneling.

Farmers and small landowners preferred the plastered and whitewashed walls, painted finishes, and wallpaper. Wall and floor decorations consisted of a lot of stenciling with a fair number of old traditional Georgian stenciled patterns, some still intact today.

Mural decorations were used for interior enrichment and usually depicted beautiful picturesque landscape themes. These scenic themes were also painted on furniture, framed artwork, and other items of interior décor.

Wall Murals
Wall Murals | Source


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