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2 Subjects Archaeologists Do Not Know

Updated on April 29, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Over the years

I have done an about-face when it concerns archaeologists and their expertise. I have found at least 2 subjects that they have no knowledge of or how they work; yet they feel qualified to wax eloquently on each. {I will qualify this article with disclaimer that this article is not talking about all archaeologists}

The first is construction

You hear time and again archaeologists claiming how they cannot find construction tools at the sites they dig up. This is then followed by the profound conclusion that the technology didn't exist at the time to build such buildings thus the dates for each structure are much later than supposed.

The problem for the archaeologist lies in the fact that they are examining once completed structures and not ancient works in progress. What this means is, if the archaeologist is looking for construction tools, they are looking in the wrong place.

What they will find, possibly, are maintenance tools because all the building needs after construction is maintenance work unless something major happens.No construction outfit I know of leaves new construction tools at a completed job site.

They are either moved to the next project or brought back to the business for storage until the next project begins. It is very unrealistic to expect to find the machinery used to construct the pyramids at the site of the completed pyramids. Yet many archaeologists have that expectation.

The second subject archaeologists do not know is business.

Business principles haven't changed since ancient times and businesses were in existence to make money and they do not make any money if they leave their tools lying around vulnerable for thieves to steal.

They also would not leave their tools at a completed job site. Even in ancient times, tools cost money and replacing them constantly would eat into the profit margins of the business.

It would also be irresponsible for ancient construction companies to leave their tools lying around unguarded as thieves would steal them like they do in the modern era. being responsible is not a modern invention.

It is a good conclusion to make to say that ancient builders had ways of safeguarding their construction equipment. Unfortunately, the picture of the ancient world that the archaeologist paint is one of fantasy not reality.

Since they speak from ignorance on most topics they give the modern common person the idea that all the ancients did was eat, sleep, work and worship their leader.

Not even close

The ancients had the same intellect, the same desires, the same insecurities, etc., as modern people have and they would have sought ways to relieve the boredom of their lives.

I do not believe in ancient illiteracy because, one, there were not enough elites to go around to do all the jobs available. To say that only the elites were educated is pure unrealistic thinking as the economies, the demands of ancient life, could not be covered by such a small group of people.

Two, Even the most despotic modern nation sends their children to school to get educated. What type of education they receive is up to the government in power but they were sent to school and the ancient world was no different.

You cannot run a society with nothing but illiterate people governed by a few educated ones. It just doesn't function properly and such a nation is ripe for conquest.

Some years ago there was a show in Canada about the inventions farmers made as they faced different situations in their daily lives. Most of those people did not have a long formal educations but they saw a problem and set about solving it.

These were not the elite solving the problems just everyday normal people trying to make their lives a little easier.The elites would not be able to be everywhere and face every situation thus it would be impossible to credit the elites with carrying society to the next level.

Intelligent people from all walks of life are needed to accomplish that objective. it is unrealistic to credit a small group of people with all achievements of the ancient world.

Archaeologists also cannot produce one shred of evidence to support such a claim either.They do not know who invented what, whether it be a new machine for farming or an inventive math solution. The inventors of such solutions are anonymous and will remain so.

It is wrong to give credit to the wrong people,

yet archaeologists do it all the time.What modern people need to realize is that archaeologists are trained to dig in the dirt. They are not trained in construction techniques, pottery processes, business affairs, social living and so on.

Their arrogant proclamations about ancient life come from people who are either guessing or making it all up as they go along because they have no real knowledge of other areas of life.

That may sound a little harsh but I have sat through enough lectures, had enough conversations with archaeologists to know that they do not know what they are talking about when it comes to the past.

Their conjectures are heavily influenced by their preconceived ideas, their religious beliefs or lack of them or their acceptance of the views of other archaeologists, past or present.

I can also say that their religious conclusions or theories are basically out to lunch as they have little comprehension of how people act, what rules are in place to govern a certain religious behavior and so on.

Even in the modern world you can find groups that demand that their congregation be in church 7 days a week, refuse blood transfusions, eat vegetarian and so on and without a scorecard you do not know which temple or church building housed which group.

Archaeologists do not have such a scorecard

and they rarely have a real temple. To them, every large structure is a temple but that is unrealistic and not provable. The information that archaeologists supply, needs to be filtered through a sieve of reality before accepting any of their views.

God didn't create dumb people and the ancients were as smart and innovative (among other characteristics) as the modern people are now. Many archaeologists are just the blind leading the blind except their leading characteristics are arrogance and false pride.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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