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20 Bird Project Ideas – For Home Education and Animal Loving Children

Updated on November 4, 2021
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Claire has been home educating since 2011 and enjoys many types of art and crafts. She has also studied various education topics.

A beautiful lovebird.
A beautiful lovebird. | Source

I put together this project on birds for my son and thought it may be useful for other home educating parents. All the resources used are freely available online either as online activities or for printing.

I have set it out by task rather than by days or weeks to make it more flexible for various levels of structure, timetables, time and children’s attention spans and abilities. I have also added some suggested activities or additional ideas.

1. What Makes a Bird a Bird?

Graphic showing how birds differ from other animals and their unique characteristics. This could be used as a discussion point, printed and stuck into a project book or folder or children could draw and label their own version.

2. The First Book of Birds.

This online book has lots of information about birds and their lives. It can also be downloaded in various formats including a PDF file which can then be used to print or read offline. Older children may be able to read this alone but younger or less confident readers may need an adult to read to them. The book has some good pictures and diagrams including a labelled diagram of a feather and pictures of a chick developing inside an egg. The diagrams could be copied or printed and labelled and there is loads of information for copy work, notebooking or free writing.

Toucan. | Source

3. Amazing Birds Booklet.

This can be downloaded from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and has lots of bird themed activities. Examples of included are bird labeling, matching bird song to the bird, practical tasks, a migration map. There is no additional information provided so children may need to look up answers for some of the questions online or using books.

4. Feathered Friends PDF file.

This file can be downloaded from the All in One Homeschool site and features lots of activities including true or false activities, questions, bird watching tasks and information on bird habitats. The file also features information on where to find background information, videos, sounds and other resources used.

A Myna bird in flight.
A Myna bird in flight. | Source

5. Create a Bird Feeder.

This page has information on feeding garden birds as well as several for suggestions for making bird feeders at home using easy to obtain ingredients. There is further information on things that can be done to attract birds into your garden.

6. Listen to Birds Singing.

The sound files can be played directly from the website or can be downloaded and saved to your computer or another device for later use. They are all common Eastern U.S birds. - for birds of the United Kingdom. These play directly on the website. - birds of America.

YouTube can also be used to look up bird songs.

Great Tits enjoying a snack.
Great Tits enjoying a snack. | Source

7. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bird Database.

This is a huge database of bird species that can be searched using various means such as name or shape or browsed alphabetically. Each page contains lots of information including information on each species, cool facts, habitats, food, nests, behaviour, size, videos and sounds/songs.

8. Collect Nesting Materials.

You can collect suitable nesting materials and leave them out where birds can find and use them; a lined hanging basket is an ideal container. Suitable materials include:

  • Natural fibres
  • Plant materials such as small twigs and grasses
  • Straw or hay
  • Fur or hair
  • Wool
  • Fresh cut leaves
  • Moss
  • Bought nesting material such as coconut fibres
  • Scraps of natural coloured fabrics (bright colours may alert predators to the location of the nest)

Blue bird nest and eggs.
Blue bird nest and eggs. | Source

9. Watch Baby Birds Grow.

Mini documentary of a birds nest over a twenty day period.

“"Cheep Cheep" spans a twenty day period of time, and is appropriate for all ages. The story illustrates the incredible process of development in the life of a baby bird, and gives a heartwarming glimpse at the touching bond between parent and child.”

10. Parts of a Feather.

This page contains information on the make-up of a bird’s feather, with diagrams. Could be used in a draw (or print) and label activity or copy work.

11. Bird Wing Shapes.

Information on the four different types of wings found in birds. Useful for copy work or free writing or children could draw each wing shape and write a little about it. For younger children a matching activity could be created.

12. Bird Beak Types.

Information on the different types of beak, what birds have them and what they are used for. The grid could be printed out and cut up to create a reading and matching activity. The page also contains a link to a simple worksheet for identifying which beak type is suited to which food.

Sandwich & Lesser Crested Terns.
Sandwich & Lesser Crested Terns. | Source

13. Migration.

U.k based page with lots of information on bird migration and includes some educational resources such as a migration map and question sheet. Lots of information for copy work, note booking and reading.

14. Free Downloadable Bird Lapbooks. have various bird themed lapbooks including birds of Prey ducks, bald eagle and parrots.

A beautiful barn owl.
A beautiful barn owl. | Source

18. Bird Anatomy.

Lots of information on bird anatomy and how this differs depending on bird type.

19. Ten Facts abut Emperor Penguins.

A group of Emperor penguins.
A group of Emperor penguins. | Source

20. Bird Quizzes.

Information pages with accompanying quizzes. Arranged alphabetically by bird species.

© 2015 Claire


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