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20 Facts About the Human Body

Updated on April 9, 2011
  • By the time we reach 60, most of us have lost half our taste and a lot of our sense of smell.
  • The cornea of the eye is the only part of our body that has no blood supply.
  • Hair is so strong that if you were to build a rope out of it you could lift a car.
  • The tongue is the only muscle in the body that is loose at one end.
  • The human eye stays the same size from birth, but the ear and nose never stop growing.
  • Newborn babies are unable to cry because they can't shed tears until they are about three months old. That doesn't stop them from screaming loudly though!
  • After you die your hair and nails appear to still grow. This is simply an illusion caused by the moisture leaving our body causing it to shrivel up.
  • Every human being starts their life out as a single cell. This lasts for about half an hour.
  • A new born baby will have about 100 more bones than a fully grown adult because our bones fuse together as we grow.
  • The thigh bone (Femur) which extends from the pelvis to the knee is the largest, longest, strongest bone in the human body. The Stapes bone in the ear is the smallest bone.
  • The left lung is smaller to make room for the heart.
  • Our muscles only work by pulling. They never push.
  • The human heart beats approximately 100,000 times a day.
  • Each Kidney has more than one million tubes, which would measure 64 km (40 miles) if put end to end.
  • The liver is five times heavier than the heart.
  • If you lie all the blood vessels in your body end to end, they would streetch 60,000 miles which is more than twice around the earth!
  • Almost all of us have blood that fits into the ABO blood type group. However there are few individuals world wide who are outside of this group. HH is the rarest blood type and O is the most common.
  • The human lungs have the same surface area as a tennis court.
  • Fingernails grow about twice as fast as toe nails.
  • The only certain thing in life is death!


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    • profile image

      samcopman 3 years ago

      I still find it hard to believe that the human eyes remains the same size from birth, I have in my hand two pictures of me as a chîld & as an adult, they're not the same size.

    • profile image

      ddd 5 years ago

      some of these facts are wrong. The strongest bone in the body is the small ball behind the ear. Cartilage also has no blood supply i believe. And about most of us losing large amounts of smell/taste when we reach 60 - has the entire planet been tested? I do enjoy the articles here though.

    • Terrellvest7 profile image

      Terrellvest7 6 years ago

      Awesome facts they were very interesting and i look forward to more similar content.

      Keep up the good work

    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 7 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Great Hub! Very interesting stuff here.