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20 Interesting Facts about Pearl Harbor

Updated on April 14, 2012

1. Pearl Harbor is the only Major US naval base in the Pacific. The bas is situated on the island of Oahu, Hawaii

2. Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese forces on December 7, 1944 officially bring the US into World War 2.

3. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor was attacked December 7th 1944 it was an early morning attack on a Sunday. The soldiers were completely taken by surprise and where mostly woken up from a sound sleeps on that fateful day.

4. Pearl Harbor was designed to be a preemptive attack by the nation of Japan for the United States not to interfere in the war that was raging around the world. The victory by Japan on this naval installation caused a huge back lash they were unprepared for.

5. The attack on Pearl Harbor was maliciously planned so that Japan could get a surprise advantage and do as much damage as possible. The first wave of planes took off at 7:30 and attacked with 187 planes. However, before the devastation could be realized they again set another attack with 165 planes that wiped out the remaining ships.

6. The damage was so extensive that in the wake that was left behind there were 188 total aircraft damages. The total number of US ships rendered bad was 8.. The Japanese only suffered minor casualties, which included only losing 29 planes.

7. The service men and woman who fought bravely that day were the real heroes. There were a total of almost 3000 service men that lay dead or dying. 70 civilians who were helping in the aftermath. As, well as almost 1000 that was wounded.

8. The truth behind the attack on Pearl Harbor will probably never be known. However, there were correspondences with Japan that have been uncovered since that deadly day. The United States interpreted the correspondence and a deceleration of war to mean it was the need of the negotiations between the two countries. It was a unfortunate misunderstanding that the United States government will not make again.

9. Four of the US navy’s top battleships were destroyed in the attack. The USS Arizona, The USS Nevada, The USS Oklahoma, and the USS West Virginia.

10. Japan underestimated the capacity of the United States navy. The original intelligence reported that the US only had the ability of destroyers. Yet the navy had several more destroyers out to see along with some of the carriers at the time.

11. The very next day on December 8th 1944 the United States officially declared war on the nation of Japan. There was still strong opposition in the houses of congress to go to war. However, the public quickly turned on Japan they demanded revenge for the fallen soldiers.

12. The result of the attack on Perl harbor was devastating. There were 23 set of brothers serving on the same or different ships in the area all 23 set of these brothers perished during the attack.

13. The USS an Arizona was getting ready for a small celebration. The navy bad that was supposed to play was located on the Arizona at the time. The entire band perished in the attack.

14. The Arizona has never moved from its resting spot. It is a tribute to the men who fought so bravely that day against immeasurable odds.

15. The USS Arizona is still leaking fuel from when it refilled over 70 years ago. It leaks about 11 quarts of fuel each year from its massive load tanks that have never been drained.

16. Many former crew members who survived the attack on the Arizona has a last will and testament to be buried with their fellow crew members that perished that day.

17. The memorial that was originally designated to be built was only ha funded by congress. One of the greatest musicians to ever lived helped kick off a charity fund for the rest of it. Elvis Presley raised more than 50000 dollars towards the building of the memorial.

18. Admiral Soroku Yamamoto, declared after the attack on pearl harbor. With a heavy heart, that “he has awoken a sleeping giant” iral Isoroku Yamamoto

19. Kazuo Sakamaki was the first prisoner of war of World War II. His submarine, HA-19, was captured off the California coast line. He became a pacifist after his capture and promoted peace for japan and the US for many years after. Kazuo Sakamaki was the first prisoner of war of World War II. His submarine, HA-19,

20. Japan Surrendered after the Atomic bomb was deployed on their two cities in the surrender agreement they were allowed to keep the emperor status but with no power


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  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

    I had the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbor while in Hawaii. It was truly one of the most humbling experiences of my life.