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25 Global Links Related to Earthquakes (databases-maps)

Updated on April 28, 2015
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Has studied astrology/historical seismology since the late '70s in San Francisco. Published in the ISAR International Astrologer in 2012.


Worldwide Earthquakes during past 7-30 days (map/list at USGS web site):

GEOFON Extended Virtual Network (GEVN) real-time bulletin of current seismic events (GFZ, Potsdam, Germany) for past 2-3 days plus link at bottom of page to go back further in time.

USGS Real-time Earthquake Map (past 7 or 30 days; custom search can go back as far as 1900; good for searches of largest earthquakes):

Latest Earthquakes M4.0+ in the World - Past 30 days (IRIS):

Earthquake Catalogs (recent decades to near current):

USGS Global Earthquake Search (1900 to the present)

Global CMT Catalog Search (1976 to the present)

IRIS Seismic Query (1960 to the present) (2011 to 2014 deadly/damaging earthquakes)

20th and 21st Century Databases

Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) Catalog Search (1898 to the present)

International Seismological Centre (ISC) Event Catalogue Search (1903-present; last few years not complete)

ISC-GEM Global Instrumental Earthquake Catalogue (1900-2009)

Centennial Earthquake Catalog:

20th and 21st Century Maps:

Seismicity of the Earth (1900-2010) maps (USGS):

Seismic Hazard Maps of the World (

Seismic Hazard Maps and Data (USGS). Here you can even create your own local hazard and probability map:

Shake Maps (USGS):

Google Earth/KML Files (USGS):

Historical Earthquake Databases:

Dr. Tokuji Utsu (1928-2004), Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University, has been compiling "Catalog of Damaging Earthquakes in the World," which contains more than 10,000 destructive earthquakes in the world from 3000 B.C.

The Significant Earthquake Database (NOAA):

Wikipedia "List of 20th-century earthquakes" (also has links to pre and post earthquakes)

Historical Earthquakes by Region:

Historical Earthquake Databases prior to the 20th Century:

A Catalogue of Destructive Earthquakes. A.D. 7 to A.D. 1899 (John Milne):

The Earthquake Cataolog of The British Association by Robert Mallet (from the Transactions of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1852-1858) via Google Books:

GHEA - Global Historical Earthquake Archive - A GEM Hazard Global Component (1008AD-1903AD)

Other Related Websites:

Earthquake Seismometer Equations and Formulas Calculator (Energy to Magnitude)::

Earthquake Seismometer Equations & Formulas Calculator (Magnitude to Energy):

RetroJoe's "Earthquake Weather Update" (a weekly online Earthquake related newspaper):

© 2012 Joseph Ritrovato


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