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200 German Words in Five Minutes

Updated on March 27, 2012
photo credit: huppypie via photopin cc
photo credit: huppypie via photopin cc | Source

Instant German For English Speaking Learners

Due to their common origin English and German share a lot of words with the same or very similar writing and meaning. Below you will find a list of words that I started to note down a while ago and that I will continue to extend over the weeks to come to let beginners experience a kickstart into their German learning.

Isn't it nice to start a language that you already have some basic vocabulary for that you can build on? If you google for "German English Cognates" you might find even more examples and extend this list faster than I possibly could say "Potzblitz". You might even send them to me or post them in a comment and I will integrate them in this list to make it even more useful. Of course you will be quoted as source. And I want to state that I didn't browse through my Langenscheidt dictionary for endless hours as my coffee stock would have run out and that I deserve only very little credit for finding these words. I will try to find the different sources again and post them here later on. Let's get started...

Cognates A-F

Cognates G-O

Cognates P-U

Cognates V-Z


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    • Carmen H profile image

      Carmen Beth 5 years ago

      Wow, I enjoy learning foreign languages but I didn't know that German and English both have many similar vocabularies. Guess I can now get a strong start with German. Just have to use Google Translate to listen to their pronunciations. Bookmarking this for ease of reference.