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21 Reasons Why Being Highly Sensitive Is an Advantage

Updated on February 8, 2017

They are very sensitive. They are very emotional. They form the highest bulk of people who are depressed, have low self-esteem and more likely to commit suicide. They are very sensitive to people, animals, things and events. They’re vulnerable to hurt and to be taken advantage of. Despite this, they are the happiest people in the world, the most peaceful ones and the few who in more than one occasion are in tune with humanity and nature as a whole. They are the peacemakers, the negotiators, the go-between, the cornerstone in institutions and teams. They form only 20% of the world’s population.

It is true being too emotional has its drawbacks; however, in reality being too emotional is not a disadvantage. The problem is not being too sensitive but how to deal with the emotions when they become too much (especially on the negative side). This article aims to outline the signs highly sensitive people manifest. As you will notice, their highly sensitiveness to people, things and events serves them right as they’re of more beneficial to them than detrimental.


1. Reflective

They are thoughtful. At the end of the day they go through the day’s happenings and analyze how it was. How did they behave? How did they respond? Positively or negatively? When a not-so-good situation happens how will they deal with it? It is not only at the end of day they reflect, but also when they have time to do so during the day e.g. lunch time.

2. Avoidance

They are easily hurt. This is why they will avoid you at all costs so you will not hurt them anymore. This rings true in cases where you intentionally hurt them. Furthermore, they will avoid you as much as they can if you continually maltreat them. You will be one of those people who will be in their minds’ black list of people not to be close to. Either they’ll talk little to you or find ways of distancing themselves from you, or in other circumstances go far away from you and cut any communication with you.

3. Shun Confrontations

They avoid confrontations of whatever kind. They will do their best to avoid rise of any confrontation. It is very hard to see HSP involved in confrontations. They steer clear away from them treating them like a deadly contagious disease. Once involved in a confrontation, they might end up regretting, hurt, end up having low mood for several days or other negative emotions pop up.

4. Hate Perusal

They don’t like people looking over their shoulders when they are doing their work even if it is school's assignments. HSP work very well in conditions where there is little supervision or poring over. They distaste continuous perusal. In such situations they feel unease and will tend to do a shoddy work or become nervous. As long as they are doing their work knowing nobody is looking their way, you can expect them to do their job with ease and to their best.

5. Hate To Be Pressured

They hate working under pressure. They do survive in this situation and do a better work; however, they work best when they’re not pressured. Filling them with more than one task to complete is too much for them. As will be noticed below they like doing one task at a time as they want to do a satisfactorily job. They will not feel good having done a shoddy job. It will ‘eat’ them inside (feel guilty of doing a poor job which they were not satisfied with).

6. Perfectionist

They are strict disciplinarian. They ensure whatever they do is done precisely. They are cautious on whatever they do be it school assignment or a job task. They will not be satisfied until they are sure what they’ve produced is pleasing. They don’t like doing half-cake job or a shoddy one. They are detailed.

7. Hate Loathing

All of us have been despised or belittled at one point or another. One doesn’t feel good when humiliated or despised. We take it to heart. How we react after taking it to heart depends on each individual. In the case of HSP, they find it hard to vent out their hurt openly. They think and think about how you belittle or undermine them, mull over it and the decision they take is something you’ll never realize until later. They will avoid you, slowly distance themselves from you or carry out actions which will act as a protective wall not to be hurt by you anymore. They might even quit their jobs early on.

8. Sharp-Eyed

They observe in detail their surroundings. They have a sharp eye for things even the little ones a person may not notice (inconsequential ones). They watch the behavior of people, animals, a particular setting etc. This makes them ideal in being able to notice if there’s anything amiss. What they observe, they think about it if it raises their curiosity.


9. Gut Feelings

Every one of us has had gut feelings in more than one occasion. It is what is referred to as sixth sense. The warning bell in your mind. The feeling you get something ain’t right. For instance, you want to go to a night party but deep in your heart you feel the the push not to go. Later, you are grateful you didn’t go.

For the high sensitive people they experience many of these gut feelings. This is why they are always cautious in whichever setting they're in even in accepting a friend's invitation to a party.

10. Perceive

It is easy for HSP to detect the emotions of people even when they are hiding them from others. They are able to discern the motives of someone or whether a person is lying. This is as a result of their discerning the actions and talks of people whereby they have taken considerable time to digest the details. They even take notice of little things which might go unnoticed such as how a person walks, how a person answers questions or asks questions and how a person looks at other people in different scenarios.

11. Selective

They are selective by nature. They choose their friends carefully. They’ll not make friends with anyone just for the sake of making friendship. They’re cautious which friends they would like to have. They take considerable time before they choose to be friends with someone. Once they become friends with someone, they’ll always remain loyal as a friend both in good and bad times.

12. Pleasers

They like pleasing people, sometimes at their own expense. Not necessarily they’re looking for praise. When they’re told they’ve done a good job, it makes them happy and they feel good about themselves. This uplifts their morale, promising themselves even to do better. Also, they’ll go out of their way to do a generous or kind act to make someone happy. In most cases, they have a difficulty saying ‘No’ when they know they’re not supposed to say so. Even if they feel tired they’ll end up saying, ‘Yes.’

13. Long Careful Thoughts

They don’t answer questions quickly without thinking deeply about what they’ve been asked. Some questions don’t require a lot of thinking or no thinking at all but HSP almost treat every question with caution. They may be termed as ‘slow’ in answering questions or arriving at a decision, but they’re ‘slow’ for good reasons. One thing they hate is regretting later for an answer they gave or a decision they had arrived at.

14. Honest

They are honest about their thoughts and it is very hard for them to tell a lie. It is easy to rely on them as they tend to think it will not be justice to lie. More so, they feel if they tell a lie it will hurt the other person (even if the receiver doesn’t know he’s being lied to) or themselves. Therefore, they stick to telling truth.

15. Secretive

They are good at keeping secrets. They don’t feel it’s justice to reveal a secret. They know they’ll feel bad when they disclose a secret. They believe they are doing the right thing in keeping a secret.

16. Creative

The majority of HSP are introverts. This explains why they are creative. Also, some of whom are extroverts are also creative. They think a lot. They imagine a lot. They are very emotional. They are able to express what they think, imagine or how they feel through different artistic works. From writing fiction and nonfiction, modeling, sculpturing to writing poetry, drawing and painting. It is through artistic work they’re able to express themselves better.

17. Empathetic

They are usually concerned about other people who are hurting or who have been wronged. They put themselves in the shoes of the other person and try to have a feel of what the other person is going through. This is why they make good counselors. They are able to offer advice and are willing to help in any way they can. If someone else, say a friend is going through a painful episode they will not be in a good mood. They will also feel bad. They will not be happy when someone else is not feeling happy even if you insist it’s not them (HSP) who are undergoing the painful situation.


18. Prefer Their Own Space

More often than not they prefer to be on their own. This is so they can sort their thoughts. Either they will be thinking about a situation or a person; ponder on some of their thoughts; find ways of calming their thoughts (emotions), and the simple fact they want to be alone. They feel at peace and relaxed when alone.They want to get in their closets to avoid the madness of the world which is driving them crazy. The only best way they re-energize themselves is when alone so they can face another day with brevity.

19. Team Player

They co-operate well with team members or even fellow colleagues or workers. You can rely on them as they are trustworthy. They will do whatever is needed of them and help others at their own expense. At times they may dig in their pockets or use their personal devices in order to fulfill what has been required of them. Nonetheless, they don’t like taking the lead or the ones to make the final decision. They like to follow. And, they are good researchers.


20. In Tune With Nature

Highly sensitive people feel a sense of fulfillment or satisfaction when they are in tune with nature. Staring at a large body of water, waterfall, trekking, visiting animal orphanage or parks touch them in a deeper level than those who are not highly sensitive. They feel connected to the nature. To them nature is not all about being happy at seeing nature. Nature has a way of reshaping their thoughts and easing the pain they feel. Also, nature inspires and motivates them.

How To Tell If You Are A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)


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    • Ben716 profile image

      Alianess Benny Njuguna 11 months ago from Kenya

      Thank you Denise W. Anderson. I too do manifest many of the above signs as I am also a HSP. You are welcome. Hope people who are HSP should not feel bad about their high sensitivity personality.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 11 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      This is a great summary of what it means to be a highly sensitive person. You have given me greater insight into the many facets of my own highly sensitive nature, and why I do the things I do. Thanks!