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10 Great 25th Wedding Anniversary Silver Gift Ideas in 2015

Updated on January 9, 2015

Silver 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her and Him

Traditional gifts for wedding anniversaries have a place in history. There is some speculation that the tradition started in medieval Germany, where couples who reach their 25th anniversary, were given a silver wreath from friends and family.

This would signify the good fortune that had prolonged the lives of the couple for so long. Different countries have similar traditions, though the gifts can vary. The United States observes the anniversary gift tradition of sterling silver.

There are many silver gifts for both men and women that are very appropriate for this kind of celebration. It seems that many people stick with things like jewelry, flatware, vases, mirrors, picture frames, cuff links, and even silver flasks.

25th Wedding Anniversary Plate
25th Wedding Anniversary Plate

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

25th Wedding Anniversary Plate

"Love does not look with the eyes, it sees with the heart. 25 Years of Marriage, A Lifetime of Love. Happy Anniversary" This beautiful message is printed on this 9.25" plate that comes with a stand for easy display and looks beautiful. The look of glass plates can be very clean, but I really like that this plate is in a nice white color with silver accents. It stands out in a room better that way.

It can also be hung from the wall if there is no surface space to display it on. Many women collect plates and will enjoy adding this to their current collection, or as a new item in her home, a woman will proudly display something like this to share with the world that she is still happily married for so long.

This looks great nearly anywhere; I have seem plates displayed on walls, on top of fireplace mantles, end tables or countertops. It also looks very nice inside a curio cabinet or chin hutch as well. And though some men won't understand the idea of a plate for decoration, most women will find it a wonderful sentiment.

Silver Pearl Anniversary Necklace
Silver Pearl Anniversary Necklace

Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl 18" Necklace

For a more traditional route consider getting the lucky lady in your life, not a wreath, but something similar she can drape around her neck. Lots of women love getting jewelry that they can show off and pass down as family heirlooms. This simple, yet delicate, necklace offers nine white freshwater pearls that are positioned along a slim sterling silver chain. Because the design is not overdone, this can be used for casual or even dressy attire. This gift is not only elegant, but it is affordable as well.

If the necklace seems to be too long, it is not very expensive to take to a jeweler and have them shorten it for her. Sterling silver necklaces are worth taking care of because they last a very long time when taken care of properly. You could also include a sliver cleaning solution with applicator to encourage her to keep it shiny and pretty.

Flatware Anniversary Set
Flatware Anniversary Set

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Vintage 1876 23 Piece Flatware Set

If the woman celebrating this milestone anniversary likes to host holiday dinners, or dinner parties, she will absolutely love being given a silver flatware set to accompany her fine china. This set provides service for 4, along with 3 serving pieces. The company who sells these sets has been in business almost 300 years! You can be sure you are getting a great set with that kind of anniversary. The pieces are made from heavy gauge 18/10 stainless steel, 18% chrome (for corrosion resistance), and 10% nickel (for luster). This design isn't over the top, but rather simple and elegant.

I was surprised how lightweight the pieces are; it seems like it would have been better to leave a little more metal inside for that sturdy feel that many attribute to silver flatware. Some people have said that these scratch quite easily, but silver flatware needs to be taken care of; it must be polished and in doing so, small scratches can come out quite easily. Some olive oil, soft cloths, and a flatware cleaner and applicator are all you need. Buyers should be aware to find out where the product is made before buying; some of these come from China while others come from Germany.

Sterling Silver Black Diamond Cuff Links
Sterling Silver Black Diamond Cuff Links

Best 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Men's Sterling Silver Black Diamond Cuff Links

For the man with a refined wardrobe, sliver cuff links make a very nice gift to celebrate a 25th Anniversary. French cuff shirts have been making a comeback and aren't just for ritzy billionaires anymore, so having cuff links is essential to wearing such a shirt. Let the man in your life know how special he is to you by giving him a classic gift. If you have a big man, or one that likes hefty jewelry, you might want to take the size of these cuff links into consideration since they are a bit on the smaller side. And besides, now he has no excuse not to dress up!

These diamond cuff links are crafted with 925 sterling silver. The style is modern with a square finish that has a grid of 9 black diamonds each. They are set inside a beveled silver frame that is bordered with a high polish. If your mate does not have a shirt that will accommodate cuff links, you might want to consider buying him a nice fitting one to go along with the accessories.

Top 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Silver 25th Anniversary Wedding Flask
Silver 25th Anniversary Wedding Flask

Solid 925 Sterling Silver Engraved Flask

This is another fitting gift for the man who has put up with you for so long. Obviously only for the drinker, this makes a nice gift. The engraved pattern is in a Z shape that is nice to look at and makes for easier gripping. It holds 6.5 ounces of liquid and is curved for a nice pocket fit. It was made with 925 stamped silver and weighs only 199.6 grams.

It comes in a nice box for presentation. It has an overall good feel to it; not too heavy and not cheaply made either. I had one engraved along the side since the stamped design doesn't make your own personal engraving very easy. The phrase I used fits nicely on the edge and makes it just a little more unique.

Sterling Silver Pocket Watch
Sterling Silver Pocket Watch

Charles-Hubert, Paris Sterling Silver Mechanical Pocket Watch

This classic gift will be something he will love forever. The inside of the watch lid can be engraved with your own special message to celebrate your 25th anniversary. It features a cover, and back, that is engraved with a beautiful design. The inside includes black tone Roman numerals with 17 jewel automatic movement that gives you more reliability in time keeping.

I was very impressed with how sturdy this watch is; I think it will be very durable over the years. It comes with a matching chain and is delivered in a nice gift box. This is an exquisite gift and I was very impressed with the craftsmanship. Give a timeless gift that will also help him keep time, and remember you through the years.

Guest Picture Book Engraved Brushed Silver Plate
Guest Picture Book Engraved Brushed Silver Plate

Best 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Parents

Guest Book Picture Frame with Engraved Brushed Silver Plate

This is a great gift to give any couple you know and love for their 25th wedding anniversary. This is a 23"x19" frame that holds a 5"x7" picture in the middle with the matting around it left blank to give people a chance to share congratulations or blessings to the happy couple. It is absolutely priceless to read what everyone has to say. It is akin to having a greeting card from everyone, but this way the greetings are all in one place.

I have signed these at anniversary parties before and they look great. If you choose to have this available at a party thrown in their honor, you can have someone stand near the door to catch guests as they come in to sign the picture. If you can do it without the couple knowing, then you have even more surprise factor for the gift. You can also have friends and family sign it before it is wrapped and given as a gift as well. The plaque underneath the picture can be engraved with whatever you like.

25th Anniversary Design Picture Frame
25th Anniversary Design Picture Frame

Lawrence Frames Satin Silver and Brass Plated 25th Anniversary Picture Frame

Picture frames are very traditional gifts since most people like to have the memories of their lives surrounding them in their homes. For an anniversary, such a gift is very appropriate. I absolutely love this frame for a 25th wedding anniversary gift. It has "25th" at the top with a place for two pictures, fitting a size 3 " x 5" photo and the other for a 4"x6" photo.

You can engrave whatever you choose to go under the pictures. I have seen people place a picture of the couple from their wedding day, and then another current picture. It is so fun to see what the couple looked like 25 years earlier! It is a great reminder of the fact that they have been together through thick and thin throughout the years. This is a great addition to any home to show off such a milestone anniversary.

25th Wedding Anniversary Poem
25th Wedding Anniversary Poem

Touching 8x10 Double Matted Poem

This is a very nice gift with a great message. It reads, "25 Years Together - Twenty-five years of being together, Building a life side by side. Twenty-five years of supporting each other, And learning to flow with the tide. Twenty-five years of working together, Sharing the chores day to day, Twenty-five years of vision and teamwork, Chasing distractions away. Twenty-five years of growing together, Talking things out in the night.

Twenty-five years of dreaming and planning, Securing a future that's bright. Twenty-five years of total commitment, Knowing that it was God's plan, That twenty-five years would turn to forever, True love for this woman and man." It really touches on the many things a couple faces as they spend so many years together. It is enhanced with watercolor graphics and buyers should be aware that it does not come with a frame but the manufacturer has other products to choose from, or you can frame it yourself.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Box
Wedding Anniversary Gift Box

To Have and To Hold Wedding Anniversary Gourmet Food Gift Box

Sharing exquisite food is something many couples like to do when celebrating their anniversary. They are sure to love this box that is full of treats. This also makes a good gift for someone you don't know personally and therefore have a hard time finding something fitting. Instead of just food, this box comes with a beautiful silver picture frame. The delicacies include lobster pate, Capalin caviar, camembert cheese, chocolate truffles, Almond Roca cookes, Caffe D'Amore cappuccino mix, raspberry bonbons, black peppercorn crackers and sparkling cider.

The presentation is absolutely beautiful and is not overly feminine; it has brown, black and gold accents. The gifts are tied with pretty ribbons and it includes a personalized gift message from you.

Anniversary Gift Basket
Anniversary Gift Basket

Old World Charm Gourmet Food and Snacks Gift Basket

If this basket isn't appealing to you, you can always buy this basket from the same seller. Not everyone likes pate or caviar so this might be more fitting. It includes butter cookies, caramel confections, dark chocolate wafers, amaretto wafers, truffle cookies, butter toffee popcorn, pineapple tea cake, cinnamon cookies, white cocoa, caramel cookies and tiramisu cream filled cookies.

If your happy couple has a sweet tooth, this would be a great gift! Again, the box it comes in is beautifully done with a map of the world, leaf and grape accents with gold ribbon. The food that comes in these gift baskets/boxes is truly delectable; I was fortunate enough to be given such a gift recently and I refused to share any of it with my family! When they say "gourmet food" they really mean it.

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