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3 I's Lesson Plan - Badminton

Updated on May 13, 2015

MAPEH Grade 7

I – Learning Objectives:

Within three hour session, the Grade 7 – St. Luke students should be able to:

  1. trace the history of badminton;
  2. identify the materials/equipment/facilities needed in playing badminton;
  3. execute the basic skills in playing badminton;
  4. play badminton by applying the rules and regulations and by being aware of the violations and faults of the game;
  5. show interest in playing badminton through applying good strategies and techniques.

II – Learning Content:

  1. Topic: Playing Badminton Right
  2. References: Our World of MAPEH by Hazel P. Copiaco, et. al pp. 274-278
  3. Essential Question: Where did the game badminton originate?
  4. Enduring Understanding: Students will understand that badminton was originated in India.
  5. Values: Sportsmanship and Appreciation
  6. Subject Integration: AralingPanlipunan

III – Materials:

Visual aids, materials and equipment in badminton

IV – Learning Experiences:

  1. Routinary Matters
    1. Prayer
    2. Greetings
    3. Checking of Attendance
    4. Reminders
    5. Lesson Proper

Session 1

  1. Introduction

1. Motivation

a. The teacher will divide the class into four groups and conduct an activity named “Picture Puzzle”.

b. The students will solve the puzzled pictures within two minutes.

c. The teacher will then ask the students what is the relation of those pictures to the new lesson.

2. Discussion

a. The teacher will introduce and explain the new lesson.

Session 2

  1. Interaction

1. The teacher will introduce the basic skills in badminton and let the students execute the basic skills.

2. The teacher also give time to the students to practice playing badminton by applying the proper rules of the game.

Session 3

3. The teacher will ask the students to form a group consisting of four members. In each group, two members will be the opponent of the other two members in a doubles badminton game.

4. The doubles badminton game will graded whereas the winner will be given 10 points and the loser will be given 8 points. The teacher will facilitate the games.

c. Integration

1. The teacher will let the students generalize the lesson. The teacher will also ask from the students of any clarifications or questions about the lesson.

C. Closure

The teacher will ask the question:

- How does one play badminton right?

  1. Evaluation:

The teacher will give a 10-items short quiz. The students will be asked to get a one-fourth sheet of paper and let them identify what is being asked.

  1. Badminton was formerly called as _________.
  2. Where was the game badminton originated?
  3. The dukes and ministers of the royal courts played badminton in a place named __________.
  4. Enumerate at least two
  5. equipment needed in playing badminton.
  6. What is the other term for shuttlecock?
  7. It is a hit with power and speed downward to the opponents’ court.
  8. The score of the server is 11, in which side of the court does the server going to take his/her serve?
  9. What type of forehand shot does the shuttle stays longer in the air?

10. What is the name of your student-teacher?

  1. 11.

V – Off School – Practice:

- None


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