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3 Ways to Help Your Child Improve Their Math Skills

Updated on August 24, 2012

Methods To Help A Child Learn Math

Math is one of the most important subjects your child will study in school, so it’s never too early to get them started on the basics. Fortunately, there are lots of great tools and educational apps for children available today to help your child get a jump start on their math skills. The following are just some of the best methods for helping your child get better at math.


1. Mobile Apps

Kids are so tech-savvy these days that many of their favorite activities involve the iPad or a smartphone. That’s why downloading educational apps for kids is a great way to help them improve their math skills. One of the best kids’ educational apps today is Learning Gems Math 2.0. This great smartphone math app challenges kids to navigate through different levels according to fun and colorful pirate treasure maps! Best of all, it’s available on the Nook, Kindle, Apple App Store and Google Play. Check out Learning Gems Math 2.0 if your child likes technology.


2. Flash Cards

It’s certainly not as “flashy” as a smartphone educational app like Learning Gems Math 2.0, but good old-fashioned math flash cards are still one of the best ways to help your kids get better in this important subject. Try to spice things up by challenging them to make their own cards, or offer rewards if they are able to get a certain number of questions correct in one session.


3. Board Games

Believe it or not, playing board games can be a great way to disguise the fact that you’re helping them with math. Instead, it just seems like fun family time! Smartphone educational apps like Learning Gems are great for quiet or alone time, but when you want your child to interact with others, break out the Monopoly Jr. or Scrabble. Both require your kids to do a little math in order to keep score. You’ll be surprised at just how many of the board games you already own incorporate basic math skills once you take the time to look at them from this new perspective! Challenge your kids by having them be the ones who keep score instead of just doing it for them.


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