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45 Struggles All ENFJ Personalities Experience

Updated on August 5, 2015
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Andrea loves to write on the zodiac, Myers Briggs, and texting. She is an expert on romance and relationships. She also has two cats.

The giver personality, the ENFJ is one of the greatest personalities at all. Many people could afford to have more warmth, empathy, and strangeness in their life. Many of the great romantic characters in fiction are ENFJ from Aeris Gainsborough to Dumbledore. We need the comfort, the friendliness, and wisdom of an ENFJ. The Myers Briggs personality is dominate by extroversion, intuition, feeling, and judging. Their main functions are extroverted feeling, introverted intuition, extroverted sensing, and introverted thinking.

They're big shoes to fill. Most people can't handle this kind of extreme emotion or love. Sometimes it is too much for the ENFJ to take on. But we need you! And we want you to grow big and strong. The more you can figure out about yourself and take the reigns, the more you'll be able to change the world.

What is the biggest struggle for the ENFJ?

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1. The ENFJ has so many emotions exploding everywhere. WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THESE EMOTIONS?!

2. The ENFJ struggles to cut people out of their lives when they need to do so. A person can take advantage of an ENFJ for a long time before finally cutting the rope.

3. The ENFJ has an openness to date just about any type, but not every type is good for the ENFJ. The ENFJ has a really painfully hard time leaving something that isn't good for them.

4. An ENFJ struggles with competition and proving themselves over others in games, etc. They want to empathize with others and connect with them on a personal level. Engendering their personal connections for gain gives them a complex.

5. The ENFJ struggles to speak up at times and gets walked all over.

6. The ENFJ can be so excited by small details that they don't see the big picture of what's wrong. They'll be happy their boyfriend spent time with them at a gas station but didn't take them on a real date.

7. The ENFJ hates criticism so much that they'll hide.

8. The ENFJ is so eager to please that it can get in the way of them being themselves.

9. The ENFJ gets depressed and unsure what to do because of their happy demeanor. An ENFJ that goes off the rails can be a total train wreck. Drunken hysteria, lots of crying, spending too much time in introspection, and too much time with others.

10. An ENFJ will nod their head in agreement because they want you to like them. But they don't actually understand what is being said.

11. An ENFJ is friendly and has difficulty engaging with their darker sides. This may cause their darker sides to suddenly overwhelm and confuse them.

12 The busy ENFJ may over schedule their selves without taking an interest in what they really want.

13. The ENFJ is eager to say yes to everything, and will do this until their in a hole.

14. When an ENFJ finally stands up for their selves it's so late in the game that it actually causes more conflict for others.

15. Passive aggression is the ENFJ's best friend.

16. The ENFJ is so into their emotions, social chemistry, and attractions that they might not consider how things will work long term.

17. The ENFJ avoids directly saying what is bothering them. They'll make all kinds of hints. If the other person critics them for this, the ENFJ may go into an angry introspective spiral.

18. The ENFJ is affirming, wonderful, and warm. When those qualities are challenged, the ENFJ is at a loss for what to do.

19. They have a difficult time having allegiance. They want everybody to like them, so they shift around people so they'll like them. So people may cut off the ENFJ when they see he is too close with the enemy.

20. The ENFJ can be a total psychopath if not matured properly. If they're aligning with people who are on the dark side, the ENFJ can be trained to be a total clueless beast.

21. An ENFJ will hide their selves in different preoccupations so as not to approach the real problems -- like over cleaning, over eating, over socializing.

22. All the ENFJ wants is love, is that really so bad? Yes.

23. The ENFJ is in dire need of shedding their skin and getting intimate with who they are. It takes a lot of motivation to do so -- but when they can turn against themselves to rid their selves of bad social connections, they'll be stronger than ever.

24. The ENFJ knows all the gossip, the judgment, and can't go to sleep at night because of it.

25. The ENFJ struggles at work to say what seems to be absolutely wrong. They may hide somewhere.

26. The ENFJ may cry over small things -- like when a roommate leaves them a note about not doing their dishes and them piling up.

27. The ENFJ needs to be encouraged to let out their dark thoughts. The ENFJ needs people who are slightly dark without turning evil themselves.

28. The ENFJ should steer clear of picture perfect suburban utopia. The ENFJ will get so powerfully lost in something fake that when they realize it's wrong, they'll have a huge breakdown, midlife crisis, etc.

29. The ENFJ is more powerful, more capable, and more attractive than they dare to realize or accept. There's a constant battle of what to do with the ego.

30. The ENFJ doesn't care so much about their interests as they do about getting to know people. This means they can easily be dragged to a number of things they don't like.

31. Your rational thinking is down in the gutter. Sometimes you're trying way too hard to feel your ways through situations instead of use your brain.

32. It's okay to be objective sometimes. You don't always have to abide by your subjective reasoning.

33. If you need to take a job that has you move away from your family, it's going to be okay.

34. The ENFJ struggles to interpret what's going on in their heads into words. Stress may come out as intense sounds and extreme facial expressions.

35. The ENFJ doesn't need to use the same strategies as others to figure out their lives. Be comfortable with dancing to the beat of your own drum.

36. Know ENFJ, that if someone is giving you criticism it doesn't mean they dislike you.

37. The ENFJ sometimes struggles to get their creativity out as impressively as the rest of the NF family. The ENFJ may have the hardest time with criticism in the whole bunch. Get your creativity out in a comfortable spot and let people critique it so you can get better, otherwise all that potential is being wasted.

38. Dear ENFJ, it's okay to suck at stuff. Find more things that you're crappy at and own it.

39. The ENFJ may have an explosion of energy that's completely baffling to others. Be careful not to use up all your energy in 30 minutes and then have to collapse for the rest of the day.

40. A negative conversation can turn into something meaningful if you let it happen, my dear ENFJ.

41. As an ENFJ you can make people's days by giving them hugs. Don't abuse this power. And don't let your touchiness become smothering.

42. The ENFJ struggles to handle reality because we live in a truly dark, awful world.

43. The ENFJ needs a strong support system. The ENFJ needs people to tell them if someone might be an abuser. This personality sucks at cutting out abuse.

44. The ENFJ has low tolerance for arguments and lengthy academic discourse. This will upset the ENFJ or put them to sleep.

45. The ENFJ can get addicted easily to sleeping too much. Be careful of what you decide is your shelter.


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    • profile image

      Tiny 7 days ago

      Literally related to every one of these lol.

    • SerenityHalo profile image

      Andrea Lawrence 3 weeks ago from Chicago

      Glad to hear you connected with this!

    • profile image

      The great and magnificent 3 weeks ago


      This is so me

    • SerenityHalo profile image

      Andrea Lawrence 4 weeks ago from Chicago

      Excellent! Glad to have resonated with you.

    • profile image

      Brittney 4 weeks ago

      Literally the most accurate thing I've ever read!