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30 Things You Forget To Bring To College

Updated on September 9, 2012

"Mom! Will You Send Me....?"

When packing for college there are always going to be some things you forget. This handy list gets rid of the 30 most forgotten things when going to college. That way you wont be calling your parents every 5 days saying "I forgot to pack.... Will you send it to me?"

Dealing With Clothes

You don't usually forget your clothes, but the items you need for them... yes.

1. Shower Shoes

I can't overstate how important these are!!!! These are something I accidentally didn't bring to school when I came in as a freshman. Shower shoes are really important in keeping yourself healthy. In tight quarters it can be easy to get infections or diseases. A pair of rubber flipflops can really help prevent picking up nasty germs. They are hard to get use to at first, but you learn to love them.

2. Rain boots and gear

You'll notice you forgot something when you walk into a class soaking wet on the first day of rain. Rain jackets, rain boots, and an umbrella will do you a lot of good for those randomly rainy days on campus.

3. Dress Clothes

At first when I starting packing for college I didn't think I'd need my Sunday church clothes or all those extra dresses... I was wrong. From interviews, career days, and presentations, to dances, official celebrations, and actual church, you're going to need them. All of these things take place on campus, and if all you have are sweats and jeans you might be out of luck.

4. Iron/Ironing Board

To make sure all those dress clothes are looking nice and neat an iron and ironing board might come in handy. They sell more compact ironing boards that fit perfectly in a dorm closet. Irons can be a little more tricky because they have an open heating source which is banned in most places, but Resident Assistants (RAs) will overlook that if it has an automatic shut off!

5. Laundry Hamper

At some point (it doesn't matter how lazy you are) you are going to have to wash your clothes. But where does that pile of unclean laundry go? Hopefully not all over your floor. To keep the mess organized, make sure you have a place to put dirty clothes! Plus hampers make it a lot easier to tote clothes to the laundry room on campus!

6. Laundry Cleaners

When the day comes that you are going to drag you giant load of clothes down to the laundry room in your dorm, make sure you have all the necessitates for cleaning them. This can include detergent, softener, bleach, and stain remover. Trust me, you don't want to drag your clothes down and beg for cleaner from someone else or leave your clothes down there to make a trip to the store.... it's just not fun.

7. Sewing Kit

Last but not least you'll want a sewing kit. Your going to get rips and tears in college. It's bound to happen. To mend those rips make sure you have the supplies!

Paper Trail

Important papers and items to bring!

8. Important papers! These include passports, vaccination records, financial aid information, car title and registration, insurance information, and anything else along those lines. It can be a real hassle when you need one of these at school and you have to ask your parents to send it to you or fax a copy. It's good to have them on hand in a secured place, like a folder organizer.

9. Stamps and Envelopes. Sending letters is ALWAYS something I love to do. Opening your campus P.O. Box to find a stack of letters from people you've mailed is an amazing feeling. To be able to send these you have to have the necessities. Stamps, envelopes, cards, and just plain stationary are all good things to bring along with you.

10. Desk Calender. To keep myself organized I use a desk calender. There are great for a quick peak at what you need to do that day plus they are big enough to get your attention. I find using these is more affective than using an agenda.

11. Scissors and a hole punch. There have been too many times to count where I needed a pair of scissors for something important and didn't have any! Running around your dorm asking for scissors is not the way you want to spend your night. Be prepared and bring them with you. This also goes along with hole punches and staplers. Desk supplies in general are always a safe bet.

12. Art Supplies! For all those crafty people out there craft supplies are definitely a need-to-bring. I have feathers, bead, canvases, paint, paintbrushes, markers, crayons, color pencils, erasers, and sketch books. You name it! Any time i want to relax and wind down I always start or work on a project of mine. It's a good hobby to get into.

Tools of the Trade

Essentials for safety, cleanliness, and organization.

13. Utensils. On those long nights studying where all you have to eat is microwavable food having something to eat it with and put it in is always important. Don't forget to bring a couple of forks, spoons, butter knives, a cutting knife, mugs, a bowl, a plate, and Tupperware! I went with all sturdy utensils, but you can also opt to get plastic!

14. Shower tote. Rather than trying to carry your shampoo, conditioner, soap, sponge, towel, razor, and anything else you use in the shower all at one time you might want to bring along a shower tote. These can be cloth, mesh, or plastic. I like to use the cleaning supplies bucket for mine. It's easy to clean. It doesn't matter if it gets wet, and there are plenty of space to put all of my products.

15. First aid kit. This is SUPER important. I just grabbed a simple one, but having bandaids, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, cold compresses, wraps, medication, and everything else that comes in it really helps. You wouldn't think you would use it much, but when your helping your friends out or you cut yourself of accident you'll be glad you brought it.

16. Cleaning supplies. Dorm rooms get messy just like your room at home does. To keep it clean make sure you bring supplies for dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, or even cleaning out sinks. Dish soap is always good too when you need to clean those utensils!

17. Flash light. Flashlights have many uses. From a random power outage to fun games a flashlight should always be on hand.

18. All your cords! I've had to go home so many times to get charging cords that I left at home. Make sure you have your phone charger, U.S.B. hook ups, power strips, extension cords, camera charger and U.S.B hook up, laptop cord, iPod cord, and music hook ups. It ends up being a lot!

19. Nail polish remover. Now this isn't for the guys, but girls this is definitely something you want to bring. It's a lot easier than trying to chip off all the old polish, tearing up your nails, and having a spotting paint job walking around school. Yuck!

20. Snow Shovel. Now this isn't for everyone either. I doubt that you are going to need to dig your car out of a snowbank any time soon if you live in Florida. But if you live up in the mountains like I do getting caught is a real possibility! I always make sure to keep a snow shovel, water, something to De-ice my car with, and a snow scraper/brush. Just make sure that you have all the tools in case your car ever gets stuck anywhere!

21. Extra Sheets! On laundry day... or night. Only having one set of sheets can be problematic. If you want to go to bed and your sheets are still in the dryer for another hour it makes it kind of hard to get some sleep. Bringing an extra set of sheets that fit your bed and match your comforter always make it a little easier to keep your bed clean and comfy!


Just for fun

22. Decorations! These are my favorite things to bring, but some people forget them! Make sure you add pictures, paintings, plants, lamps, and anything else you want to add to the walls! For more ideas visit Crafty in College!

23. Your Bike! Getting around campus can be challenging sometimes. Bringing your bike with you makes it quicker and more fun. Just make sure you also have a lock and you know the schools policies for bikes on campus.

24. Sleeping bag. For all those overnight hikes, sleepover, or cold nights where you need extra warmth a sleeping bag certainly does the trick. You can also lay them outside for a fun night of star watching as a date!

25. A Fish!!! I brought my fish, Zeb, up with me when I came to school. He has kept me company and he distresses me a lot. Fish are acceptable in most college that aren't pet friendly like mine. Just make sure you have a 10 gallon tank. Anything bigger can usually be documented. Good fish for a dorm room include betas, paradise fish (like Zeb, and gold fish!

26. Curtains. These are both used for decorations as well as functionally. Curtains make a room look nice an homey. But the most important thing is the keep out light! Closing them at night allows you to get rid of all that glare from street lights, cars, and anything else around campus. These are definitely needed for sleeping in.

27. Books to read. I don't usually bring all my books, but I do bring my favorite few and the ones I'm currently reading. These are good for relaxing afternoons and weekends. Plus you can always share books with your friends and introduce them to something you love!

28. A Fan. This isn't very exciting, but sometimes you can't control how hot its going to be in your dorm room. To cool yourself down open a window and use a box fan, or you can get a small personal fan to keep you nice and comfortable in your room.

29. Hanging strips. These are excellent! And not just for dorm rooms. All those decorations, shelving, and hooks your are going to be putting on the walls really keep your room neat. Plus they are easy to take off so you don't have to worry about any room damage fees at the end of the year!

30. Last of all A GOOD ATTITUDE! If you come to school expecting to be awkward, homesick, and stressful, then it's going to happen. Don't worry about any of that and come to school with an open minded, ready to learn and have fun attitude. It makes meeting people and enjoying the new part of your life easier!!!

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    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Looks like you've thought of everything! Great list!

    • profile image

      florin87 5 years ago

      Great lens..