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3-D Projects for Math

Updated on April 24, 2017

It is important to teach children of all ages math. Math is used in most aspects of real life and career for children and adults. The formulas that a teacher shows students in the classroom stays with them their entire lives.

3-D math projects offer hands on instruction that can help many students retain the information. Hands on training in math is a learn as you go process that easily retained by both young and old students.

3-D Math Project Ideas

Identifying and Naming 3D Shapes

For younger students simply identifying 3-D shapes is a start to math education. To get each student involved have them bring an object from home that represents a 3-D shape. Example: A toilet paper tube, a cylinder. This simple exercise helps younger students recognize 3-D shapes in the world around them

Turning 2D into 3D

For older students a project to get them moving on the right track with a 3-D math project is to have them take a piece of paper or foam core, 2-D and turn it into a 3-D form. This will be done by measuring, cutting and gluing or taping the flat, 2-D surface to transform it into a three dimensional piece.

Building a 3D Model

Although mostly found in drafting class a scaled down 3-D model of a home or building teaches several math skills. Measuring, Scaling down and figuring area to name a few. Use poster board or foam core for this project.

Do you use 3-D math when teaching?

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